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Rosemary-Orange Sangria

January sunshine is in full swing. The heat is blistering but days are bright. These are the kind of days that makes me feel like having friends over, cooking up a storm and sit under a shade chatting away. Or going for a picnic. Whether you like this heat or not, one thing I am sure we can agree on is that this weather makes everyone ever so deserving of an amazing quenching drink.

My sangria was inspired by this post I viewed on food gawker. Upon doing my research, I noticed that making a sangria depended on ones taste and anything goes as long as it tastes good. That’s a good thing since it leaves so much creative power on our hands and gives us ability to make yummy stuff. It also adds a beautiful fruity spin to the usual glass of wine. For today: my perfect rosemary and orange sangria.

rosemary orange sangria by the best food blogger in Kenya kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_kenyan food blogs_african food blogs

COOK TIME:10 MINUTES                                 SERVES:2


1 handful of strawberries

2 sprigs of rosemary

1/2 an orange

1/2 a cup of orange juice

Sweet red wine



Slice your strawberries longitudinally and very thinly. Half your orange and further cut it up in smaller slices. Set this aside. Your fruit slices must me thin. Huge chunks will not float.

Rinse your rosemary sprigs and put them in your wine glass. Pour in your wine and a splash of your orange juice in each glass. Add your fruits and if you prefer, some ice too.

preparing the sangaria_kaluhiskitchen.com_rosemary laced sangaria


thinly slice your fruit so that it neatly fits inyour wine glass for your sangria_kaluhiskitchen.com_best kenyan food blog

sweet red wine with

sangrian by best kenyan food blogger Kaluhi

Serve. How easy was that?

bestkenyan food blogs_kaluhiskitchen.com_sangria with rosemary

For a more pronounced fruity flavor, allow the drink to sit for about 30 minutes. This allows the natural juices of the fruit to seep into your wine. Alternatively, you can prepare this in a jug and let it sit and allow people to pour from it as they please.

Kenyan food_kenyan drinks_how to make kenyan food_best kenyan food blogs- food blogs in kenya

I highly encourage you to try out different combinations and use what you have at hand. Why not have a blueberry+lime+thyme sprig sangria? Or a Plum+ fresh mint+tangerine sangria? Or maybe you prefer your sangria with some orange zest+luquards+cinnamon stick . The possibilities for a sangria are endless!


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Thank you!



Get the full recipe here

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  1. Joy

    Of course I love love love it. Voting…

    • kaluhiskitchen


  2. Mwikalivuku

    Voted! Love your blog,so practical.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Thank you. Though its just a nomination for now. Voting will open on March 2nd.

  3. maureen

    Hey kaluhi, I just nominated you not only cause I am Sylvia’s friend but because I love your blog. Hey is it possible if I share the information on my instagram and facebook? Tell sly I said hey????. I love your work

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Thank you for the nomination. I will definitely pass my regards to my sister. Also, you can share the information on fb, I totally dont mind :))

  4. Winnie Kariuki

    I love love love your blog. I just submitted my nomination and am ready for the voting. You have taught me so much (esp making chapatis). Thank you very much and
    Good luck.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Thank you so much Winnie! I am thrilled to have resolved something for you in your kitchen life. :)))

  5. Ivy

    Beautiful blog.Making me love food over and over and over!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      So glad that I have ignited that spark :))

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