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Chicken and French Bean Fried Rice

One of the many things I love emphasizing on when one asks me what can make them successful building an online brand is consistency. Consistency in posting, consistency in quality, consistency in you social media presence. I have been consistent for about 6 years, and for that I am proud! But also, rest also counts as part of productivity. One cannot be creative when they have mental fatigue. Work is amazing, but so is rest. And for one to keep going, times off to rest are extremely important. I developed this recipe in late June 2019, filmed and typed out the everything too in preparation for my break. You are now reading this post in August and I am currently on a break. Planning ahead makes sure you guys still have recipes to try out and I have peace of mind while resting knowing the work front has been covered.

Because my body and mind was tired, I went with one of my fave lazy meals. It being a lazy meal does not mean it will be boring!! Fast, easy to make and I know you will loooove my chicken and french bean fried rice!

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Fried Rice, Three Ways

Even for people who love being in the kitchen, sometimes, it is a bit exhausting. We all go through those moments we do not want to  stand too long in the kitchen cooking, but ironically still, ache to have something sooooo delicious. This is one of my all time favorite lazy meals, and fried rice is a close second! Besides it being a speedy meal, I really love how flexible this is and how wild one can go with experimentation and with different combinations! Whether veg of meaty, fried rice always comes through with flavor so strongly!

Today I want to share with you three of my all time favorite Fried rice recipes, and I hope you will fall in love with, not just one, but all three.


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Raisin and carrots fried rice

Besides sharing make-up secrets, brain-storming on business ideas and combing through our latest fashion finds, among the things my sisters and I enjoy doing are exchanging recipes. Be it from a good meal one of us ate at someone’else’s home or from a recipe we saw on TV, if it is makeable, we always share it.

This recipe was inspired by my eldest sister, Cheredi after she returned home from her friend’s place with a certain book that had the best cooking secrets.  The recipe I read had several ingredients which I did not have at hand. This called for creativity on my part and in the process, this baby was born. Its fast, super easy and in the usual KK fashion, very delicious.

raisin and carrot fried rice by top kenyan food blogger kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_fried rice recipes

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Peas and Red Bell Pepper Fried Rice

I love peas. It is one of those meals I can have all day every day with nearly everything. We are really blessed to come from a country where we can find organic fruits and veggies at a really affordable prices, peas being one of them. Hence, when ever I can, I always get myself some. I was walking towards my bus stage one evening and I saw this lady removing peas straight from their pods. Nothing looks fresher and more inviting than that. I stopped and got myself some and decided to make a rice dish with them.

This is a light fried rice dish. It is wholesome very healthy and very warm if I may say. I has this charm that will make where ever you are feel like home. As an addition to our many rice recipes, sample my pea and red bell pepper fried rice.

peas and red bell pepper fried rice_fried rice recipes_fried rice_kenyan food

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Tomato and Mustard Fried Rice

One of the things I consider while buying a perfume is how many hours it will still smell long after the first spritz. One of the things I like about my current perfume is the layers of heavenly scents that come alive in one harmonious dance for the entire day. The first layer is a fresh burst of plum and blue berry. As the day goes on, the middle notes hit you with orchid, iris and freesia. And as the day winds down, I smell like amber, vanilla and musk. Beyond perfect! After all, a girl has got to smell great all the time 🙂

Today’s dish is alot like my perfume since the flavors are marvelously layered and you taste each and every ingredient from your first bite, to the time you swallow. The first flavors are those of cumin, chilli and ginger. As you continue, you taste the ginger and the pepper and  then finally feel the subtle yet intense mustard and bay leaf flavor. This is what the gods eat! If you are ready for something different, this is for you 🙂

Tomato and Mustard fried rice Kaluhis Kitchen

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