I am not such a big fan of junk food as I highlighted in this post not too long ago. But in all honesty, I find it so hard to turn down a good plate of masala fries. And I guess these garlic masala fries have to be the only exception. Fries have become quite common in Kenya over the past decade and different ways to have them have come up with time.  I first heard of masala fries from my eldest sister while I was still in boarding school and the name alone made my mouth water. I vowed to have a taste of them as soon as my holiday begun. With some of my savings at hand, I made my way to Wimpy and bought some. I was not disappointed!

Today I made masala fries, but added my little twist to them, as usual! I added plenty of garlic which brought out the taste of the chilli so well and added to the juiciness of the masala sauce. These garlic masala fries iare a must try for all my readers.

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