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Garlic Masala Fries

I am not such a big fan of junk food as I highlighted in this post not too long ago. But in all honesty, I find it so hard to turn down a good plate of masala fries. And I guess these garlic masala fries have to be the only exception. Fries have become quite common in Kenya over the past decade and different ways to have them have come up with time.  I first heard of masala fries from my eldest sister while I was still in boarding school and the name alone made my mouth water. I vowed to have a taste of them as soon as my holiday begun. With some of my savings at hand, I made my way to Wimpy and bought some. I was not disappointed!

Today I made masala fries, but added my little twist to them, as usual! I added plenty of garlic which brought out the taste of the chilli so well and added to the juiciness of the masala sauce. These garlic masala fries iare a must try for all my readers.

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Garlic Masala Fries Ingredients:

masala chipa ingredients_masala chips with garlic_delicious fries recipes_Kenyan food

  • 5 potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin powder
  • 1 bunch of fresh coriander, both leaves and stocks to be used
  • 1 tablespoon of black pepper
  • ½ a tea spoon of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of ground coriander
  • 2 tomatoes, grated
  • 5 cloves of garlic


How to make my Garlic Masala Fries

Cut your potatoes into chips and fry them as usual. Set them side and allow them to drain in a paper towel. I like my fries slightly browned and a bit crunchy so that is how I made mine. An advantage of making them this way is that they do not absorb to much oil. If they are soggy, they may end up breaking down during the next phase of making the garlic masala fries.

french fries_chips_kaluhis kitchen_kenyan food blogs

In a separate pan, add your half of your coriander leaves and all the stalks and let them fry lightly. Add all the spices to this together with some hot water and mix. Followed by your grated tomatoes and garlic.

preparing the coating for the masala chips_corander powder_cayenne pepper_black pepper_ kenyan spices_corinander

Add just a little bit of hot water, about 5 tablespoons. Let this stay on the heat and simmer on low heat for about 5-7 minutes so that all the flavors meld. If the sauce becomes a bit dry, you can splash in some tablespoons of water to give it more body.

masala chips_masala chips sauce_kenyan french fries_kenyan food_delicious food

After this, add your fries and the garlic then mix them all together. Allow this to remain on the heat for about two minutes. Garlic is not only amplifies the taste of most meals, but is also very healthy. Read the health benefits of garlic here.

mincing garlic for masala fries_garlic masala fries_kinu-kENYAN FOOD

making garlic masala fries_masala fries_kenyan take on french fries_kenyan food

Add the remaining coriander leaves, mix them in then serve.

Kenyan Food_Masala Fries_Garlic masala fries give an interesting twist to ordinary french fries

Slice up some fresh lemon, drizzle it over the garlic masala fries serve with some fresh coleslaw or tomatoes and prepare to be taken to heaven!

Kenyan Food_Masala chips_GARLIC MASALA FRIES_kenyan food bloggers

Coz food cooked at home is way better than bought food. You can kick it up another notch and have these juice spicy fries with my decadent indulgent burger.

Are you drooling already?? You have to give these garlic masala fries a try!


– Kaluhi

Download the full recipe here:  #nom

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  1. Steve Wachira

    Hi!! I absolutely love the recipe… thank you

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Steve,
      So happy you like this recipe. I thoroughly enjoyed it too 🙂

  2. Shango

    Trying this recipe tonight! Can‘t wait.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Shango,
      I have seen you have absolutely loved it as you have just commented on my instagram. I feel so happy when someone else experiences joy through the food I enjoyed too.

  3. Wendy

    I tried the recipe yesterday night with premade fries from a local fries place. It was so delicious, I added an omlete with just onions and black pepper to pair with the dish.
    This is the ultimate bachelor’s dinner 🙂

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Wendy, These fries are my all time fave, and I also like my omellete with just onions and hoho it tastes so good! Glad you enjoyed this wendy! 🙂

  4. Wanjiru

    I’m making it now can’t wait for the outcome.
    You are God sent

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hope it turns out great!

  5. Diana mbugua

    Hey girl,I just discovered your blog,I have tried the masala fries recipe and the matoke one. You are so talented,and I love how simplified your recipes are. Keep em coming????

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Karibu sana to the #kk family <3. I am sooooooooo happy you enjoyed the recipes you tried out, and I am certain you will enjoy the rest as well :)). Cheers to great food!

  6. Shiro

    These look delish and an definitely trying them. Quick question,at what point do you include the tomatoes?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      After the onions

      • shameem

        hi but i didnt c onions in the recipe for this masala potato.wanting to make it now but confused wen to add tomato..

        • kaluhiskitchen

          I did not use onions, but instead used coriander since I wanted a more herby taste. I added the tomatoes and garlic right after the coriander

  7. Sandra

    Just tried this but with Jalapeno pepper and I must say I love it very much 😄😄

    • kaluhiskitchen


  8. Priscilla

    Great recipe, they came out so tasty!! Iv saved so many other of your recipes to try too!! So glad I came across your blog. Thanks Kaluhi

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Cheers to many more!!

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