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Gourmet Coleslaw

One of my most memorable childhood memories are those that involve family get-aways and  short trips within the country. I particularly fondly remember the times when my parents used to take my sisters and I (sometimes together with my cousins)  to a recreation spot deep in the breathtaking Maasai Land called Olooloitikoshi every other Sunday afternoon. As we had been told, olooloitikoshi means “The land of the Zebras” in the Maasai dialect (i stand corrected if that translation is wrong :D), and for us, it was the funnest place on the planet. Immediately after church, we would pass by home, dress down a little, prepare some bitings and leave for the Rift Valley. One of the things that my mommy used to make every single time was some coleslaw. This always made the perfect accompaniment to the tender roast meat and the steamy soft mukimu served by the locals together with all other delicacies we would have at the foot of the Ngong hills.

Today I present to you  one of dishes that never never missed our outings,coleslaw, but with a delicious gourmet twist.  It goes beyond the basic cabbage and carrot for coleslaw and includes an array of other ingredients that make this more wholesome and 5 star worthy. Read on to know exactly  how to make your coleslaw fantastic <3

gourmet coleslaw_kaluhi_s kitchen


coleslaw ingredients

White Cabbage

Red onion


Green apple


1 tablespoon of dijon mustard

Salad dressing


Begin with your apples. Slice them really thin so that they are not too large and hard. Also slice your mango into small thin pieces and put them into a bowl or a dish. Your mango should not be too ripe as it will disintegrate or too hard as it will be too tart.

thinely sliced apple for the coleslaw

apples and mangoes for coleslaw in a container


Thinly slice your onions. You can also dice them but just make sure that they are thin/small. After that, soak them in some hot water mixed with salt or in  some vinegar. This gets rid of the strong onion flavor, which may otherwise overpower the taste and aroma of the other ingredients. Always do the same for your kachumbari’s onions. After soaking. Add them to the container plus your thinly sliced cabbage.

thinely sliced onion for coleslaw

 Add them to your container along with all the other ingredients. Add your tablespoon of dijon mustard and salad dressing as much as you like to have it as per your preferences.  I usually like mine creamy so I drench my coleslaw in salad dressing :).mixing carrots, cabbage onion, green apple and mango for a coleslawOnce it is all mixed up, serve immediately. Preferably, you can allow this to chill for a few minutes before serving.

sophisticated coleslaw with mango green apple, onion, carrot,cabbage

 I was a bit nervous to have the flavors of onion and mango in one dish but to my surprise, this was really delicious. The strong onion flavor was complimented by the neutral taste of the cabbage, The mango went with the mild sourness of the  apple and these two had the perfect marriage with the dijon.

Ready for something different? Give this a try. You will be a different person after this coleslaw 🙂


Get the full recipe here:

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  1. Rae

    eeerm mango and onion aaaand apple? definitely a must try!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      I was TERRIFIED about that combination… I was so willing not to post this if it tasted weird. But this was so so good. The most unlikely ingredient combination gave me the best coleslaw in the world!!! You must try this 🙂 Just make sure to soak your onions first,this step is important so that that pungent smell does not overpower everything else.

  2. diana

    do you have on mokimo

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Not yet

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