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Three Herb Garlic Liver

I always have so much happiness when you guys send me feedback via pictures and videos of the #Krecipes you have tried out! That is what gives me so much motivation to keep going; seeing the value that I am adding to your lives. I love showing you off y’all!! You can check out the recipes everyone if trying out via my Instagram highlight tab and twitter hashtag #KupikaNaKaluhi.

I also love it when you exhaust all recipes in a particular category and ask for more, and today’s recipe was a request by one of my most loyal Instagram followers. She has tried all my liver recipes (this one, this one and this one) and requested for one more to enjoy with her fam! Isn’t it amazing how one dish can be cooked in a million different ways and still deliver on flavor?! This fourth liver recipe came with it’s own character. I used three herbs that brought it to life and I couldn’t believe how such complex flavors were developed in such a short amount of time! I am without doubt that you will love this one! <3

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Garlic Paprika Liver

I always get inspiration for my dishes form different sources. But one of the most inspirational sources are the conversations about food that I have with my sisters. Like most siblings who are close in age, we talk about everything! From makeup, to boys, to politics, to religion,  and of course we always end up talking about food. My eldest sister, Cheredi, is a huge foodie with mean kitchen skills. Somewhere in between our usual chatter, we of course started talking about liver and exciting recipes we can try out. She told me that she made this liver recipe that was so bomb and believed using paprika made all the difference. I decided to develop a paprika liver recipe of my own, of course with inspiration form her, and I was so so so blown away by the outcome.

Today we are going to make: garlic paprika liver. Sounds delicious right? Well, it is!!!

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