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Wali Wa Nazi With Whole Cumin Seeds

I made this at the spur of the moment after my youngest sister’s complaints that she needs to eat unique delicious food before she returned to college for the beginning of the next semester. LOL There were plenty of accompaniment dishes in the fridge but no main so I decided to play around with a recipe I have been thinking about for some time now. My wali wa nazi turned out great! My other sister’s boyfriend, Kipngetich, was also around during this day and was able to join us for lunch. He loved it.

Wali wa nazi simply means coconut rice. It is a coastal favorite and I decided to add my own twist to it. If my picky little sister enjoyed this, then you, without doubt, shall too :)).

wali wa nazi with whole cumin seeds_recipe by top kenyan food blogger kaluhi adagala

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Broccoli and Pea Cabbage Stir Fry

We all have those meals we just do not feel drawn to, for no particular reason. I am not a big fan of cabbage, unless it is cooked in a certain specific way. It takes a short time to cook, and that makes it very easy to over cook. Alot of the times I have had it in various places in Nairobi, it is overcooked. And where there is a problem, that is a chance for you to step in and make that dish to be fantastic. That makes cooking exciting.

Cabbage¬†is a very healthy vegetable and I like adding more character to it to make it more wholesome. Today’s cabbage stir fry is one my mom developed. I did not change/add anything because I felt it was just perfect as mom made it. I liked it so much and decided to share the recipe with you. I have a feeling you will like it just as much ūüôā

broccoli and pea cabbage stir fry by kaluhi adagala of

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Pea and Potato Stew

Potato stew is rather common in Kenya. Probablly because you can throw in various ingredients and having them cook all at once. This saves plenty of time. Unfortunately for most, this meal falls short of flavor. But in our home, we have found a way to have this taste great all the time. After years of tweaking my mum’s recipe, we finally settled on the best potato stew.

I shared this picture on Instagram and Face book a while back and it received quite a nice reception. I decided to share our family recipe today and I know you will like it. Regardless of what you make, no matter how basic, never ever compromise on how it tastes and looks. For today: Pea and Potato Stew

Pea and potato stew by kaluhi adagala which has black pepper, green bell pepper and cumin spice


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Spicy Beer Beef Stew

I am not much of an alcoholic drink drinker. But one of the things I enjoy doing is cooking with some alchohol. During the coking process, much of the alcohol burns off and the food remains with just the taste and depth of that particular drink. I have seen time and time again people making their beef stews with beer and I was slightly taken aback as to why it was so popular. This was until I tried it myself. And all I can say is, the beer+beef combination is a match made in heaven. This author agrees too! I am always for trying out new things and pushing myself beyond what I am used to. And this really paid off. This beer beef stew is the perfect comfort food. I really cannot put in words how good this is. You just have to try it for your self.

Kenyan Food Blogs_Kaluhis Kitchen_spicy beer beef stew takes an exiting twist to this everyday meal.

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Chili and Ginger Githeri

I am one of those people who can never EVER miss githeri when it is cooked. It’s almost an obsession. Ask my sisters, I absolutely love githeri. When I tell this to people, I get that look as though I just said I love eating kittens, live ones, in a graveyard, while chanting sacrilegious hymns of an extinct tribe . This may be because majority are yet to have that deliciously celestial githeri-eating experience. But I will give you one..

One of my earliest recipes on this blog was that of githeri, where I prepared it with coconut cream and curry which brought our its softer elements. You can get that recipe here. This time, I am using stronger flavors of chilli and ginger which brings out its more savory side. There is more than one way of preparing anything. And that is what makes cooking very exciting and a constant adventure. Do not allow your self to cook one meal the exact same way for all the days of your life. You will be missing out!

To warm you up as days get colder: Chilli and Ginger Githeri

chili and garlic githeri by top kenyan food blogger kaluhi adagala_kenyan food


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Fried Nduma with Crunchy Bread Crumb Crust

Have you ever eaten something after years of resistance and wondering why it took you too long to try it? That was me with nduma. Just like I did matumbo, I would avoid putting it in my mouth at all costs for reasons unbeknown to me. But when I finally did, I can not have enough. Nduma are what we Kenyans refer to arrow roots.  They are super duper nutritious and taste so good. Thank God I got over my senseless fear,LOL.

At home we usually just have them boiled. But I have been encouraged by numerous people to try them fried. Everything fried is tastier after all, so I decided to give this a try. To add to the texture, I coated the nduma with breadcrumbs, seasoned lightly with nutmeg which  transformed this to the most glorious breakfast meal. My tongue has never been as delighted! Yours will be too, promise!

Kenyan Food_fried nduma with crunchy bread crumb crust_arrow root recipe_Kenyan food blog

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Cayenne and Red Onion Nyama Choma Dry-fry

In my country it is almost an abomination to throw away left overs of any meal. In the Kenyan spirit of resourcefulness, all meals that are left over from the current meal are set aside to be eaten as part of or for the next meal. Wastefulness is totally discouraged in our culture. And I believe that is a totally fantastic thing.

But lets be honest, at times having left-overs over and over can sometimes be monotonous. Hence it is always advisable to change things up and add new flavors to and transform an already awesome meal. Following the Madaraka day celebrations, we had some left over nyama-choma. To make this richer and tastier, we usually turn this into a dry fry. The process of frying it tenderizes the meat further but it still retains that smokey flavor. The onions and the chilli enhance the flavor of the nyama choma meat so well. It is soo good, just typing this made me salivate.

Nyama choma is a meal that never misses in Kenyan feasts. Make this even more savory with cayenne and caramelized onion_Kenyan Food

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Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu

You know those times when you are just chilling at home then guest come knocking? I know all Kenyans can relate to this since in our culture, it is quite normal to show up/visit unannounced. While it is a good thing as it preserves the sense of community, most of the time sometimes , you really are not prepared for them. And it is considered rude not to serve guests something small to eat while they are in your home. So we resolve to offering whatever is there to make them feel at home.

We once received unexpected guests some Sunday ago. We had nothing flamboyant to prepare, so we gave them exactly what we were having for lunch that afternoon- Coconut Rice and this Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu. While this is a very normal meal to us, the guests were so impressed with what we served them that they could have sworn we knew they were coming :D. This is not to show off, but to encourage you too to strive to make each meal a memorable banquet. So much so that eating fantastic food becomes part of your everyday life. After all, life is too short to wait for only  special occasions to eat great tasting food. Have nice food as often as you can.

So for today: Peppery Carrot and Garlic Ndengu. Hope you try this out

Best Kenyan Food Blog_Kaluhis Kitchen_Peppery carrot and garlic ndengu_ndengu recipe_kenyan food

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Garlic Masala Fries

I am not such a big fan of junk food as I highlighted in this post not too long ago. But in all honesty, I find it so hard to turn down a good plate of masala fries. And I guess these garlic masala fries have to be the only exception. Fries have become quite common in Kenya over the past decade and different ways to have them have come up with time.  I first heard of masala fries from my eldest sister while I was still in boarding school and the name alone made my mouth water. I vowed to have a taste of them as soon as my holiday begun. With some of my savings at hand, I made my way to Wimpy and bought some. I was not disappointed!

Today I made masala fries, but added my little twist to them, as usual! I added plenty of garlic which brought out the taste of the chilli so well and added to the juiciness of the masala sauce. These garlic masala fries iare a must try for all my readers.

garlic masala fries_masala fries recipe_how to make masala fries_best masala fries recipe_best kenyan food blog_Kaluhis Kitchen

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Minced Beef Kebab with Tangy Dip

I had a real Kebab addiction problem while I was in high-school. The love I had for these was so strong it was almost obsessive. I needed my kebab kick each and every day. They used to be quite cheap back then. And when the prices increased, I just could not fuel  my addiction so I kicked it.

I have never made kebabs on my own. I decided to give them a try but with a recipe and style that differs from the ones that are traditionally had in Kenya. Mine did not use eggs to hold the meat together, but used bread crumbs.Instead of deep frying mine, I grilled them.  And to make this more flavorful, I added a beautiful array of spices.

I hope you give this a try ūüôā <3

kenyan food_spicy grilled beef kebab_delicious kebab recipes_best kebabs_kenyan kebab_african food

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Homemade “Baked” Beans

I am one of those people who never EVER skips breakfast. Whenever I wake up, I am usually starving and my body is ready to take in its first meal as soon as it can. As this is the first meal of the day, I try as much as possible to make it as balanced and as healthy as possible. When I have plenty of time on my hands, I always incorporate some protein in my breakfast since it keeps me fuller for longer. And since I have really high metabolism, this works to my advantage always :).

Baked beans are one of my fave protein breakfast dishes. They are so delicious and very filling. We usually buy the ready made ones in our home but I decided to try make my own at home. They were even better than the bought ones. This you must try!


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Chicken Stew – Kuku Kienyeji

I always enjoy getting feedback from my followers about all the recipes I develop and about the recipes they would like to see. A few weeks back, I had my second ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on instagram where my followers got a chance to ask me anything be it food or non food related. One of the questions that I was asked by one of my followers was a recipe for chicken stew. I love all things chicken and I quickly jumped at this suggestion hence the birth of this recipe. I decided to go all Kenyan on it and made chicken stew-¬†kuku kienyeji.

Kuku kienyeji  refers to chicken that have not been bred or raised on commercial feeds but are left to feed on whatever they find around; free range chicken. Their meat can be a bit tough, but when cooked well, it literally slides off the bone. It is all bout technique. Its meat is very lean and slightly darker in color compared to broiler. The taste is also more wholesome. Chicken stew- kuku kienyeji is simply one of the heartiest meals on the face of this earth. This chicken stew recipe contains the fresh flavor of ground coriander, green bell pepper and red onion which makes this so rich and with layers of different flavors. You will fall head over heels in love with this!

kenyan food_kuku kienyeji_chicken stew-kuku kienyeji_how to cook kienyeji chicken_kenyan soulfood_types of chicken

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Mushroom and Tomato Frittata

Like every blogger, I often hit those writing blocks when I just do not know what to post next. ¬†To get over that, I usually turn to various food blogs or scroll through some of my fellow foodie’s IG feeds for some inspiration. This usually works perfectly! No sooner am I done surfing than I am bubbling over with new recipe ideas to try out.

One of my most inspirational foodie feeds on Instagram is Miss Mandi Throwdown by Mandi Sarro¬†. She can really throw down some serious dishes!!!! From what I noticed about her, she likes her meals really wholesome, just as I do. And like any other African lady, she often incorporates the previous day’s meals into the next day’s meal but in really creative ways. Nothing goes to waste! I like that so much. One way she does this is by making¬†a frittata. I decided to give this a try and I am blown away.

frittata recipe_frittata with tomatoes and mushrooms_breakfast ideas_kenyan food_kenyan breakfast

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Cayenne Pepper and Cheese Deviled Eggs

I really love boiled eggs. I had a rocky relationship with them when I was little, as highlighted in this post, but nowadays I just cannot get enough!! Its one of those foods that are so filling and yet so healthy. Even in Kenya, on a day to day basis, it is almost impossible not to come across street vendors hawking some boiled eggs. Those sold on the streets are usually cut in half and some kachumbari put in that hollow. It is as delicious as it is nutritious. What makes boiled eggs so good is that you  can have them with almost anything, in in any way you want.

Today I decided to have my boiled egg with a different kind of filling. Deviled eggs can be made in so many ways, but here is my take on it. It was so tasty, and so pretty. I was so happy with how this turned out. This is fantastic enough for cocktail bitings, delicious enough as a meal starter/appetizer for and healthy enough for a breakfast meal.

Hope you enjoy these deviled as much as I did ūüôā

Kenyan food_boiled egg recipes_cayenne pepper and cheese deviled eggs_deviled egg

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Mushroom noodles with pea and french bean stir fry

I am always so excited when my small cousins, Mudola and Kadesa, come over to visit from Mombasa. The last time they came¬†over, I made some simple spaghetti and my matata meatballs for dinner. The arrived just as I was taking the spaghetti from the heat. Mudola saw the spaghetti and yelled in excitement “Indomie!!!” and ran towards me. Indomie are a popular noodle brand in this country. And because noodles kinda resemble spaghetti, to 3 year old Mudola , I was making her favorite noodles. She quickly asked for some, and gobbled them down amid giggles, a cheeky sparkle in her eyes and that warm incandescence that filled the room whenever she laughed. She is adorable!

While they love spaghetti, I once in a while prep instant noodles for kina Mudola. I always go the extra mile because we just do not do kawaida here at #KK. Abit of fresh veggies to play up the flavor and bring it to life and it always turns out great. I like my recipes easy and tasty. This is no exception ūüôā

Kenyan Food_Top Kenyan Food Blog_French bean recipes_Pea recipes_Instant Noodle recipes_mushroom noodles with pea and french bean stir fry_

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Ginger and Spring Onion Njahi Stew

I have always been fascinated by how njahi seeds look when raw. Like a small black bag with a neat white zip placed halfway on its side. Or like a tiny ¬†black¬†pod¬†with a strip of white paint. Or like a compressed skunk. They are kinda cute actually. They are black and white when uncooked but once they are cooked, they transform to this amazing deep mahogany shade. God is really creative with everything he does or made for us, don’t you think? ¬†I am not aware exactly where else in the world this seed can be found. From my online sources, they referred ¬†to as lablab beans; a name that is as funny as it is strange. Some people call them tuxedo beans, while others call them hyacinth beans. There are white ones, brown, black ones and even red ones but the popular ones in my country are the black ones.

In my country, these seeds are most commonly consumed by communities from the mount Kenya region. They have slowly gained popularity throughout the nation mainly due to their nutritional benefits. Some of the these¬†its high in protein, folate, iron ,vitamin B6, zinc, calcium,magnesium and phosphorus.¬†They are usually prepared with just onions, tomatoes and some light seasoning. But as you know, here, we always take it up another notch. This njahi recipe has plenty of flavor, which plays up the natural earthy flavor of these beans. I am really excited to share this recipe with you ūüôā

 ginger and spring onion njahi stew_kenyan food_njahi recipes_njahi_lablab seed_tuxedo seed_hyacinth seed recipe_kenyan food blog_Kaluhi Adagala

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Peas and Red Bell Pepper Fried Rice

I love peas. It is one of those meals I can have all day every day with nearly everything. We are really blessed to come from a country where we can find organic fruits and veggies at a really affordable prices, peas being one of them. Hence, when ever I can, I always get myself some. I was walking towards my bus stage one evening and I saw this lady removing peas straight from their pods. Nothing looks fresher and more inviting than that. I stopped and got myself some and decided to make a rice dish with them.

This is a light fried rice dish. It is wholesome very healthy and very warm if I may say. I has this charm that will make where ever you are feel like home. As an addition to our many rice recipes, sample my pea and red bell pepper fried rice.

peas and red bell pepper fried rice_fried rice recipes_fried rice_kenyan food

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Chilli and Garlic Matumbo

I do not know exactly why I never liked Matumbo for the better part of my life. Maybe I may have had a nasty matumbo experience when I was a child that led me to absolutely abhor that meal. This all changed last year when I decided to face my fears and had matumbo for the first time in a very long time. And it was the tastiest thing I had tasted in a long time. I then concluded that probably it all comes down to how you cook it, and if it is cooked well, the results are always spectacular!

Matumbo is a swahili word which in this context loosely translates to innards. The western world refers to matumbo as tripe and I was pleased that they too indulge in this delicacy. It is the meat that comes from the stomach of a cow, making it an organ meat. It is cheaper than muscle meats and very nutritious. Today I prepared for you one of my new favorites, with the fabulous flavors of chilli and garlic. The technique I used was very specific so just read on to find out more :). I am so excited about this!!!!!

chilli and garlic matumbo_tripe_kenyan food blogger_kenyan food_ best matumbo recipe_kaluhis kitchen

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Hearty Matoke Fries

I am always looking for new ways to have my everyday meals. As part of the many existing alternatives of french fries ,my favorite alternative are matoke fries.Matoke (plantain)  Fries are an excellent substitute to French Fries. They are more hearty, cook up quickly, are less greasy and more nutritious. Serve these hot and with ketchup or any sauce that you would serve with French Fries. I had mine with my sweet corn and tomato salad. This meal was  nothing short of fantastic.

hearty matokeplantain fries. kenyan food. kenyan food blogger. African food blogger

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Gourmet Coleslaw

One of my most memorable childhood memories are those that involve family get-aways and ¬†short trips within the country. I particularly fondly remember¬†the times when¬†my parents used to take my sisters and I (sometimes together with my cousins) ¬†to a recreation spot deep in the breathtaking Maasai Land called Olooloitikoshi every other Sunday afternoon. As we had been told, olooloitikoshi means “The land of the Zebras” in the Maasai dialect (i stand corrected if that translation is wrong :D), and for us, it was the funnest place on the planet. Immediately after church, we would pass by home, dress down a little, prepare some bitings and leave for the Rift Valley. One of the things that my mommy used to make every single time was some coleslaw. This always made the perfect accompaniment to the tender roast meat and the steamy soft mukimu served by the locals together with all other delicacies we would have at the foot of the Ngong hills.

Today I present to you  one of dishes that never never missed our outings,coleslaw, but with a delicious gourmet twist.  It goes beyond the basic cabbage and carrot for coleslaw and includes an array of other ingredients that make this more wholesome and 5 star worthy. Read on to know exactly  how to make your coleslaw fantastic <3

gourmet coleslaw_kaluhi_s kitchen

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