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#TembeaNaKaluhi – My Lamu through 30 Photos

After attending the Lamu food festival, we returned home with a ton of new memories after falling in love with the  rich culture of the people of Lamu. Lamu Food Festival presented to us a beautiful way of experiencing all that Lamu had to offer. Besides just food, we were captivated by other aspects of the Island that we felt were so captivating and just showed how beautiful our country  is. If you are yet to read my first two Lamu posts, check them out here and here.

Jayson suggested that we do a 30 photo road trip challenge to try capture the essence of this beautiful island and I thought this would be the best way to give you a visual feel of Lamu. If you are yet to, ensure Lamu is on your list of places to visit this year. 30 pictures are not enough to capture the beautiful architecture, warm people, amazing food and rich heritage, but I shall try. To really feel this, you just have to go and experience Lamu. I hope one of these fine days we shall bump into each other on the narrow streets of Lamu <3.



kiwandani house_kaluhiskitchne.com_lamu moon houses

Nothing feels better than waking up to warm sunshine and the sound of soft waves beating on the beach.


kiwandani house_lamu moon houses_lamu accomodation

Harsh lighting and swahili decor. I’d give anything to be seated on that couch reading a book of working from there. Kiwandani house grows on you I tell you!

Something I want

Lamu dhow cruise during the annual Lamu food festival which showcased the various tourist packages for both locals and international tourists

I want my own beach front home in Lamu, with my own dhow and possibly learn how to sail it. Bae if you are reading this, let’s work hard make this dream come to life!! 😀

In my bag

kiwandani house_lamu moon houses_lamu food festival 2016_Onja

But a visit to the coast can never be complete without sunglasses!


Self Portrait

Kaluhi Adagala_food bloggers in Kenya_kenyan food



What I Wore

kaluhi adagala_kenyan food blogger_kaluhiskitchen.com_kiwandani house



lamu food festival_lamu dhow race_lamu kenya_kenyan coast destinations

Dreamy Lamu skies. This was on our way to Manda Airport to make our way back to Nairobi *wipes tear*

After Dark

kiwandani house among the 5 lamu moonhouses after

Kiwandani house after dark. This image in particular reminds me of the late night dips and after dark conversations we had in this pool after our rounds in Lamu town and it’s environs.


onja bloggers_ Kaluhi and Karen Lucas who have kenyan's best cook

And a trip is never complete without gadgets. In this picture, Kaz was snapping (@karenkazlucas) my session of her rapid fire series on SnapChat. Did you follow the series she documented for all Onja bloggers that were down in Lamu? It was so dope!


30 photo challenge for a trip_kaluhiskitchen.com_Lamu food festival

chipolata toes are the new black #sexyandiknowit


food bloggers who attended the Lamu food festival_kaluhi adagala of

Donkeys are the main mode of transport within Lamu town. With the narrow streets, cars simply cannot make it between town blocks, so donkeys are the go-to. With the intense midday heat, I had to catch my ride around town. My donkey’s name was Bahrain and he was the most gentle, sweetest donkey ever!

5.00 P.M.

lamu national museum contains cultural items that chronicle the history of Lamu

Our visit to Lamu Museum was the final activity we did on Saturday evening before heading out to our evening sunset dhow cruise. This is a portrait of Lamu in 1912 and the last image I took before heading out. The Lamu Museum is another #mustvisit location! So much rich heritage and preserved culture for you to savor.


lamu local residents_lamu people_kenyan



gallery baraka at lamu island sells the best african

If you follow me on Snapchat, you must have seen my excitement while in Gallery Baraka. They have the best African artifacts not only from Kenya, but from the entire continent. If you are ever in search of cool memorabilia of Lamu when you visit the Island, stop by Gallery Baraka.


Something there’s a lot of

Donkeys. Lots and lots and lots of donkeys. There are also plenty of cats. I love cats so I enjoyed seeing them all over.

main mode of transportation on Lamu Island is the donkeys which are even more than the number of vehicles on the island_Lamu Island

Lamu Ubers i.e. Donkeys!

A sign

where to eat in Lamu_whispers cofee shop lamu_Kenya-MAGGOICAL


Something glass

Kiwandani house_Lamu moon houses_Lamu food festival

How beautiful is the detail on the table that this vase is placed on! Kiwandani house is a visual feast if you are into interiors.


Reflection Portrait

kiwandani house_affordable housing at the kenyan coast_bed and breakfast at the



drum set common along the streats of Lmau_Kenyan culture_Lamu food

Doesn’t this drum set make you want to make some music? I especially love how they are wrapped in kitenge fabrics


Your Breakfast

fresh mango juice served at kiwandani house as part of the breakfast_affordable accomodation at Lamu_Lamu Food Festival

Can Kaluhi turn down anything Mango? NO! I loved the fresh mango juice we had during our breakfasts at Kiwandani house along with fresh fruit, eggs, mahamri, viazi karai and other coastal foods.


Something Wet

jasmine flowers floating at the poolside of kiwandani house_lamu food



locals playing music at the lamu sea front for the guests arriving made the food festival mood light


The strEAT bazaar happened at night on the Lamu sea front. Not only were we eating out hearts out, but we chowed down our goodies to the music played by the locals. This was one of many bands. Their music was loud but really catchy too, and I am not the one to shy away from a dancing opportunity, so I did just that!


Taking a picture

lamu dhow cruise_onja bloggers_onja_kaluhiskitchen.com_photo challenge

Jay takes a pic! For all of us who attended the Lamu Food Festival, the sunset dhow cruise was without doubt our favorite part of it all!


A wall

kiwandani house lamu_lamu food fesitval_bouganvilia flowers

Bougainvillea is located all over the island and is the most common flowering plant there. It adds so much charm and looks so beautiful against the white washed walls and buildings.


kim kardashian_lamu


Plants or a tree

lamu kenya_kenyan scenery_best african countires totravel_kaluhiskitchen.com_kiwandani house


Black and White

How gorgeous is this image captured by Lyra Aoko? Let me tell you, I was sweating as though I just ran a marathon and she made me look composed and ethereal :D. This was during our first night in Lamu and we had just arrived in Lamu Town from our residence, Kiwandani House in Shella beach.

Click on the image to read Lyra’s full post and feast on her awesome photography.

Kaluhi Adagala best kenyan food blogger_Onja bloggers take Lamu-LAMU food festival2016



some of the grains sold at lau food festival include kunde which are the main grains used for making

fresh chillis sold at the Lamu food market during the lamu food

kiwandani house_lamu moon houses_accomodation in Lamu_shella beach


A special thanks to Lamu County Government for providing the opportunity for Onja bloggers to have a magical Lamu experince and to gracious Nina of Kiwandani house for hosting us.

Do check out the posts from Onja bloggers; a group of independent  food, lifestyle and culture bloggers I experienced magical Lamu with: Jayson, Lyra, Gatuiri, Mohamed, Wangeci and Kaz. Follow our documentation of Lamu on social media using the hashtag #OnjaLamu and follow just mine with the hashtag #TembeaNaKaluhi. Look out for my fourth and final post on Lamu, where I will take you through the three dishes we learnt during the Swahili cooking class.


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  1. Sheena's Kitchen

    Kaluhi I love love love loooooove this ….exceptional beautiful work. Thumbs UP

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Thank you so so much Sheena! I appreciate that feedback! Hope next time to enjoy Lamu with you! :))

  2. Debbie

    *drools at self reflection pic* I swear I will marry you! #girlcrush. can we get married in Lamu while we’re at it!?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      LOOOOOOOOOOL! You had better propose on a dhow at sunset otherwise hakuna harusi!

  3. Sonni

    Lamu one my bucket list! So beautiful

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Must visit for all! I have to return for a full leisure trip and really soak in all that beauty

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