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My Current Three Favorite Smooothies

I talk about food a lot (obviously! :DD). As someone who loves eating, food is often a topic of conversation. I was having a food conversation some days back with one lady and she happens to be raw vegan. I personally find that way of life very healthy but on the same token, quite challenging to live by 100%. One needs plenty of dedication! I was in awe of her! She made it seem so easy! She made it seem as though those juicy plums or that leafy cabbage could indeed solve all the world problems. I listened as she spoke on and on, once in a while getting distracted by a beautiful birthmark she had on her neck, and you could tell that she was neck deep into the raw vegan lifestyle. She then asked me which smoothies I loved. For a moment, I hesitated. I hesitated because I did not think my smoothies would live up to her standard. But I went ahead and told her taking comfort in the fact that we are different and like different things and that was ok!  To my surprise, she was actually really feeling my smoothies! That got me excited and actually saw that as a stamp of approval from the fruit queen herself! She was going to try them but of course switch some ingredients to be more inline with her lifestyle, but I will share them with you just as I like them :)). Here are my three favorite smoothies.

Kicheko  Smoothie 

Pronounced [Kee-cheh-koh] – Meaning laughter in Swahili

 <3 Food for the soul <3


1/2 an avocado

1 small sweet banana

1/2 an apple

1 cheek of mango

3 broccoli florets

4 tablespoons of plain yogurt

Method: Pop everything in your blender and blitz it all together.

My kicheko smoothie is one smoothie I would call the perfect breakfast smoothie. Because of the banana and avocado, it is particularly filling. You can have it as your breakfast or together with your breakfast to be extra full. I think it would also be perfect as a post work out smoothie. I used sweet bananas since their smell and taste is not as assertive as regular bananas. Sometimes I feel adding regular bananas in a smoothie, even with other fruits, all you will taste is just the banana. Hence my choice of small bananas.If you like a stronger banana flavor, by all means, add more. I added my broccoli raw, but made sure to cut it up into really really small pieces so that it totally gets incorporated into the smoothie. Perfect way to sneak in this veggie for kids who may not like it but may benefit from it. The apple and the mango added some mild sweetness to this. You can of course change up the the fruit portions to suit your own preferences. With the bounty of health benefits the fruits used in my kicheko smoothie have your body will thank you!


Zawadi Smoothie 

Pronounced [Zah-Wah-Dee] – Meaning gift in Swahili

Gift of beautiful flavors. Gift of vibrant color. Gift of an amazing and refreshing fruitiness!


6 mint leaves


2 Tree tomato, peeled

200g of raspberries

50 g of plain yoghurt

Method: Pop everything in your blender and blitz it all together.

Out of these three smoothies, I think my Zawadi Smoothie would be my ultimate best. Not only does it have an amazing color but it just has this taste that just takes you to another world! So fresh! So balanced! The combination of tree tomato, raspberries, melon and mint is one that will sweep you right off of your feet. Unlike the kicheko smoothie, this one is much lighter due to the water melon and also much sweeter. I purchased my raspberries from CarreFour at 200 bob a pack, mainly for the color (hehehe! no shame!), but also because of their amazing nutritional health benefits. The mint went for 20 bob a bunch. Tree tomato juice is also quite a popular juice here in Kenya and it is also a fantastic pick for your smoothie. Popularly known as ‘matunda damu’ (blood fruit), tree tomato has several health benefits as seen here. Nothing better than a healthy smoothie that is also so so delicious!


Sherekea Smoothie 

Pronounced [sheh-reh-keh-a]- meaning celebrate in swahili

This smoothie is a true burst of sunshine! A celebration of joyous colors and flavors! Glee and happiness in every seep!


1 mango cheek

1/2 an apple

1 orange, peeled

9 mint leaves

1 carrot

1/4 teaspoon of ginger

8 tablespoons of plain yogurt

Method: Pop everything in your blender and blitz it all together.

My sherekea smoothie is one after my heart since it has my favorite fruit, mango! I wanted to use orange and yellow fruits since they are rich in beta-carotene, and would have loved to add a pawpaw too, but the one we had was spoilt *wipes tear*. I instead added carrots, which were slightly boiled prior so that they blended in well. I would describe this smoothie as a fantastic in-between snack. It is both delicious and filling and would make a fantastic snack. The ginger in this smoothie was particularly refreshing and greatly complimented the mango (remember when we had that same combination in this recipe too!). It would also be a great sweet smoothie for breakfast/brunch especially accompanied with savory items. Check out this mango smoothie bowl I made last year that will just as well serve you with deliciousness and lots of sunshine for your soul <3 but make sure you try out my sherekea smoothie first !! :))


Which of the three above smoothies do you think would taste the best to you? :)) What are your personal all time favorite smoothie fruit combinations? Are you more into veggie smoothies or fruit smoothies? What combinations are you curious to try out but are yet to? Let me know below?



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  1. Juliet

    I am definitely going to try these, the Kicheko especially since I am trying to take in a bit more vegetables. But I generally love smoothies and I will definitely try them.

    I always stay away from raspberries since I find them too expensive but 200/- does not sound so bad.

    • Juliet

      Also, there is no download for the smoothies?

      • kaluhiskitchen

        Yes, not option for that this time.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Raspberries are so expensive in this country I literally cry inside when I buy a pack :”(. But once in a while its ok :)). Hope you enjoy the smoothies doll!

  2. Danimal

    They all sound fantastic. But I grow raspberries so I’d most likey make Zawadi Smoothie, & Sherekea Smoothie because I grow apples. Love the colours 🔥

    • kaluhiskitchen

      I wish I grew raspberries #jealous!!! I know you will def love whichever smoothie you try out :))

  3. Nick kithinji

    Hi kaluhi please kindly email me the smoothie recipes.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      You have them right here on the blog. I am very very busy and I cant email what you already have on your phone :))

  4. JoyHonorata

    Thanks Kaluhi.
    Here trying to find an alternative for the tree tomato. So scarce in Uganda.
    Will try and share.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Getting a close alternative to tree tomato cam be quite difficult. You could eliminate it entirely or substitute it with any other fruit you enjoy :))

  5. Nicole

    Great and fun way to take in vitamins for those of us (read ‘me’) who only like to take in fried foods. Thanks Kaluhi, I will try 1 or 2 of these…Im not so sure about brocolli

    • kaluhiskitchen

      LOL! Ati fried foods :D:D:D. I am sure you will love all three. and trust me, the broccoli is a perf ingredient too 😉

  6. Dolphine

    I honestly love any smoothie that has an avocado as an ingredient.I absolutely love avocados.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      you will love the Kicheko smoothie for sure!!!

  7. Aika

    Raw and vegan?!! Wow! I’ve heard of eating raw, in fact my husband is thinking about trying it for a while, I was like a deer in headlights when he told me. He he he he! Raw + Vegan is definitely a whole other level. That’s awesome though.

    + these smoothies look awesome!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Raw and vegan is literally the final level of clean eating!! 😀 I though of trying it, but I will not lie, it terrifies me a little bit! Maybe we should embark on it together Aika 😀 😀 😀

  8. Terry

    Easy to follow recipe…..worthy trying 🙂

    • kaluhiskitchen

      And very healthy too!! Def worth trying out!

  9. Emmah

    will definitely try them out.i like the fact that the ingredients are locally found.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      <3. Tell me which one out of the three you like best

  10. mesh

    Zawadi Smoothie is what has captured my attenttion. I generally love smoothies and I will definitely try them. excellent work.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      This one was my favorite!

  11. John

    Those ones look really concentrated, smooth and healthy!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      And to think I used just fruit, no coloring and no sugar! Perfectly healthy!

  12. Organic Health Benefits

    Thanks for sharing this amazingly delicious and healthy recipe. It has been a great help. Keep sharing and caring.

    • kaluhiskitchen


  13. Rahul Rampal

    Looks yum and over and above it’s going to be so healthy! Loved this recipe.

    • kaluhiskitchen


  14. Fleciah Kamau

    Good job Adagala, I hope to try Sherekea and I hope it is filling.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Happy you enjoyed it!

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