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Savory Rainbow Chicken Chili Sandwich

When I think about incorporating the word ‘rainbow’ into a recipe, mind first drifts towards creating a sweet dish as opposed to a savory one. Blame skittles for that :DD. How ever this time, I decided to make something savory using a word that invokes thoughts of a sweet dish. Also, I did not have enough ingredients to make a sweet rainbow inspired dish and felt too lazy to get some. I felt so lazy, that I transformed leftovers into one hell of a sandwich! Who said left overs are boring?? :DD

This sandwich takes no more than 15 minutes to make. It has a ton of character and a even more flavor. Thank heavens you can get all these ingredients right in your fridge! Lets get to business!

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2 Years Down, Many To Come!

On July 27th 2014 I literally woke up and decided that I am starting a blog. Being a very resolute person, once I had decided to do something I go hard and I get it done. I thought no one would even read my blog :DD. I thought after three months, I would get tired, put my blog in the back burner and move on. I never thought I would have such amazing readers from all parts of the world who I’d enjoy creating for. Even though at that point I did not have a clear growth plan, I knew I enjoyed cooking and sharing my recipes. Two years later and 200 posts down, we are here! * waves pom poms in the air *

I have learnt plenty along the way, I have grown a great deal too. And the learning and growing never ever stops. Its has been the most fun roller coaster ride, and I am so excited for the years to some and the great things we are going to achieve and experience together.

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Rosemary and Garlic Tilapia Fish Fingers

“Nibakishie kitu tamu!” (Save me something tasty) My eldest sister Cheredi exclaimed as she spotted me in the kitchen cooking as she was on her way out to do her errands. You see, whenever I am developing new recipes for you guys, my sisters anticipate a feast. For me, that is a good and a bad thing. A good thing since I can make them happy through the great food that comes from the kitchen, and a bad thing since recipe development is usually so susceptible to serious failure! I hoped that this recipe would turn out great so that my sissy would come home to delicious food; to ‘kitu tamu’ as we always say. Lucky for me, this was a good recipe development day since these tilapia fish fingers were a 10/10.

I will show you how to make them, infuse flavor and incorporate spices to give you the best fish fingers you will ever make, with the littlest effort ever!

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Green Mango and Ginger Cocktail

Whenever mom comes back to Nairobi form her trips out west, she usually brings with her a bounty of goodies. For her most recent trip, she brought with her plenty of green mangoes, which are among my favorite kind of mango due to their very sweet unique taste. I shared this story with you guys on Instagram on Sunday as I pondered on what I would make with the newly brought fresh produce.

I decided to make a cocktail. All the flavors in this green mango and ginger cocktail married beautifully and exploded with such fullness with each seep. And in true K fashion, it so easy to make and delivers on taste too :)).

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Crispy Sweet Potatoes with Orange Rosemary Syrup

I have always loved indugent food. But even though I am not one to gain weight easily, I still know that I have to take care of my body and try keep it as healthy as I can but still keep the flavor. As I always say, healthy does not have to be boring, right? :)) One way of keeping it flavorful but still very healthy is to substitute something which is not too great with something that has equivalent qualities but overall better for your body.

On the day I made these,  I wanted something sweet but still keep it healthy so sweet potatoes were obviously the go to :D. With this recipe, I decided to think outside the box and explore more with substitutes that are often overlooked. Are you ready? Lets make magic!

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