The temperature has been steadily falling. That only means one thing: get a bae and spend the rest of the cold season in a permanent cuddle until sunny September it means we now have a chance to enjoy and savor all the beautiful indulgent, warming foods we can get our hands on. Make those soups, snuggle up to a plate of chicken biryani, let that matumbo na ugali really warm you up!!! Food is comfort and to that, we shall be adding another gorgeous recipe to the mix and that is my muhogo wa nazi.

Growing up, I never used to like muhogo (cassava) but lets thank the gods that with adulthood, I came to love and appreciate the beauty and versatility of this gorgeous, sustainable, complex-carbohydrate root vegetable. We made this delicious spicy muhogo back in 2016, and today let us introduce a creamy, silky one which is bound to become your favorite!

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