The year is coming to a close, and I have to admit this was a year to remember. Plenty of pits and just as many ¬†peaks, which come together in the beautiful symphony of life. Today, I want to take time and look back on what was and hope for what is to come. My first taking stock and my second were a while back where you got to know alittle more about me. And today, here is my third: Taking Stock 3 ūüôā

diana kaluhi_Kaluhis Kitchen_Taking Stock 3
Making: No room for average in my life and setting bigger goals for myself. I realize that I can actually achieve whatever I want, only if I want to. I  felt this even more strongly after reading this. Go big, or go home.

Cooking: Eating: Mangoes, Mangoes and plenty more MANGOES. One of the many reasons I love dec-jan-feb-mar is because my favourite fruit is in season.¬†This is fast turning into an obsession…

Reading: One of my favorite blogs of all time, The Fulltime Girl.

Drinking: Plenty of¬†water, and I can feel and see the change in my overall health. Gotta make this a habit…

Smelling: My sister’s perfume- Be delicious, which ¬†has me reconsidering about changing my signature scent- Midnight Fantasy

Wearing: Many floral prints, pastel shades, flirty skirts, sweetheart necklines,plenty of bows and delicate scents. I feel best when I am very femininely dressed, another reason I love December because the weather allows me to wear all my dresses and skirts. As the world tells women to cancel out/hate/be ashamed of their femininity, I have been embracing it even more. And in the process realizing, there is strength in the our sensuality,  beauty in our grace, and power in embracing and returning to who you were created to be.

Following: Wendy’s Look book. One of the best fashion blogs in my opinion. It has been around for quite sometime, and still wondering why it took me so long to join the band wagon…

Thinking: How often we rob ourselves opportunities to truly prosper, maybe because we base our lives on what society expects us to be, or just being scared in general. I too do this to myself, but I am slowly shaking it off. If you want to do something, do it. Success belong s to those who dare to try. My motto this year had been ‘ You never know, until you try’, and I will carry it forward as my motto for the rest of my life. It has me doing things I¬†never though I ever would!

Wanting: To extend the holidays. For twelve months. Every year.

Playing: {pass}

Admiring: How real Audrey Hepburn looks in this advert that literally brought her back to life. I find it more enchanting, than creepy, because I admire how life was in that era.

Learning: To look at life with the simplicity and fullness that children look at it. And this calls for me to unlearn many things the world has fed me to harden us along the way.

Wishing: I could teleport. I will not be impressed by technology until this comes to pass, hopefully in my lifetime.

Wondering: Why most of my followers think I am a man!!? LOL! It is safe to conclude that majority of my readers have never read the “About Me” page on my blog. Just to clear the air, I am a girl ūüôā

Enjoying: Mango Season. Sunny days. Family Time. All the excitement in the atmosphere.

Excited: About this movie that will premier next year May. We all know the Cinderella story, but I will always watch it again and again whenever it is redone, even when I will be 78 years old. :-p Am I the only one with a serious disney-princess-story hang up? I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Giggling: At some of the questions I was asked on Instagram during my very first ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. I have the craziest (but very lovable) followers ūüėÄ

Liking: Coleslaw as a side dish to nearly everything

Loving: How Taylor Swift looks her hit song- Blank Space…. Coz life is too short to pretend we do not love those catchy T.S songs.

Noticing: That some people I have known for the past five years and  anytime in-between have actually never seen me in a trouser/jeans.

Hoping: To do¬†a lot more exercise next year. Yes, slim girls need to keep fit too…

Bookmarking: Jan 1, 2015- Family Reunion <3

Reminiscing: About how out-of-this-world good these pancakes were. It was a first time attempt and the outcome was spectarcular! Will make these tomorrow morning, you should too ūüôā #nomnomnom

bitten raisin pancake

Marveling: At the crazy¬†skills of these Master Chef ¬†Junior. ¬†Impressing Gordon Ramsey (of¬†Hell’s Kitchen) is no joke! When I was their age, all I was doing was making mud cakes and getting my knees and elbows bruised from non stop playing.

Knowing: 2015 will be a defining year for me, in all spheres of my life.

Feeling: Especially thankful for everyone who has supported, encouraged, critiqued, shared and tried out the content of my blog. I did not think I would have gotten such a  reception when I first started blogging, and I as pleasantly surprised to find out that you liked my recipes . I would not have gotten here without you. Hoping to continue this journey with you. XOXO

Sending Happiness and Peace your way today and the coming year,

Much Love,