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Mango Olive Halloumi Salad with a Ginger Honey Dressing

Happy New Month my loves! I hope March has started off well! For me, March has been consistently difficult since 2019, but I am hoping for tides to change and for this year’s to bring with it joy and peace- coz god knows I deserve it! As I open up my cup to grace, wealth and love, I appreciate everything I can because life really is about the small moments! I am appreciating the beautiful fulfilment that comes form hard work. I am appreciating the sweltering weather which you guys know I love. I am appreciating the abundance of mangoes! I am appreciating life! I am appreciating great food.

Today I am sharing with you a salad that brough me so much happiness! I loved having this and it made for such a delightful lunch. I wanted to experience sweetness, abit of saltiness, some freshness too and this beaut had all that in a bowlful. The best salads in the universe are found in Kaluhi’s Kitchen and today we add yet another glorious one to our catalogue.

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Cardamom Passion Juice

I hope you have all held me fondly in your minds and I have you! I have missed you all so so much! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I think it is lol. Nonetheless, I hope your year has started of beautifully and you are making each day fantastic. I had a sloooooow start to the year, especially considering how heavy my December was. I can truthfully say my year – truthfully- began in February. I am now getting into the swing of things and I am super excited about the content I am about to share with you.

For today, something light, quick and refreshing and what happens to be my favorite juice of all time! I love me some passion juice. I say this all the time on twitter too!. I have it many different ways and my cardamom passion juice is one of my many. This is quick, super refreshing and perfect for sunny February.

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Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Kuku Kinyeji

I cannot begin to explain how fast December melted right through my fingers. For me, it has been my most intense, most fast paced month of 2021. One minute it was 1st, the next, it was 2 days to Christmas. What a ride! I have had the highest highs, and my lowest lows were definitely this month too. Even then, I celebrate the silver linings.

We are smack in the festive season and it cannot be complete without a delicious chicken dish to bring all of us together. There are billions of ways to prepare and enjoy chicken,  however one that always speaks to my soul is kuku kienyeji. I love my kienyeji and to me, it is the taste of home. For this Christmas season, I hope you get to enjoy my roasted garlic and rosemary kuku kienyeji.

This post is in collaboration with Kenchic Limited and I have a massive giveaway for you guys!

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Cumin Paprika Fish Tacos with a Ginger Mango Sauce

Happy New Month my sweet angels!

Isn’t it just so mind-boggling as to how fast this year has flown by?! How has 2021 been for you? For me, it has been a year of major change. The ground has shifted in ways that have stretched me, changed me, grown me, saddened me and delighted me. The ground is still shifting, but I am finding my balance. The highs have been high and the lows have been low. I have prided myself in the ways I have pushed myself outside what was comfortable. I have indulged in new experiences and I have grown so much both personally and professionally. I feel like the coming year shall be a little less fast paced on a personal level or at least, I hope it is. I hope to settle into myself a lot more. I hope to explore and keep on throwing myself into new experiences. I hope to make a shit-load amount of money! I hope to keep on melting into love. But with one month still here, we also have to stay rooted in the present and enjoy the special sparkle of what is. There is immense joy in the now, so even as the warm glare of the coming year shines on us from afar, let us also take in the warmth of the now.

To welcome December and to close out the year, here is my gorgeous cumin paprika fish tacos with a mango ginger sauce.

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Minty Pina Colada Milkshake

This November is uncharacteristically warm. Which November do we ever don our sandals and sun dresses? Do not get me wrong, I do love sunny weather but I would love it even more if we stuck to the ordinary rhythm of things, you know? And I know if it fails to rain in November, it is likely that my sunny January will be messed with. I for sure do not want a cold New Year’s period but we shall just see as we go. In the mean time, I shall just immerse myself in the now. I will just enjoy the present. And because the present has served me delicious sunshine smack in the middle of November, I shall enjoy all that warmth!

My perfect minty pina colada milkshake is a sunny mix of flavors that will color your warm days with lots of joy!!!!

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Basil Pesto Sweet Sticky Meatball Sandwich

I am writing this blog post from Maragoli. It is dawn and I woke up super early because I did not want to miss sunrise. I sat still in the absolute silence and took in the perfect sunrise. Now it is super bright, the sky brilliantly blue and because it rains every afternoon, the hills are violently green as well. I am in paradise! I am at peace. And at this very moment I am writing this, I am deliriously happy! I really needed to decompress after successfully publishing my second book, and no better place to do so than in my favorite place in the entire multiverse than Maragoli. With the book done, my mind settling and my body rested, it is now time to finally release content I filmed months back, that I know you will surely enjoy!

I have always been a fan of a great sandwich. The possibilities are endless! There is so much you can do, a billion ways you can spin it and so many fun combinations you can come up with. It is because of that that makes their creation process super fun! I loved every single note of my meatball sandwich. They are meaty, cheesy, sticky and balanced out with delicious freshness of by a pesto and some kachumbari.

You will love this beaut!

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Pineapple & French Bean Egg Salad

We are now in the second half of 2020 and for most of us – judging from what I have observed from my socials- we are all hoping to catch a break bruv lol! For most of us 2020 has been difficult, and while we have adjusted to the new way life shall be this year henceforth, we are all yearning for a tiny glimmer of joy and stability. Hope it all plays out in our favor!

We kick off the first recipe of July 2020 with a bomb ass salad. I know I have said this time and time again, but allow me to repeat it once again today: The best salads in the universe are created in Kaluhi’s Kitchen! I love love love that you guys are enjoying each one we have made in the past couple of years. I enjoy putting together the flavors, and you can check them out on the YouTube playlist I put together for you guys! Today’s salad recipe is also on YouTube, but let us get into the blog post. I cannot wait for you guys to try out my pineapple and french bean egg salad!

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Chicken Biryani

Good food puts me in an excellent mood! Food is the perfect icebreaker and the perfect conversation starter. Food is comfort. Food makes a road trip more scenic. Food makes a visit more memorable. Yes food is primarily for sustenance, but because we eat everyday anyway, why not make it enjoyable no? And let’s praise the heavens that it is not complicated at all to make delicious, deeply flavorful food!!

Some people may think making chicken biryani is complex, however, that is far from the truth! Flavor packed does not need to unattainable, and I am right here to show you that! I made a goat biryani last year January, and today, we do some bomb ass chicken biryani!!


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Raspberry & Ginger Cocktail

I come alive in Sunny weather!! Not only do I find it easier and more fun to dress when it’s sunny, I overall am more creative and efficient when the land is bathed in the glorious sunny rays. We are lucky that we live in a country that this overall sunny majority of the year. I have never experience (actual) winter, but besides the low temperatures, I honestly cannot handle that it gets dark so early! Yes, summer literally has endless daytime but winter has the opposite and I would shrivel! I love heat! I love sunshine! I love clear skies!

To enjoy and celebrate this month and the coming sunny weeks, some delicious raspberry and ginger cocktail! You will love this!

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Chicken Mshikaki with Garlic Ukwaju BBQ Sauce

I love hosting at home; but only when it is a small group and when people come early and leave early LOL. I have developed a soft spot for brunches and lunches. From the point of view of the host, you can cook early, enjoy food & company and after your guests leave, you have still time to clean, clear, unwind and rest. I always reach for things that are quick to make but so tasty to have. Pilau is easy to make. Egg curry is easy to make. Wali wa nazi with cumin is so easy and super tasty as well. These burgers are easy to make too! For starters, I go for easy to make things as well- fish fingers, wings, mshikakis etc. I love mshikaki so much because its fun to play flavors around and put together. I have several recipes and for today we are turning up the heat with some chicken mshikaki with some tasty garlic ukwaju bbq sauce.

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Chicken and French Bean Fried Rice

One of the many things I love emphasizing on when one asks me what can make them successful building an online brand is consistency. Consistency in posting, consistency in quality, consistency in you social media presence. I have been consistent for about 6 years, and for that I am proud! But also, rest also counts as part of productivity. One cannot be creative when they have mental fatigue. Work is amazing, but so is rest. And for one to keep going, times off to rest are extremely important. I developed this recipe in late June 2019, filmed and typed out the everything too in preparation for my break. You are now reading this post in August and I am currently on a break. Planning ahead makes sure you guys still have recipes to try out and I have peace of mind while resting knowing the work front has been covered.

Because my body and mind was tired, I went with one of my fave lazy meals. It being a lazy meal does not mean it will be boring!! Fast, easy to make and I know you will loooove my chicken and french bean fried rice!

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Thyme and Basil Tomato Soup

I am an ambivert. I have an almost equal mix of both extrovert and introvert. I can become either- depending on the vibe of a person, a room or the crowd; though often ,I have to say, I lean towards extrovert. I enjoy meeting new people and have no issue with small talk, but at the same time, I love alone time and deeply value solitude. I feel completely comfortable traveling alone because I now I will always make new friends, but at the same time, I like doing so many more things alone and maintain my time by myself through out. I am often the most talkative person in the crown- the one saying hi to everyone and the first one on the dance floor- and other times, I am the one sitting silently by myself, thoroughly entertained by people watching. Sometimes, I am the party, while other times, the party to me means sitting at home in a cosy duvet, watching a good series while eating something so tasty!

Lately I have been loving my soups, and my current new fave is my thyme and basil tomato soup which I love so much because not only is is very easy to make, but crazy crazy delicious to have as well!!!

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Best Ever Carrot Cake!!!

I think as the weather cools down we all naturally gravitate towards very indulgent things! My body demands more cheese! More stews! More cake! Plenty of cake! I told myself to stop joking and bake more this year, and yes, we are doing just that. I am laughing as I type this coz I thought baking would be scary, and oh! I was so wrong!!! Learning my way has been fun, and as always, bringing you along makes the journey even better!

My sister suggested that I make a sponge cake, but my gut decided we should make carrot cake. And guess what, it is the BEST EVER!! Is that too bold of a statement? Maybe… But one I can confidently stand behind! I cannot wait for you guys to try this out!

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Kitunguu Matawi & White Wine Creamy Mushroom Soup

A great soup is really life changing!! They are stupid easy to make, no matter how you look at it, and what I love most is how easy it is to develop flavors. I have about 15 soup recipes on this blog, each one having it’s own character and selling points. I cannot choose one favorite one coz it feels like choosing a favorite child lol. But what I can say is, I love my kitunguu matawi white wine creamy mushroom soup because of how herby it is! I love it because of the mushrooms and how filling they are. I love the creaminess! I love the mild booziness. I love everything about this!

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Rosemary & Garlic Viazi Karai

I loved walking home from school. Every other day, we took the bus, but on Friday, we would forgo a bus ride and instead use the fare for buying snacks and treats along the way. We would grab some sukari nguru ya 3 bob in Otiende, then viazi karai or bhajia for 5 bob at Akiba and with what’s left over- some mahindi choma or ice near SouthLands. 10 bob could really be stretched a long way, and everything we got was very much worth the walk. Now as adults and with full knowledge of how to make all these tasty things ourselves, we do just that, of course with tiny but super delicious twists. Hope you are ready for my rosemary and garlic viazi karai.

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Karafuu & Ginger Drop Scones

One of the things I love waking up to is the aroma of drop scones on a Saturday. My mom makes them once in a while, and when she does, you bet I am always the first to go eat lest my siblings finish everything as i dilly-dully in bed. She makes them so well, and I honestly not only love these, but everything mom makes. Mom’s food always rocks, right? I took her recipe and added a twist on my own. I was kinda nervous when I made these, and wanted her honest opinion on the same. She loved them and asked me for specifics of what I added and decided to make them as I did going forward! My heart melted!

If mom said this recipe is bomb, trust me, it is 100% worth a try!

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Ghee and Paprika Spicy Muhogo

I often reminisce about all the fun we had in Lamu over their Food festival held April. If you are yet to read my Lamu posts, you can check them out here and here. We had the time of of lives on that Island paradise. Not only did we discover plenty of cultural activity the residents proudly preserve, but we got to indulge in their food which has just as heavy cultural influence, with majority of the recipes passed down from generation to generation. We got to eat plenty of mahamri, viazi karai, bhajia ya kunde and a ton of sea food. It was in Lamu that I learnt that the locals enjoy having their muhogo (cassava) fried and sprinkled with some masala. This was the inspiration for today’s recipe, but of course, I had to do it #TheKWay! With abit of modification and giving it my own touch, you are going to love this just as much as I did <3

ghee & paprika spicy Muhogo_how to cook cassava_how to cook muhogo_best kenyan food bloggers_best african food

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