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Cinnamon Breakfast Crumb Cake

My second ever baking post on the blog. People usually say if you love to cook, you don’t love to bake. But I absolutely don’t believe that since I actually have a knack for baking. It is just that, my oven has not been working for almost 2 years now. Remember this post where I told you all about it? :(. But whenever I can, I shall be sneeking in baking posts for you guys.

As we move closer and closer to the colder months of July and August, I am usually more into really indulgent foods. I like having my sweet cake with while enjoying rainy foggy Sunday afternoons in. One of my favorite cakes to have is my crumb cake with some strungi of course. Let’s whip some up and hopefully you’ll be into it too :))

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Banana and Cardamom Oat Pancakes

When I hear  the words food and layers, what will automatically come to mind is  something with actual layers. Several food and lifestyle bloggers including myself challenged ourselves to creating blog posts revolving around layers. Instead of making something with actual layers, I decided to make something with layered flavors. Something where you get note after note of the different ingredients that went into it. For me, that is my banana and cardamom oat pancakes. I will be sharing the links to the posts by fellow food bloggers taking up the same challenge on my social media channels so keep it K :))

Not only are the flavors in these pancakes beautifully layered and balanced, these pancakes are so much healthier than the wheat alternative. These will definitely rock your world!!

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Choma Galore at Brothers of the Grill

Let me first start by saying, nyama choma induced commas are a very real thing. This past weekend, we had our very first Brothers of the Grill at Nairobi Arboretum. Judging from how this went, I think I will go for every other single one in the future. The very moment I entered the grounds, I could smell all the meat that was roasting from different restaurant stands and I just wanted to start eating. I am so so glad my expectations were exceeded! The the mood was right, the music was mellow and the food was more than enough. I am telling you we ATE!!! Nothing beats good food and lovely company! I now understood the meaning of this:

“Nilikula hadi nikaskia mjinga”

Kenyan Proverb

Brothers of the grill attaended by top kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com

Here is how it went down:

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Orange and White Chocolate no-bake Cheese Cake

Is it just me or the more you don’t want your mom to find out about something, the more likely she is to find out about it? I don’t know it that sentence makes sense, but if you get what I mean, I think you can relate. Moms have a inbuilt “mischief sensors” that kick in whenever we secretly do what they tell not to do. My mom is TOTALLY against food wastage. I had bought some strawberries to make this cheese cake with. I got so busy in between and I kept postponing. Slowly but surely, the strawberries got spoilt. I felt guilty, but knew I had to throw them away before mom saw them. I hid them amongst some veggies so that I could throw them away when she was not around and guess what, she found them in just a few minutes. Did she sense I was up to something? I think she did. One lecture on food wastage later, I realized that was stupid of me and decided to use oranges instead. The result: stellar as always. I will show you what to substitute a bread or biscuit crust with to give you the same A+ results.

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Garlic Chicken Breast with Whiskey BBQ sauce

Nothing excites me more than a good choma! Regardless of weather, or location or mood, I will almost always be present where there is a good choma. To make a choma really good, preparation that goes in plays a key role. This Saturday at the Arboretum, we are being treated to the best mbuzi choma at ‘Brothers of the grill’ where the best restaurants  will serve us the best of their choma, while sipping on Jack Daniels cocktails and just hanging out. I spoke about this on Instagram but I will explain more about this at the end of the post. Let me tell you, I just cannot wait!!!!! But since Saturday is still a couple of days away, I decided to make this garlic chicken breast with whiskey bbq sauce as a prelude of whats to come. Feast upon this, and hope to see you all on the 18th for good mbuzi  choma and fun in the sun.

garlic chicken breast with whiskey bbq sauce_how to make chicken breast moist_how to cook chicken breast_kaluhiskitchen.com


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