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Lime Cardamom Zebra Cake

I have always found zebras so gentle and majestic! I don’t quite know what it is about them, but I have always really loved them. I enjoy spotting their herds between Naivasha and Salgaa when driving out to Maragoli. When we were kiddies, mom would always called to us in the back seat to look out and see the Zebras grazing, or the flamingoes in Lake Naivasha or the deer that are usually amongst the Zebras too. My sisters and I were always so fascinated, and now even much older we still get just as fascinated but it is sprinkled with a lot more appreciation too that we live in the most beautiful country in the world where a simple drive out of the city has you savor nature in such mighty glory. When I drive out of the city, I make sure to stop & take pictures whenever I see an animal I normally wouldn’t in Nairobi, and just take in it’s beauty and the beauty all around it.

I love Zebra Cake too. I love it’s stripes. I love how simple it is to make. I love how perfect it is to have – especially with some tea – during stormy May! I added my own twist to this and I am totally looking forward to see you guys enjoying this!

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Fish Sandwich with a Honey Lime Aioli

I am the queen of routine. I flourish most and do my best when I am anchored in routine. I wake up at a specific time, go through my day in a specific way and wind down more or less in the same way. I am very disciplined too, and I think it is because of routine that I had been able to very easily and prosperously work from home long before working form home became a thing. Before the pandemic, people aaaaalways used to ask me what and how working from home really was. People thought I was literally on an eternal vacation. One topic that the pandemic demystified was Working from Home. Because suddenly, a multitude from different fields got to experience what for me, had been normal since 2014. And with that, I have since not been interrogated/mocked about working from home because now the vast majority know and understand you can still be productive from literally anywhere!

Speaking of, I love to break for my lunch at around 2 p.m. I love a light lunch. One of my favorite things to put together that is light, super yummy and unforgettable is my fish sandwich with a honey lime aioli. It is simple to make too and I know you will enjoy everything about this too!

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Herby Slow Cooked Beef Stew

Happy Wednesday my sweet angels!!! I hope you have had a great past quarter and the just commenced second quarter is taking all of you easy. It has been a challenging past couple of years. Every single year comes with a new set of challenges and this year seems to be the year of tightening belts that were already suffocatingly tight! It will be a challenge, but tutaweza! And as we go through economically tough 2022, let us also soak in the silver linings. Challenges will always be there, therefore let us make room for joy in whichever way it finds us. I am currently deeply enjoying being an aunty. I am enjoying silence of nighttime. I am enjoying scents of fresh blooms in my home. And certainly, I am enjoying great food!

I have done several beef stew recipes in the past but this one is the one I love most. This is exactly how I make my beef stews at home and I am particularly excited about sharing this beaut with you guys. She is delicious, she is slow cooked, she is unforgettable na mtapenda!

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Thyme & Pineapple Marinated Pork

There is nothing that a great plate of pork cannot fix!! I love love love the taste and flavor of pork and it is one of my top three favorite meats. While it is one of the meats I really love, for some reason I do not consume it as often as I would prefer. I would love to change that this year and have more pork. I have done splendid pork recipes in the past; such as my red wine braised pork ribs and mango habanero sauce basted pork choma and today I would love us to get into this beauty that is my thyme & pineapple marinated pork.

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Yummy Noodles, 3 ways

If there is a recipe that has been so highly requested, it has been how to make Instant noodles a bit more exciting to have. Many people turn their noses up and act snobbish towards instant noodles, but we cannot deny that they make such a convenient lazy meal for a huge huge majority. Very many noodle varieties exist that- admittedly- taste better, however we still appreciate our instant noodles.

For today, I will show you 3 extremely simple and basic ways you can upgrade your noodles. The recipe are low fuss, low effort but high on flavor. Simple does not always mean boring, and this is one blogpost (and video) with three perfect recipes that showcase just that!

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Sticky Spicy Orange Chicken Strips

I live for easy and delicious platefuls. Some may take longer than most – understandibly – but most of the time, what I love is the reward of delicious food. Be it lunch or supper, I just want my tongue to rejoice! I love me anything chicken and we have done some amazing chicken recipes in the past. The most popular recipe last year was my ginger garlic chicken thigh bake. I mean take a look at this glorious recipe!!! It seems like we are on a amazing-chicken-recipe streak and as I was chowing this down, I hoped that you guys would love it as much as I did and hope to see this recipe in the top 10 at the end of this year when we do our count down.

My sticky spicy orange chicken is unforgettable!

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Mango Olive Halloumi Salad with a Ginger Honey Dressing

Happy New Month my loves! I hope March has started off well! For me, March has been consistently difficult since 2019, but I am hoping for tides to change and for this year’s to bring with it joy and peace- coz god knows I deserve it! As I open up my cup to grace, wealth and love, I appreciate everything I can because life really is about the small moments! I am appreciating the beautiful fulfilment that comes form hard work. I am appreciating the sweltering weather which you guys know I love. I am appreciating the abundance of mangoes! I am appreciating life! I am appreciating great food.

Today I am sharing with you a salad that brough me so much happiness! I loved having this and it made for such a delightful lunch. I wanted to experience sweetness, abit of saltiness, some freshness too and this beaut had all that in a bowlful. The best salads in the universe are found in Kaluhi’s Kitchen and today we add yet another glorious one to our catalogue.

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Coconut Cream Rosemary Chicken Liver

I did a ”Ask Me Anything” on my Instagram about a week ago; first one I have done since 2020. While I would have preferred to have had it on twitter, twitter can be too wild. Instagram can be too uptight and restrained with the questions but I loved how it went the when I had the sesh. I always give priority to non-work related questions just to keep it fun and relaxed.  Among the recurring question relating to my work was what are my go to lazy meals. Now, lazy meal is very very very relative! No two people have the same lazy meal. And no one person has just one lazy meal. But for me, it all depends on my mood. And lately, chicken liver has been my go-to.

Aunty Kavetsa used to love chicken live. I remember as a small girl, I first had it at her place while we were over. I did not quite love it then, but nowadays, I look forward to making it! This recipe is flavorful, creamy, speedy and you will totally love it!

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Cardamom Passion Juice

I hope you have all held me fondly in your minds and I have you! I have missed you all so so much! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I think it is lol. Nonetheless, I hope your year has started of beautifully and you are making each day fantastic. I had a sloooooow start to the year, especially considering how heavy my December was. I can truthfully say my year – truthfully- began in February. I am now getting into the swing of things and I am super excited about the content I am about to share with you.

For today, something light, quick and refreshing and what happens to be my favorite juice of all time! I love me some passion juice. I say this all the time on twitter too!. I have it many different ways and my cardamom passion juice is one of my many. This is quick, super refreshing and perfect for sunny February.

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Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Kuku Kinyeji

I cannot begin to explain how fast December melted right through my fingers. For me, it has been my most intense, most fast paced month of 2021. One minute it was 1st, the next, it was 2 days to Christmas. What a ride! I have had the highest highs, and my lowest lows were definitely this month too. Even then, I celebrate the silver linings.

We are smack in the festive season and it cannot be complete without a delicious chicken dish to bring all of us together. There are billions of ways to prepare and enjoy chicken,  however one that always speaks to my soul is kuku kienyeji. I love my kienyeji and to me, it is the taste of home. For this Christmas season, I hope you get to enjoy my roasted garlic and rosemary kuku kienyeji.

This post is in collaboration with Kenchic Limited and I have a massive giveaway for you guys!

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Cumin Paprika Fish Tacos with a Ginger Mango Sauce

Happy New Month my sweet angels!

Isn’t it just so mind-boggling as to how fast this year has flown by?! How has 2021 been for you? For me, it has been a year of major change. The ground has shifted in ways that have stretched me, changed me, grown me, saddened me and delighted me. The ground is still shifting, but I am finding my balance. The highs have been high and the lows have been low. I have prided myself in the ways I have pushed myself outside what was comfortable. I have indulged in new experiences and I have grown so much both personally and professionally. I feel like the coming year shall be a little less fast paced on a personal level or at least, I hope it is. I hope to settle into myself a lot more. I hope to explore and keep on throwing myself into new experiences. I hope to make a shit-load amount of money! I hope to keep on melting into love. But with one month still here, we also have to stay rooted in the present and enjoy the special sparkle of what is. There is immense joy in the now, so even as the warm glare of the coming year shines on us from afar, let us also take in the warmth of the now.

To welcome December and to close out the year, here is my gorgeous cumin paprika fish tacos with a mango ginger sauce.

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Minty Pina Colada Milkshake

This November is uncharacteristically warm. Which November do we ever don our sandals and sun dresses? Do not get me wrong, I do love sunny weather but I would love it even more if we stuck to the ordinary rhythm of things, you know? And I know if it fails to rain in November, it is likely that my sunny January will be messed with. I for sure do not want a cold New Year’s period but we shall just see as we go. In the mean time, I shall just immerse myself in the now. I will just enjoy the present. And because the present has served me delicious sunshine smack in the middle of November, I shall enjoy all that warmth!

My perfect minty pina colada milkshake is a sunny mix of flavors that will color your warm days with lots of joy!!!!

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Ginger Garlic Chicken Thigh Bake

My guku (grandmother) always makes sure you leave her home with an impossibly full tummy and more food to cook when you get home. She is very generous, and she equally loves being spoilt which is never a problem to us. I last saw her in August, and she was sooo happy to see me. We talked about many things; about work, about her shamba, about politics, about family, about my babies who are yet to be concieved let alone born lol….about everything. On that day, I had heavy breakfast with a good friend of mine. We left home, he went to work and I went to guku’s. Immediately on arrival I had mahindi choma. Shortly afterwards, I had tea and bread. Then afterwards I had ugali ya wimbi, kuku choma and creamy managu. I had four meals within a span of about 5 hours. She said I am too little for a 30 year old, and she was serious about feeding me. Because it rains every afternoon in Maragoli, I wanted to leave before the storm. She gave me a sack of tender green maize; to boil and to use for githeri. I had a massive She also wanted to give me a chicken, but the chicken outsmarted the catcher. I left without it. She calls me ever so often to remind me that my chicken is still there. Still being fattened, and still waiting for me.

I generally love chicken. It is my third favorite meat to have and my faaaavorite part is the thigh. Thighs take on flavor so well, they are always so juicy and beautifully meaty. This recipe is a family favorite. I had shared it last year on my IGTv but I thought it beautiful to have it immortalized by having it on my blog and YouTube channel as well.

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Nutmeg and Cinnamon Blueberry French Toast Casserole

I love me a great brunch! I love waking up late, staying in bed for an hour, dragging myself around the house for yet another hour then dressing up and going out for a fantastic brunch with friends. Since the pandemic started, I personally have been eating out aloooot less. I never used to eat out that much to begin with, but the pandemic truly slowed me down significantly. That however does not mean I don’t do my brunches at home. I love brunch at home because I can customize what I want according to what my palate wants. I love a mix of savoury and sweet, but more of the former than the latter. This nutmeg and Cinnamon blueberry French toast casserole is a star and makes for the perfect brunch dish.

She is fruity. She is boozy. She is spicy. And she is your next addiction.

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Orange Star Anise Cocktail

I drove to Maragoli all by myself for the first time ever late last month. What an adventure it was! The night before departure I was so nervous, but once I got on the road, it was pretty stress free and might I say, ironically both relaxing and exhausting as well. I travelled on a Monday, so the roads were pretty clear and it was so smooth! The usual stop is at Nakuru – halfway through the journey- then the next stop is usually when I get home. My main aim of stopping at Nakuru is to see my perfect nephew, hang out for a bit and then get on with the journey. For my recent trip, I had an early lunch at my sisters’ and I had some pilau, a slaw and roast potatoes. My sister cooks so well! This pilau was exceptionally flavorful, and her twist to it has some whole star anise throughout. It was delicious! While continuing driving out west, I was thinking about how I would better use the star anise I had back in Nairobi. It is so versatile, and goes so well in nearly everything! We used in in several soups in my second book, my sister added it to her pilau and for today, we are making it the main note of our cocktail.

Sunny September is now in full glory and this refreshing beauty is for sure about to star in you home brunches! She is perfect and you are gonna love her!

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Super Herby Creamy Mushroom Linguine

Every time I do a pasta post I have to start by reminding you guys how obsessed I am with every single pasta dish in the world! This is no different, so here goes: “Hi! My name is Kaluhi Adagala and I am a dedicated, toxic, overbearing member of pasta-hive and I adore it in every single form!” There are so many ways to prepare pasta. And as we discussed in this post, there are nearly 300 types of pasta, each with it’s own kataste, and each with best ways of preparing. I had some linguine in my pantry and some mushrooms in my fridge so it was just natural for me to whip up this perfect creamy beauty.

This super herby creamy mushroom linguine is one of my favorite quick lunches for a quiet weekend afternoon paired with a chilled glass of chardonnay. I love it when I want a quick, filling yet tasty dinner on a weeknight. I love it when I have a guest briefly dropping by. It is perfect and I know you will love it just as much as I do!

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Basil Pesto Sweet Sticky Meatball Sandwich

I am writing this blog post from Maragoli. It is dawn and I woke up super early because I did not want to miss sunrise. I sat still in the absolute silence and took in the perfect sunrise. Now it is super bright, the sky brilliantly blue and because it rains every afternoon, the hills are violently green as well. I am in paradise! I am at peace. And at this very moment I am writing this, I am deliriously happy! I really needed to decompress after successfully publishing my second book, and no better place to do so than in my favorite place in the entire multiverse than Maragoli. With the book done, my mind settling and my body rested, it is now time to finally release content I filmed months back, that I know you will surely enjoy!

I have always been a fan of a great sandwich. The possibilities are endless! There is so much you can do, a billion ways you can spin it and so many fun combinations you can come up with. It is because of that that makes their creation process super fun! I loved every single note of my meatball sandwich. They are meaty, cheesy, sticky and balanced out with delicious freshness of by a pesto and some kachumbari.

You will love this beaut!

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Apple Pecan Feta Salad with Zesty Dill Ginger Dressing

I always get super excited when I make a salad because I know it is always going to be bomb AF!!! It has been a minute since I made one with you guys, but better late than never! I had bought some feta some weeks back which I had planned on using in a certain project (I shall be sharing with you guys in 2 weeks) but never got to use. So instead of watching it go bad, it just made sense to have it in a salad. This apple pecan feta salad has all the right flavors! You can get a rainbow of notes which makes every bite even better!

There is a complimentary YouTube video to this blogpost. But before we get into that, let us get into this exciting blogpost.

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Nutmeg and Orange Zest Hot Chocolate

The June-July freeze is kicking out butts!!

Temperatures are plummeting. Skies are ever so grey. Misty and foggy mornings have become the norm. While I do miss sweltering months, I have just learnt to settle in the now and enjoy the coziness that icy July brings. I am excited about the perfect knits I have bought. I am excited about wearing and enjoying creamier gourmand scents. I am excited about my makeup staying in place lol. And I am excited about savoring my dawas, my chai masalas and my hot chocolates.

Hot chocolate is an indulgent drink, and having some once in a while has no harm. After all, the beauty of life is to savor and to experience. I hope you love cozying up to this phenomenal zesty and spicy hot chocolate just as I did.

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