Hey Everyone!

My name is Kaluhi Adagala and I am the lady behind this blog, Kaluhi’s Kitchen. I am a finance major graduate, cartoon lover, fashion enthusiast  but most importantly, I love to cook and to experiment with my food. I see food not only as a means of sustaining ourselves but also as a creative medium. I use food to paint and to play. To bring joy to those around.

In the past, when I wanted to cook something new and exciting I naturally researched on the internet on what to make. However, I found that I either couldn’t get the ingredients here in Kenya, or the process described was too complex or the food recipe was not as exciting.  Therefore when I was making this blog, I sought to solve those three problems I had previously encountered; by  using locally available ingredients, making my recipes as simple as possible, and to make the food unique, tantalizing and appetizing. This led me to become very creative and in the process, came up with delicious recipes that I enjoy sharing.  And because I had you in mind, I have included an easy to follow step-by-step visual guide in each recipe post.

Kaluhi’s Kitchen is a Kenyan food blog, for the everyday Kenyan. My blog (and YouTube channel) plans to change the way people plan for meals, cook, eat, and share their food. Whether you’re a culinary pro or you’ve just started cooking, the kitchen is our common ground and it is my hope that you shall stay inspired by my recipes. Life in the kitchen doesn’t need to be burdensome or stagnant. My blog and YouTube channel will show you just how fun and easy cooking can be. I promise! 🙂 That will build your kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire you to share laughs over a fantastic meal. Rather than just putting food on the table, make cooking can be a greater experience.

It is my hope that through this blog, I shall be able to inspire you to make something exciting and a little bit different and make your eating and cooking  experience thrilling.

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More about me:

I am obsessed with: Kids, Kenyan Sunset, (currently) In love with both Thor & Cap and the way to my heart is a cute skirt or dress

I really enjoy: Sleeping, Laughing, Long walks, Intellectual Conversations, Space shit.

Inspired by: Stories, Amazing Interiors, Antiques, Vibrant Color, and Textures

My favorite place in the whole world: Maragoli, Western Kenya.

It truly is an honor  to share this journey with you! Thank you for stopping by.