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Curry & Coconut Cream Njahi

I totally get and respect the fact that we all like different things because we are different people. But aki you guys – especially my twitter family- huwa mnaongea mbaya sana juu ya njahi lol! It’s actually not many people who talk smack, it is just a few people who are loud about their dislike; so it seems like the whole world hates njahi. The likening of njahi to soil, to a mattress, to rocks, to sweat; are really hilarious to be honest, but it kinda breaks my heart too that some people are actually living life without having ever tasted delicious njahi. In my book, anything and everything can be made delicious. If you match up your ingredients well and play up on fresh herbs, anything -including njahi- can be tasty!

If you have been looking for a perfect njahi recipe, this one is for you. If you already love njahi, here is another recipe to make you fall inlove with it once again!

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Coconut OatMeal with Cinnamon Zinzagaya (cape gooseberry) Compote

I love oats as a quick breakfast. I personally don’t find them bland- I love their simple flavor when I make them with just milk on a busy morning and also deeply enjoy how well they take up flavor of other ingredients I decide to pair them with. I love my oats with a fruity element- often a compote- and today I made one with what we the Maragoli call Zinzagaya (cape gooseberries).

I ran this past you guys on Twitter and I got to learn they are pretty common throughout Kenyan tribes, not just mine. The Kikuyu call them Naathi, the Kalenjin call then Cheloliit and the Kisii call them Chinsobosobo. So regardless of the part of the country you are reading this from, you will totally fall inlove with this breakfast beauty!

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Nutmeg and Coconut Cream Drop scones

Am I the only one who is always a bit scared of those foods that are dairy/sugar/fat free? I mean, they have removed all the great stuff :D.  However unless it is by medical instruction, I do not think the above mentioned are bad for you, unless taken in excessive quantities.

Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt one of my favorite breakfast dishes, drop scones, but without dairy. I was pleasantly surprised that the drop scones tasted really really good, if not better. It then made sense to me why dairy-free products are fast gaining popularity across the globe.  I had some left over coconut cream from this dish and I decided to use that in place of my dairy.

If you are allergic to dairy products, or want to try something different like me, read on.

 nutmeg and coconut cream drop scones_kaluhiskitchen

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Coconut Cream and spicy sausage matoke

I really love Kenyan food. That puts Matoke as one of my favorite foods. Like many other cuisines around the globe, there are millions of ways to have the same meal. Unfortunately for majority of Kenyans, there is not that much experimenting with new ways of cooking the same meal. But worry not, that’s where I come in 🙂

The first time I added my twist to a matoke dish was in this post where I used coconut milk and fresh herbs to bring my dish to life. In today’s matoke dish, I used coconut cream, which makes the matoke luxuriantly creamy,thick and fragrant. To add to that, I added some spicy sausage, which brought this otherwise one-note dish to a whole new level.

Ready for something different? This is for you:


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Dreamy Dill Mashed Potatoes

We all have those meals we turn to when we want to break the monotony of the week. In our house, everyone is crazy about mashed potatoes. They are not only delicious, but they are very easy to make and can be make within the week without huge levels of stress. Potatoes are an amazing starch because they are like a blank canvas that can enable you to incorporate different components to enhance or even transform them. In our house, mashed potatoes go beyond just taking potatoes and pounding them, but we add coconut cream to make them aromatic, milk to remove all lumps ,cheddar cheese to make them creamy and dill to make them more nutritious.
These dreamy dill mashed potatoes are so light, yet so filling and without doubt, you will enjoy this too.

dreamy dill mashed potatoes.1

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Curry and Coconut Cream Githeri

Githeri is a bean and maize casserole of sorts and it is served throughout Kenya. It is a very popular meal because it is healthy and also because it makes it easy to include all food groups in one meal. In my country, this is one meal that all boarding schools have in common. Before I joined boarding school, I would hear tales from my elder sisters, Cheredi and Sieva, about how hard the maize in their school githeri was. I quietly thought to myself that it really couldn’t be THAT hard! That was until my first Wednesday evening when our supper was githeri. The maize was indeed hard, and for the first time, that hot January evening, I really missed home food. But I put on my big girl pants and had my meal, appreciating the fact that at least I had something to put in my tummy that day.
The githeri I made today has the softest maize though. Traditionally, it is made with only onions and tomatoes, however my twist on this Kenyan delicacy is adding the richness of coconut cream & curry powder, and using cumin and mustard seeds, whose oils play up the githeri flavor. This is the best githeri you will ever have without doubt!

CURRY AND COCONUT cream githeri

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