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Ginger Rosemary Carrot Fingers

I have been loviing myself some really savory and indulgent meals lately. Not that it is wrong to indulge, but you know, things get soooooo good when you are eating those rich indulgent foods and it completely sucks you in!!! You find your self wanting to eat only really indulgent meals. You go from one more burger bite, to greedily eating two more. Don’t judge me btw, greed is a real thing LOL! Then after your two burgers are sitting in your stomach and you are basking in the after glow of phenomenal flavors, health guilt sets in. What is health guilt you ask? It is that voice that reminds you to stop eating like an idiot and balance the clean with the indulgent. Since I know in my hearts of hearts I will never be one to live on only raw veggies (God bless those who do), what I will do is balance. A bit of indulgence and a bit of clean; because life is all about balance right?

I love my carrots and I made this fast carrot dish that brings out all it’s great qualities. Healthy does not have to be boring though, and my carrot fingers have all the flavor you will need for this lifetime and the next.


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Passion Fruit Marinated Honey Pork Chops

October has this magic about it. It’s brilliantly sunny days, warm nights and breathtaking jacaranda blossoms enveloping Nairobi make this one of my favorite months. With all these aspects all in one month, this makes it perfect for picnics! What better way to enjoy great weather, appreciate beautiful blossoms and enjoy great company than with fantastic food? My friends and I decided to do just that by hosting a get-together picnic.  Each person was meant to bring a dish of their choice. I decided to make one of two meat dishes: my passion fruit marinated honey pork chops. I was so thrilled with the results and this is one recipe I just had to share with you guys. The passion fruit marinade was so perfect for this! I could hardly keep it together while taking the pictures. I almost ate it all before leaving for the actual picnic LOL! I hope this recipe unleashes one hell of a party on your taste buds as it did on mine!



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Sweet Chili Mbuzi Choma Rolex

This past Sunday was the premier of Coke Studio Africa’s fourth season. With the success of the past seasons and the roller coaster of excitement they were, I had to follow this season from the get go. With some passion fruit drizzled vanilla ice cream in tow, my youngest sister and I were sitted at 8 p.m. sharp. Phones almost away, singing, dancing, having our very own concert right at home only taking breaks to critique performances and finish our ice cream. She is a Sauti Sol die hard. Believe me, Kuliko Jana constantly plays at home. It is her song. And Sauti Sol are her band. And them being part of the premier episode was just more reason for her to tune in. We enjoyed it! I hope you tuned in too and had a ball!

This season is all about discovery. Discovery of new music. Discovery of new artists, new sounds, new cultures. Being the foodie I am, I took this upon myself to make it discovery of new foods. Each month I will be doing a fusion dish, melding 3 cultures together, based on the countries performing on Coke Studio. This month’s dish is a fusion of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanian flavors; which culminated in my glorious sweet chili mbuzi choma rolex. You are going to love this!!


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Cumin and Eggplant Veggie ‘Meatballs’

You know you are officially an adult when receiving vegetable deliveries excite you LOL. I wanted to work on some new recipes but I was too lazy to leave home and do my own shopping. Ain’t no one got time or energy for the walking in the excruciating October heat. And in such instances, veggie delivery is the way to go. I was so thrilled to received my veggies, courtesy of Fresh Pro. Just one phone call away and  I had all I needed and more: cabbages, eggplant, tomatoes, apples, managu (my fave!!), egg plant, dhania, lettuce etc.

I have been craving some good egg plant for the longest time. Just a note: I am talking about the real egg plant :DD. And I was more than happy to have some in my Fresh Pro delivery. With that, along with courgettes that were in the crate, I decided to make veggie ‘meatballs’. What a paradox that is: veggie meatballs. Who says you can’t enjoy your veggies just as you do your meat?? Ready to have something different with a touch of K? Here we go!!


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Thorn Melon & Apple Smoothie

Over the past month, my body has been feeling very lethargic. I stopped exercising and that is not something I am proud to admit. Despite being relatively tiny, exercise and clean eating is still very important. And when my body started slowing down, I knew exactly what it needed and what was missing: More fruits more vegetables, and daily exercise even just a little bit. Someone once told me I do not need to exercise or eat clean because my very high metabolism keeps me slim. But exercise and clean eating is not about loosing weight only (one of the many peculiar beliefs of Kenyans), but more about feeling good and having your body perform in its best possible state. Yes, it is ok to indulge once in a while coz YOLO, and it is also ok to cut back and show your body some love. To do that, I made a really refreshing green smoothie: my thorn melon and apple green smoothie that has become one of my favorites! I just had to share the recipe with you and hope your body will enjoy it as well. Cheers!!


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