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Minced Beef and Pork Sausage Lasagna

Lasagna has to be among the top three most requested recipes by you guys. But I put off making it, for 4 and 1/2 years, but you know what, never late than never. Preparing this was so much fun, making the video was so smooth (though extremely time consuming as usual lol), and eating this, oh my! The eating was the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. I always get so excited when a recipe turns out better than I had envisioned it in my head. I start picturing myself eating it with my fam and watching their faces for reactions! Mum and Dad loved this so much, we are thinking of making it a monthly thing at home, with each month having a new spin. What do you guys think? Should I bring you along this adventure?

My minced beef and pork sausage lasagna is very easy to make. Two kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese and a world of flavor! You are going to fall head over heels with this beauty!

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One of the things I enjoy most in life is cooking with someone I love and having great conversation with them. I was at my friend’s sometime back and she is one of those people who not only loves cooking for her guests, but loves cooking with them. She loves showing off her (exceptional!!!) kitchen skills. And who am I to complain? I love it that at her’s, I am the one being fed. I am the one on the receiving end of deliciousness. I am the one not in an apron. I am the one, watching and learning. On the day we had our date, It started pouring just as I was about to leave. I decided to wait it out and she had just the perfect thing to keep us both occupied: vibibi! She had been soaking some rice for well over 24 hours and was ready to give it a go. On we were with draining, whisking, blending, frying and about an hour and a half later, sitted again devouring very delicious treats with some tea. Thank you Mwende. Next time, we chill at mine <3

That is a short summary of how I learnt to make vibibi. In this post and in today’s video, I make them for you too, but with a few twists of my own and with slight modification. Still, it will be nothing short of delicious!

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Thyme and Oregano Lamb Chops

I am one of those people who cannot get something out of their mind once they start craving it. I may momentarily concentrate at the task at hand, but rest assured that what I want to eat is that lingering thought I will always have. Having not had lamb in a long time prior to this, and really wanting to have some, I was totally not going to rest or concentrate on anything until I had some. And you know what, I went out and got myself some lamb, made a delicious marinate for it and cooked it the next day. I could hardly sit through the marination, but I knew I wanted it delicious so I had to wait. And yes, it was worth the wait! This was one very very simple recipe, but as always, one you will fall inlove with <3.

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Orange Ginger Cinnamon Rolls

My eldest sister cheredi has always been the baker of the family. She always does really make the sweetest baked treated and very very effortlessly they turn out perfectly! Best believe I am always the one to push my sisters out of the way whenever she brings home one of her cakes. This year i have challenged myself to do more baking. I hardly ever do, I do not know why, but it is about time I dipped my feet into it, don’t you think so? And for today my orange ginger cinnamon rolls will be the first of many delicious treats you will see this year. I had plenty of fun making the video as well. This recipe was inspired by a cake my sister made some time back, that I shared a picture with you guys on Instagram. Needless to say, they turned out extra delicious and for that, I am thrilled!!! Here we go!!

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Pineapple Tree tomato Milkshake with Date Syrup

One of the most infuriating things about Nairobi is how much traffic we have to endure day after day. It is either there is not traffic or you are stuck in a hell hole of none moving vehicles. But one person’s nightmare is another persons dream!!! While we hate the snarl up, most hawkers make the best of the situation, woo potential customers and try to sell as much of their merchendize as they can. And when luck is on your side, you too can be able to make some pretty dope purchases; which for me, I always gravitate towards fresh produce. After brunch with my friends this past Saturday and being stuck in traffic for about 45 min, the only nice thing I can say about that situation is that I managed to get some really fresh maize, the sweetest sweet bananas, new sunglasses and a great portion of tree tomatoes. I got some for my mum as well since she loves them and majority of the ones I got for myself went into the milkshake I am sharing with you today!

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Garlic and Cumin Ndengu

Ladies, have you ever cheated on your eyebrows guy and ended up with thunder bolts on your face that you have to put up with until the hair grows back? Or guys, those times you cheat on your barber and end up with a hairline that has been receeded all the way to 1678? Yup! We have all experienced such moments! I am one person who is loyal to my people and my products. But sometimes, I decide I know better and such decisions I always regret. Always! Yet I never learn! I wanted to cook these ndengu with coconut milk, but I decided to buy a different brand, one that I have never used. All I know is, coconut milk does not look like gelatin. Moral of the story is, do not cheat on what has been true to you for years :DDDD. I threw out that can and I had to think fast how to cook the ndengu in a non-basic now that one key ingredient was out. That incident may have been a blessing in disguise because the marvelous beauty that resulted was worth the hustle.

Have you been looking for the best ndengu (mung beans) recipe on earth? Your search ends today!

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Chili Mango and Lime Cocktail

And now, March is upon us! Happy New Month #KNation!

I have a love hate relationship with our hot season. I dislike the dust and the crippling heat especially when one has errands, but there are also plenty of things I celebrate about it. I love that even at night, it is warm, and I do not have to worry about carrying a coat. I love that more sunshine in all it’s intensity, favors taking beautiful pictures and videos. I love that my little dresses and shorts can now come out and plaaaaaay! I love that it is during this time of year that mangoes are overflowing in every single corner of the country and being my favorite fruit, you can bet that I am over eating them each day and trying as much as I can to incorporate them in everything!

Today, I give you a cocktail that has flavors reminicent of, chili mangoes, my favorite childhood after-school snack (still love it though<3). Bold, out of the box, full of flavor and of course, delicious!

Here we go!

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Ice Cream & Cardamom French Toast

I usually treat myself to something nice when my day or week or month has gone especially well and I have exceeded all my goals. I celebrate and congratulate myself each time I achieve something dope! A monthly treat may be something like a new perfume (I have my eyes on Giorgio Armani – Si) ,a book I have been dying to get my hands on or a dress I have been eyeing for a long time. A treat for a day may be a gorgeous moist black forest slice or anything I am craving. Usually it is some ice cream. I am not a sweet tooth, so when I crave ice cream, it comes hard. One night, I treated myself to some ice cream. After few bites, I was off to bed and the next day, I decided to finish treating myself since sleep interrupted my session the previous night. Instead of just having ice cream again, I thought to myself ‘what would happen if I incorporated my favorite ice cream into a dish?’ Curious as to what would happen if breakfast and dessert were combined? Well, the most beautiful ice cream and lime zest French toast would be conceived! <3. Hope you fall in love with this one as much as I have!

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Chicken Bacon Knockout Burger

After posting my Triple D drumsticks, and the amazing buzz it created online, EVERYONE just couldn’t wait to try that recipe out. And majority just wished they could simply appear infront of them. My elder sister, Sieva, who was away for work sent me a quick message telling me she would love to have those when she came back home after seeing them on my Facebook page. Since I couldn’t make that particular recipe at the time, I decided to work on my next bomb Guinness recipe which she would feast upon: my chicken bacon knockout burger. Growing up with siblings, when there is something tasty you are planning to feast upon, you have to hide it so that no one else eats it. I forgot to hide Sieva’s  burger and sure enough, my other sister Kadesa ate it. I should have recorded the look on her face when she sank her teeth into it…priceless! Burger ecstasy! And a stamp of approval for another aced recipe!

These burgers have everything you could ever want in the perfect burger: a moist patty, lots of cheese, a rich unique sauce and of course, bacon. Can you handle this knock out ;))? You better!


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