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Curry & Coconut Cream Njahi

I totally get and respect the fact that we all like different things because we are different people. But aki you guys – especially my twitter family- huwa mnaongea mbaya sana juu ya njahi lol! It’s actually not many people who talk smack, it is just a few people who are loud about their dislike; so it seems like the whole world hates njahi. The likening of njahi to soil, to a mattress, to rocks, to sweat; are really hilarious to be honest, but it kinda breaks my heart too that some people are actually living life without having ever tasted delicious njahi. In my book, anything and everything can be made delicious. If you match up your ingredients well and play up on fresh herbs, anything -including njahi- can be tasty!

If you have been looking for a perfect njahi recipe, this one is for you. If you already love njahi, here is another recipe to make you fall inlove with it once again!

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Thyme & Cumin Veg Burger With Creamy Lime Avocado Sauce

Living as a vegetarian in this country is crazy EASY!!!!! We are so fortunate to have very many fresh ingredients and a ton of pulses that can be cooked in many different ways. Being vegetarian is not complicated or special- it simply means one does not eat meat. That means you can very readily enjoy a majority or Kenyan meals without slashing out plenty from our everyday meals. You will still enjoy your bhajia, viazi karai, ndengu, chapati, egg curry, githeri, bean stews, ugali, all our amazing traditional mbogas, biringanya, seasonal fruits, rice dishes, faluda, vibibi, vitumbua, mandazi, viazi vya rojo, njahi….the list is literally endless! We surely do live in the best country on earth!!

I love meat but I do not hesitate cutting it out from my dies once in a while because I still know I will eat delicious meals with all the amazing produce we have. I love meaty burgers but veg burgers are equally as delicious! My veg burger, whose patty was made with njahi and mushroom- and with the rich flavors of thyme and cumin  was one for the books!

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Garlic and Cumin Njahi Stew

I always enjoy getting different opinions from my readers concerning all matters food. Not only does it let me know what we like, but also makes me even more aware of how different we all are and how interesting our personal preferences are. I especially love getting opinions from my twitter audience since they  are refreshingly honest and quite funny too. I once had a series under my usual #KaluhisKonversations (check out that hashtag if you have not :))) where we spoke about njahi and why some people may not like this bean, and how you can make it better overall. I touched on this recipe I made over a year back. Those who love njahi were all into it and those who did not, were definitely won over. With our rainy season in full gear, I decided to make another njahi stew recipe, this time round with bold, very expressive flavors. Be ready to explore new flavors and try new things, because my garlic and cumin njahi stew is nothing short of delicious!


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Ginger and Spring Onion Njahi Stew

I have always been fascinated by how njahi seeds look when raw. Like a small black bag with a neat white zip placed halfway on its side. Or like a tiny  black pod with a strip of white paint. Or like a compressed skunk. They are kinda cute actually. They are black and white when uncooked but once they are cooked, they transform to this amazing deep mahogany shade. God is really creative with everything he does or made for us, don’t you think?  I am not aware exactly where else in the world this seed can be found. From my online sources, they referred  to as lablab beans; a name that is as funny as it is strange. Some people call them tuxedo beans, while others call them hyacinth beans. There are white ones, brown, black ones and even red ones but the popular ones in my country are the black ones.

In my country, these seeds are most commonly consumed by communities from the mount Kenya region. They have slowly gained popularity throughout the nation mainly due to their nutritional benefits. Some of the these its high in protein, folate, iron ,vitamin B6, zinc, calcium,magnesium and phosphorus. They are usually prepared with just onions, tomatoes and some light seasoning. But as you know, here, we always take it up another notch. This njahi recipe has plenty of flavor, which plays up the natural earthy flavor of these beans. I am really excited to share this recipe with you 🙂

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