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Taste of Kenya at Nyama Mama

When my friend and fellow food blogger, Funmi, came over to Nairobi from Nigeria, Wangeci, Lyra and I were obviously so stoked to show her how we Kenyans prepare our food. “I want to experience Kenyan food exactly as it is prepared by the locals and at common eat out spots” Funmi would say. While this was exciting, I have to admit it was also very challenging. This is because you may find some really bomb Kenyan food in a kibanda, but the ambiance is not really one you would like to have a foreign guest to eat at, you get what I mean? You always want to show your country in the best light. We managed to give her a great experience, but if she was to come back today, I know exactly where I would take her: Nyama Mama.

Thank God we now have Nyama Mama! They serve Kenyan food (yeeeiiii) with ingenious twists of their own in a cosy, clean, calm atmosphere that just feels like home! It does not get any better than this!

Here is my review:

nyamamama at yaya center nairobi serves authentic kenyan food with the best amnbience it has to offer_kaluhiskitchen.com

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Garlic and Paprika Potato Sautee

Will all potato lovers please get into formation!!!!!! This one potato recipe I absolutely love and I am so excited to share with you. Nothing beats an easy recipe that is so so delicious it would make any grown human being cry. Before all ye fellow potato lovers get into formation, have you guys seen this absolutely silly formation cheerleading video? It cracks me up each time :DDD. Life its indeed about the small pleasures.

This recipe was inspired by my elder sister Cheredi. She was home for a couple of weeks and we cooked up a storm. Remember the raisin and coconut pancakes I once showed you on my snapchat? She made those! This potato recipe has my own little modifications to her original one but nevertheless, my garlic and paprika potato sautee will not disappoint you.

garlic and paprika potato sautee_potato recipes_how to make potatoes delicious_best kenyan food blogs_top kenyan food blog_kaluhiskitchen.com

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Coconut and Chocolate Chip Drop Scones

It has been an exciting past week. Thanks to you guys, Kaluhi’s Kitchen had the honor of being crowned as the best food blog 2016 in Kenya. Once again, thank you for everyone who believed in me, voted for my blog and enjoys my recipes. Asanteni sana. Now, we carry on with more recipes and more amazing food :))

Drop scones have always reminded me of my high school holidays. Mom used to whip some up for us so that we get to enjoy good home food before we returned back. Drop scones, like many other foods, can be prepared in so many different ways. I have done several posts on the same in the past, included another one in my ebook and now, I have an exciting coconut and chocolate chip drop scone recipe for you. The weekend isn’t too far off, and this is so perfect for it.

best african food blogs_best kenyan food blog_coconut and chocolate chip drop scones_kaluhiskitchen.com_how to make drop scones

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Swahili Cooking Class III – Mkate wa Mkono

By the time we reached to our final dish of the cooking class, we were all buzzing with excitement. After making makaki ya kulisha and faluda, which were both very very delicious, I could barely hold in my excitement as we delved into our final dish, mkate wa mkono. “Mtapiga picha kwanza ama niendelee?” (Would you like to take pictures now or shall I just proceed) Our teacher for the day, Ummu would politely ask. We would then snap away and attentively watch her as she cooked. I must admit, following Ummu in her kitchen, watching her as she cooked and learning new techniques reminded me how I used to follow my mom around in the kitchen when I was young.  Its safe to say, the learning process never stops.

Today I show you how to make mkate wa mkono, which is a snack with the texture of a biscuit, popularly served at weddings and other major occasions. It has very beautiful intricate designs which mirror the culture of Lamu. But they are so easy to make and I will show you :))

how to make swahili food_mkate wa mkono_kaluhiskitchen.com_best keyan food bloggers_kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_

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Swahili Cooking Class II – Faluda

I love experiencing how different people from different regions enjoy their meals. It opens up your mind to a lot more and that is how you grow. When I go to a new place, I try as much as possible to try out new things for that very reason. Lamu was the perfect place for an adventurous culinary experience.

I noticed that the people of Lamu like to incorporate as many flavors as possible. You will find something savory, something sweet, something a bit tart and something a bit spicy. They make their banquets a whole experience. Our Swahili cooking class reflected exactly that. Now that we made something savory, it was time to delve into the sweet. Faluda is a jelly-like dessert with soft floral notes and mild nutty taste. And guess what, it is so easy to make!!!!


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