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Red Onion and Button Mushroom Omelette

Am I the only one who still gets super excited when parents return home from upcountry and they bring lots of fresh FOOD with them? Maybe its a foodie thing, or maybe its just me LOL. My parents always bring fresh produce with them since it is cheaper there and overall of better health and quality. The best honey we have is always from Maragoli and also, the best mushrooms I have ever tasted were from Maragoli. ‘Ovwova’, as we call them, are eaten quite often in shagz. I was so scared about giving them a try but after my mum made them and I had my first taste, I was sold! And that was the day my love affair with mushrooms started. I try add them to nearly anything and to my surprise, they go with almost anything in my opinion.

When I have eggs for breakfast, I like mine scrambled. But when I incorporate other things, I like making an omelette.. Oh! This button mushroom and red onion omelette was so so so good I am literally drooling as I type this out. And in true #KK fashion, it was so easy to whip up 🙂

DSC_1206kenyan food blogs_kenyan food bloggers_kaluhiskitchen.com_how to make an omelette_red onion and mushroom

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Kachumbari & Kuku Choma Burger

Last year, Heron Portico threw a challenge to myself and other food bloggers in the country to create a Kenyan Themed burger. For various reasons, we were not able to rise to the ocasion then. I couldnt because I had so much going on and I was still singlehandedly polishing up on my then 3 month old blog. Pendo la mama made her Kenyan themed burger a couple of weeks ago and she totally aced it! I have always looked up to her and I feel after she took it up (so well I might add) that gave me the courage to make my own Kenyan Burger.

For my burger, I decided to focus more on what I call the Tastes of Kenya. The things/ foods you eat that will always remind you of Kenya; remind you of home no matter which corner of the world you have this. Flavors that will give you a taste of our beautiful coast,  and those that reminded me of family kuku barbecues in majestic Maragoli hills of Western Kenya. On the eve on Jamhuri day, I present to you my Kenyan Burger: Kachumbari and Kuku choma burger with a sweet and sour Ukwaju sauce.

kalchumbari and kuku choma burger_kenyan food bloggers_food bloggers in kenya_kachumbari and kukuchomaburger by

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Taking Stock Six

Kaluhi’s Kitchen turns one today!!!! *jumps in air and waves pom poms* And I could not be more thankful for the amazing ride it has been thus far. I have learnt what it means doing something you like, just coz you like it, and enriching other lives in the process. I have learnt to constantly aim for excellent, regardless whether there is an audience or not. But most times, when you do aim for excellent, the audience does turn up.

For the growth, the journey, the small victories, the times I spread myself out too thin, the critics and the support and my beloved readers who I would be nothing without, Thank You. Today, let us pause and recount.

Kaluhi Adagala, author and creative at kaluhiskitchen.com_taking stock 6_kenyan food bloggers_top kenyan food blogs

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Avocado and Sesame Seed Milky Omelette

Absolutely nothing in this world feels as energizing as beginning a day full of energy and zeal. With optimism and will to conqure the day ahead. And this energy is ony topped by having a power breakfast to take you through the day. And because breakfast if the most important meal of the day, do it big.

For my breakfast dish,  I decided to make an omelette. There are so many ways to make an omelette, such as this other recipe. This recipe was inspired by my memories of Maragoli, where my dad would make omelette with milk for my sisters and I when we were little girls. I added my little twist to this and it was so so great and filling. It so easy too. You must try this out 🙂

healthy omelette recipes by Kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala in her blog Kaluhis Kitchen_avocado and sesame seed milky omelette

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Carrot and Bell Pepper Mushroom Saute

When ever my parents visit Maragoli, Western Kenya, they always bring us lots of fresh produce. This is because the produce is usually fresher and cheaper so they usually take full advantage. Among the things she brings from time to time are uvwova (mushrooms).  I am not sure which type they were but they were white with long lean stems. I am a big fan of them especially when sauteed and they substitute meat really well. At home, my mum, daddy and myself always eat them whenever are cooked. Over Easter, I bought another type of mushroom from Nakumatt Galleria, Chestnut Mushrooms, and this time round everyone loved them. My sisters gobbled them down and I totally loved them too. If you want to try something new, really fast and healthy, this mushroom saute is it.

chestnut mushrooms_carrot and bell pepper mushroom saute_mushroom saute_kenyan food

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Red Onion Boiled Egg Saute

I have always enjoyed the trip from Nairobi to Maragoli. There is so much of our country’s beauty to savor along the way and all the excitement of going to my favorite place on earth makes the five hour journey worth it each time.My mother always prepares some snacks for us to nibble on along the way, just in case hunger pangs strike in an area with no shops to stop by and have a meal. Among the many things she packs for us are boiled eggs. And many times,unfortunately, they were left untouched. I never used to like these while I was growing up. I do not know the exact reason, but I always avoided them. However last year, I just grew to really REALLY like them. And now they are among my favorite things to have for breakfast. I have added a little twist on the humble boiled egg. This recipe is so good, it will turn anyone and everyone into a boiled egg lover.

Today I have for you my red onion boiled egg saute.

Red Onion Boiled Egg Saute_Kaluhis Kitchen

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7 Minute Omelette

I have very few memories of my daddy actually preparing a meal in the kitchen. But those that I do remember,what he made never disappointed. One of the things I remember are the eggs my daddy used to make for my sisters and I. During most Christmas holidays, we traveled to Maragoli.On Christmas morning before going to church, my daddy would make us some scrambled eggs, which he beat with some whole cream milk. The eggs became so rich, so moist and so tender and this was the perfect way to begin our Christmas day. These days, now that we are big girls, we are the ones who prepare meals for daddy :).
Today I made and omelette which was beaten with finely chopped onion and coriander stalks. To make this even more hearty, I added a tomato and bell pepper stuffing with a light dust of black pepper. Fast, tasty and unforgettable omelette.

7 minute omelette

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