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Turmeric Coconut Milk Ndengu

Sometimes I feel I use coconut milk and/or cream in almost everything I cook- sweet or savory. But can you really blame me? LOL. Coconut milk goes with nearly everything, upgrades the taste of everything, adds complexity and depth to everything. And because of that, I will always grab a packet for myself when I am in the supermarket. I told you a few months back when I was making this other ndengu recipe, that I initially intended to cook it with coconut milk, only to discover I never had some! Tragic! The recipe still worked out then, but here we are now with my turmeric and coconut milk ndengu!

Ndengu, or as our friends at the coast refer to as pojo, and what in English are mung beans or green grams, are such excellent absorbents of flavor and packed with a ton of health benefits! Amplifying all that inherent goodness is truly all you need and deserve to make your meal times an experience.

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PREP TIME: 15 MIN     COOK TIME: 1.5 HRS        SERVES: 7


1 cup of amana ndengu

4 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped

1 teaspoon of whole cumin

1 red onion, chopped

1/2 green hoho, cubed

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tomato, minced

2 tablespoons of tomato paste

1 and 1/2 cups of coconut milk

2 carrots, cubes

1/2 a teaspoon of black pepper

1 teaspoon of garam masala

1 teaspoon of turmeric

Dania leaves for garnish


First thing is to ensure the ndengu are pre-cooked. Boil the ndengu with the whole cumin and the roughly chopped garlic as shown in my video then once done, set aside. We boil the ndengu with garlic and cumin so that the flavor seeps in and the pulses themselves have a flavor of their own.

Next step, is to start the stewing process. To your sufuria that has some salt and oil. Thereafter, add the onion, pepper and minced garlic. Sautee until everything is softened and fragrant. Be very careful not to burn the garlic since it does have a tendency to burn really fast. You can add some dania stems too, but I chose to forgo that. Green hoho however added the fresh, assertive flavor I was looking for.

Add the tomato and tomato paste, followed by the spices: turmeric, pepper and garam masala, which as you all know, I bought from our local supermarkets. I also spoke about the health benefits in detail in the video that’s up today, so make sure you pass by and watch :)).

Add some hot water/ stock to facilitate the cooking of the spices, Make sure you make it nice and thick. In case you are not too sure about the consistency I am talking about, the video will guide you.

A thick tomato base = a thick rich stew.

Once everything has come together, add your pre-cooked Amana Ndengu, infused with the flavors of cumin and garlic. Yum! Mix then in then add the carrots too. Carrots add not only amazing nutritional qualities but also a much welcome textural component making the eating experience a lot better.

Thereafter, add the game changer for this dish- the coconut milk. You can find several brands of this amazing ingredient in any well stocked supermarket.

Allow everything to simmer for about 20 -25 minutes, garnish with some fresh dania (coriander) then we are done!

Be it with chapati or rice, you are still bound to thoroughly enjoy my turmeric and coconut milk ndengu! If you are still yet to perfect your chapati game, check out this video.

The mild milky, nutty flavor of the coconut milk infused so well and so deeply into the ndengu and was so well complimented by the taste of the cumin. Garam masala brought to life the inherent earthy taste of the ndengu, and the mild flavor of the turmeric tied everything together. Best recipe you will ever try out!

Hope you love my turmeric and coconut milk ndengu as much as I do!


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Damah

    Thank you so much for this!!!

  2. Kare

    Which coconut milk would you recommend?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Any…. It is all down to preference. I like Kara and Thai Pride

  3. Kerubo

    Kaluhi! Kaluhi! Kaluhi! I tried the ndengu recipe and it was amazing. Thank you

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Awesome!!! So glad you enjoyed this!!

  4. Hope

    Best dengu recipe I’ve ever tried. My family and guests loved it !!!!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Perfect!!! <3

  5. Milcah

    Hey, can you substitute coconut cream with coconut milk? How different are the two anyway

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Yes you can

  6. Nduta Ndirangu

    Hi Kaluhi, would you have a e-recipe book?

  7. Becky

    I was starting to dislike ndengu until we tried this recipe. Certainly a game changer.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      *happy dance* Sooooooo happy to know this made a difference!

  8. Rachel

    Wow,i like it

    • kaluhiskitchen


  9. Lynette

    This delicious dish was my dinner go-to tonight. It was my first time making it, and my Kenyan foster son says it was very good! Tomorrow he’ll show me his favourite chapati recipe so we can eat it with that. Thank you for yet another unique dish to add to my repertoire!

    • kaluhiskitchen


  10. Veronica Thomas

    What type of vegetable is “ho ho”? Can you substitute bell or sweet peppers for this item?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Green bell pepper

  11. Joy

    This recipe revolutionized my Ndegu meals!! A.M.A Z.I.N.G!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Cheers to many more!

  12. Peris

    Have never liked ndengu but after making this….mmmmh,,totally in love,kudos

    • Kaluhi

      Happy you enjoyed this!

  13. Naomi

    Cooking right this minute thank youu!!!

    • Kaluhi

      You will love every bite!

  14. Mercy

    Your recipes tho!!! To die for…simple and rewarding.
    This ndengu one did it among others I have tried…..Good job!!

    • Kaluhi

      Thrilled you love them as much as I do!

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