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Dreamy Dill Mashed Potatoes

We all have those meals we turn to when we want to break the monotony of the week. In our house, everyone is crazy about mashed potatoes. They are not only delicious, but they are very easy to make and can be make within the week without huge levels of stress. Potatoes are an amazing starch because they are like a blank canvas that can enable you to incorporate different components to enhance or even transform them. In our house, mashed potatoes go beyond just taking potatoes and pounding them, but we add coconut cream to make them aromatic, milk to remove all lumps ,cheddar cheese to make them creamy and dill to make them more nutritious.
These dreamy dill mashed potatoes are so light, yet so filling and without doubt, you will enjoy this too.

dreamy dill mashed potatoes.1


dill mashed potatoes ingredients
10 Potatoes
A bunch of dill
50g Cheddar cheese
¾ cup of Milk
200g of Coconut cream

Slice your potatoes and place them in a sufuria with water covering the potatoes ¾ on the way. Boil them on high heat until they become soft.
***TIP: Slice the potatoes since the increased surface area will enable them to cook faster.
After they are soft, drain the excess water if any. Then add the milk and start pounding with a mwiko or a food mill. This will allow them to smash more evenly and smooth away all the lumps.

mashing potatoes
After the potatoes have an even consistency, add your coconut cream, bit by bit, mixing after every addition.
Once you have added your coconut cream, add your cheddar cheese. Mix and allow it to melt. If you do not have cheese, you can use margarine or ghee. Once it has melted, add your finely chopped dill and mix.

I bought my dill from nakumatt, you will find yours there too. Read more about this power herb here.

cut up dill

dill and potatoes

Serve immediately.

mashed potatoes

Does’nt this look amazing? You can literally see how moist they are.

They go so well with the matata meatballs we made here.

mashed potatoes and meatballs
When you have to make a basic meal, go a step further and make it outstanding and unforgettable. Be fearless and experiment with different ingredients and you will find that your everyday meals can always taste like gourmet meals.

Till next time,

Love and Peace,

Did you enjoy the read? Download the recipe and try it.


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  1. Eva

    Just did this, subbed the dill with coriander though because I was not about to wait until tomorrow to buy it!! I’ve always just added margarine to my mash so when I saw the milk and cheese I just thought, how divine and why has the combo never occurred to me!! That said, this was brilliant . Thank you, really 🙂

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Eva,
      I am so happy you tried this, and more importantly, that you liked it! I also use coriander when I do not have time to look for dill and it works just as fine. Sometimes, I also add some peas and mash them with the potatoes. The options are varied and limitless really! We will discover more as we go along. Nice day!

  2. martha ohenga

    tried it…fell in love

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Splendid news for me to wake up to,Martha. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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