I just feel like I must begin by reassuring you not to be intimidated by the name of this dish. LOL! Remember when we did this dish with a very different name, but it turned out very simple (and most popular for that month)? This farfalle stir fry is one of those dishes with long name but so simple to make. I promise! This is simply a stir fry made using a type of pasta called farfalle, which in my opinion are the prettiest pasta on the face of the earth. They resemble little bows and the girly girl in me almost automatically gravitated to them.

This stir fry was suggested to me by my friend, Vidhi, who loves cooking just as much as I do. Her recipe used cardamom seeds and white sauce. I put my own twist to it and used the ingredients I have available. Because this type of pasta is already inherently beautiful, this shaves off a lot of time trying to make the dish look pretty. Do read through and discover how easy this farfalle strir fry is to make:

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My farfalle stir-fry ingredients

farfalle recipes_farfalle recipe ingredients_pasta dishes_pasta recipes

1 Packet of farfalle pasta (400g)

1 tablespoon of whole cumin seeds

1 bunch of fresh coriander, both leaves and stocks to be used

1 tablespoon of black pepper

1 table spoon of dark mushroom soy sauce

1 bunch of spring onion, finely chopped


Boil your pasta as usual as indicated on the package. Pass some  cold water through them to prevent them from sticking together. Set them aside.

Look at how cute these pasta look like! I bought mine from Nakumatt City-hall at about 150 shillings. But I am pretty sure that you can get them in any supermarket in the section or rice and pastas.

Farfalle_bow shaped pasta_kenyan food blogs_pasta recipes

In a separate sufuria, put some vegetable oil and heat it. Place your cumin seeds. Allow them to cook just until you can smell their aroma. Do not let them burn. If they burn, your farfalle stir fry will have a bitter smokey burnt taste, & we definately do not want that!

You can substitute cumin seeds for cardamom seeds or clove seeds or which ever you have at hand or like best. I had cumin seeds at hand and I love how they taste, so that is what I used.

cumin seeds_cooking with cumin seeds_cumin seeds in hot oil infused their flavor

Add your spring onion, coriander stalks and black pepper. Mix these  and let them simmer for about 3 minutes or until they soften.

coriander stalks_cooking with fresh coriander stalks not only adds more flavor but more nutrients too_kaluhi kitchen__best kenyan food blogs

I used often use both the stalks and the leaves for the coriander. The stalks are often overlooked yet they have even stronger flavor than the leaves. And combining them with the spring onion takes this farfalle stir fry to a whole other level of flavor!

spring onion, coriander stalk and cumin seed saute_farfalle  stir fry_

Then, add your cooked pasta and the table spoon of dark mushroom soy sauce. Mix it all. Let this stay in the heat for about 5 minutes then serve.

farfalle stir fry_spring onion and cumin seed farfalle stir fry_farfalle stir fry seasoned with black pepper

cooking with soy sauce_farfalle stir fry recipes_soy sauce adds more flavor to pasta dished

Mix in some of the coriander leaves with the farfalle stir fry and leave some for garnishing. Enjoy!

farfalle pasta_beautiful food_kenyan food bloggers_pasta recipes

Is this not pretty?

And it is very asy to make too. You have to promise me to give this a try.

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Happy Tuesday!


Get the full recipe here:

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