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Garlic Marinated Fish Masala

Fish has got to be one of my very favorite white meats! Not only is it so tasty to have, but it can be prepared in so many different ways so that makes it almost impossible for you to get bored with it. I had fish fillet in my freezer for some weeks and when my fish craving kicked in, I was so glad I had some at home. I immediately decided to make some fish masala, but to my dismay, I had run out of the premade fish masala mix usually available in supermarkets. Being the adventurous foodie that I am, I made my own fish masala spice blend and it was so bomb! I am excited to share the same with you and I hope you give this a try.

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Rosemary and Okra Fried Rice

We ALL have those things we prefer not to eat probably due to some bad food experiences we had in the past. Some time in 2014, I asked my followers on Instagram what they do not like to eat or what they have a hard time making delicious. The answers ranged from beetroot, to matumbo (tripe), to cabbage. One of them pointed out that for them, okra has been so hard to cook since they always find it so flat in terms of flavor and got turned off when it gets kinda slimy. She wondered how some people managed to cook it without it becoming so boring and asked me to help her. I may be over a year late with my response, but trust me, it is worth the wait :))

I made this dish as a challenge to myself and response to the feedback I got upon asking that question. And I love challenges especially when it comes to making something that is healthy but not too appetizing become delicious. Looking for something unique and speedy ? Try this rosemary and okra fried rice.

rosemary and okra fried rice wpre[ared by top kenyan food blogger kaluhi adagala of

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Button Mushroom and Karafuu Spaghetti

Am I the only one who gets mesmerized when someone speaks fluent Swahili with the coastal accent. It sounds almost musical; almost like poetry.  Granted, we Nairobi folk fully understand Kiswahili, but we mix it we so much English and sometimes our vernacular languages so it sounds like a whole other language. I was purchasing some produce from a certain coastal lady and I just spoke to her so that I could listen to her speak. She was a talkative lady and spoke with so much theatrics that I just couldn’t get enough of. It was lunch time and she was eating some meat with chapati. She asked me if I know how to cook and I told her that I in fact love cooking. We exchanged tips and later told me that I have to taste meat cooked with kaarafuu. “Karafuu?” I asked. “Nyinyi wanabara mwaziita cloves” (None coastal people refer to them as cloves.)  I told her I had not tried that yet, but promised to cook more with it. Hence the birth of my button mushroom and karafuu spaghetti. Cloves have a very very assertive taste. But when used right and in moderation, it brings out the taste of whatever it is cooked with so so well.

For today, some spaghetti, with button mushroom and the amazing flavor of karafuu (cloves).

button mushroom and karafuu spaghetti_kenyan food recipes_kenyan food bloggers_african food

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Nutty Cardamom and Coconut Froyo cups

It has been ridiculously hot in Nairobi lately, as is every other February. After one spends just a few minutes in the sun, you literally feel like your skin is peeling off. Heck, even looking out the window can send your armpits into overdrive :D. Such that sunny weather calls for all the cool treats, and if those treats are yummy, even better!

I first tried making chocolate cups. I mixed the chocolate with milk, after it dried out because of microwaving it too long which changed its composition and it failed to solidify afterwards. We fail, we learn. I picked myself up, changed things up and decided to make a frozen treat. These  froyo cups are small and dainty, but pack a punch when it comes to flavor. These are a must try this sunny season.

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Plum Marinated Spicy Pork

Some months ago, Nigerian food blogger Funmi of The Village Pot decided to come to Kenya to experience the food scene. She called upon food bloggers in the country to give her a taste of our country. Wangeci, food blogger at African Kaya and myself were available so we gladly took her under our wings. We decided to take her to The Carnivore, which as the name suggests, is a place that show cases how we Kenyans absolutely love our grilled meat in all its splendor. Some of the meat served included beef, crocodile, duck, lamb, pork, turkey and many others I do not remember since I was busy pigging out. My favorite was the grilled pork ribs which were paired with a fruit salsa. I just could not have enough! It is on that night that I realized with absolute clarity how well pork goes with sweet flavors. You can read about this entire experience from her blog here.

This recipe was not only created with the backdrop of that awesome night, but also inspired by my friend and fellow food blogger Wangeci. Since plums, and plenty of other sweet fruits are in season, what better time to make this juicy pork dish than now?!

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Sunday Brunch at Lord Erroll

I had the honor of attending Sunday Jazz Brunch at Lord Erroll this past Sunday. I was so excited to spend a beautiful sunny Sunday mid-morning with amazing company, listening to amazing live jazz while downing some brunch. There is something about brunch that makes it so inviting, so this was a chance I could not turn down.  Lord Erroll is situated in the posh neighborhood of Runda. Knowing that alone, set the bar so high. It was known to just a small number of people, but over the past few weeks, it has gained popularity.

Did Lord Erroll live up to our expectations? Read on to find out. Here is a review of my time at Lord Erroll

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Chocolate Mousse

I love chocolate. And that naturally makes me affiliated to chocolate snacks, desserts and treats. No other time of the year is more beffiting for chocolate indulgence more than Valentine’s week. And I will treat you to the same :). Also, if you have been out of the loop, one of my FAVORITE bakers, Ginah and I are giving out the most velvety, delicious cakes on Saturday for three lucky winners. Learn from this Instagram post how you can win.

I made this chocolate mousse and as I am writing this, I wish I could just make another batch and try it out. Most of the mousses I have tasted are usually very rich, and rather dense in my opinion, but delicious none the less. I decided to make mine very light and airy. Trust me, this is so easy!

www.kaluhiskitchen.com_chocolate mousse_how to make a chocolate mousse_kaluhiskitchen.com_african food blogs_best african food bloggers

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Smashed Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese Sauce

I always felt it in my gut that 2016 would be a kick-ass year. And it really had kicked off in a kick ass way! I have had the privilege of being featured as the blogger of the month by DSTV kenya. Do spare 3 minutes to watch this video and hope you like it. If that’s not enough, I decided to throw in an awesome recipe you can try too today :))

If you have been reading my blog for a long time now, you know that one of my ultimate culinary role models has always been Siba. I loved her show from the very first time I watched it. And then I watched reruns over and over till I now know all the words. Yes, that how much I love Siba’s table. This recipe was inspired by  this recipe which run in one of the episodes during Season 1 of Siba’s Table. It may not look as pretty as her’s but I can guarantee that my smashed potatoes with cheddar cheese sauce tastes just as great. Easy. Speedy. Delicious.

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Rosemary-Orange Sangria

January sunshine is in full swing. The heat is blistering but days are bright. These are the kind of days that makes me feel like having friends over, cooking up a storm and sit under a shade chatting away. Or going for a picnic. Whether you like this heat or not, one thing I am sure we can agree on is that this weather makes everyone ever so deserving of an amazing quenching drink.

My sangria was inspired by this post I viewed on food gawker. Upon doing my research, I noticed that making a sangria depended on ones taste and anything goes as long as it tastes good. That’s a good thing since it leaves so much creative power on our hands and gives us ability to make yummy stuff. It also adds a beautiful fruity spin to the usual glass of wine. For today: my perfect rosemary and orange sangria.

rosemary orange sangria by the best food blogger in Kenya kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_kenyan food blogs_african food blogs

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Amarula Crepes with Macerated Strawberries

I love the freshness of new years. Of new days. Of  newly born babies. Of new everything! The smell of new is drenched in hope, possibility and optimism. There is an abundance of positive energy at the wake of this infant year. Can you feel it? I sure am channeling it and making the most of it now. So far, this year is my best yet! I read this article yesterday at 7 a.m, and the author stated something that is actually true. Each year, people start with so much enthusiasm but end up being predictable and playing small; just as they have in all past years. I have sought to make this year BIG. No special resolutions, just deliberate action towards my dreams. You should too! Will you join me in conquering the world ? :))

Today’s recipe was what I was meant to make on the day I made these pancakes. I had the concept for amarula crepes, but I did not have creme liqueur or strawberries and felt too lazy to go get some. After the holidays and with all the guests gone, plenty of alcohol is usually still sitting around. I then remembered this recipe and decided to bring it to life. My amarula pancakes and macerated strawberries are the very definition of perfect. Read on to know what a proper grown up brunch should look and taste like #NOM

amarula crepes with macerated strawberries_kenyan breakfast_kenyan food recipes_kaluhiskitchen.com_ Kaluhi Adagala best food blogger in Africa

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Lessons and Musings from 2015

Every new years eve (and the eve of my birthday) I always review the year that is coming to a close. I  highlight my favorite moments but especially moments that I drew so much wisdom from and life lessons I take with me to the next year.  These typically come from things people said or did or I things I personally experienced.

I feel compelled to share some of the things that were learning points for me. I wanted to do a ‘taking stock‘ but I could not bring myself to summarize anything LOL. I hope you can relate to some of them and draw some wisdom from this busy 24 year old mind of mine on the final day of 2015.

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Carrot and Grilled Pumpkin Soup

I once heard someone say “If you find yourself talking about the weather on a first date, its time to goooo” LOL Our generation has issues! Anyway, lets talk about the weather. Last week was pretty frigid. I wanted to bump this post and have it earlier but I was too excited about my biryani and tilapia peri peri recipes and decided to stick to how I had originally scheduled my posts. This soup would be perfect for last week’s weather. But as you know with November, the weather is rather unpredictable. Yesterday was beautifully sunny but it could be rainy later this week or today. Today looks like a soup day! This is one recipe you should save for a rainy day ;)).

carrot and grilled pumpkin soup_pumkin

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Egg Sandwich with Honey Vinaigrette Drizzle

Confession: I am a cooking show junkie. I can watch cooking shows till kingdom come. It just never gets boring…well, for me atleast :)). One of the most common things I see on Chopped is the use of vinaigrettes especially on Salads and stuff. Because I have no culinary training, I always turn to Uncle Google to break things down for me. Turns out it is not something complicated and can be made from nearly anything.

I love sweet and sour anything. So I made my vinaigrette using honey, apple cider vinegar and some oil to capture one of my favorite flavors. I was rushing somewhere and decided to make a sandwich to have on the go. After quickly taking my photos, I downded these sandwiches and boy, didn’t they just hit the right spots!!! If you are always on the go, or are going through one of those lazy days, this one is for you :)).

SIDENOTE: Have you checked out recipes on my YouTube channel? Have you subscribed? 🙂

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Peppery Hot dog with Lemon and Garlic Plain Yoghurt Sauce

Let’s be honest for a second… the whole world loves hot dogs. Or at least in my head, the whole world does. Perfect snack. And depending on what you add to them, you can get all food groups into your hot dog. There are so many ways to have your hot dog. And that gets me excited since it awakens my creative power.

I decided to make my hot dog with the frankfurter sauteed with green bell peppers until they are crispy. I also decided to replace the  mustard with a tangy lemon and garlic plain yoghurt sauce. So for my 100th post, savor on this brilliant and delicious beauty.

peppery hotdog with garlic and lemon plain yoghurt sauce_kenyan food blogs_best kenyan food

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Cake Festival 2015 – How it went down…

When the event organizers for the Cake Festival 2015 say come and eat as much cake as you can, they are actually very very serious about that. This event had about 200 bakers showcasing their skill. It was a day of pure indulgence. We ate so much cake and I feel I will not have any more cake in a long long time. The bakers were very engaging and warm and majority of them had really high quality cake. And the best part is that all funds raised from this event shall be used to further education for students who come from needy backgrounds. It was all for a worthy cause.

This is how it went down.

cake festival 2015 nairobi kenya aa illustrated by kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala

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