I just feel like I must begin by reassuring you not to be intimidated by the name of this dish. LOL! Remember when we did this dish with a very different name, but it turned out very simple (and most popular for that month)? This farfalle stir fry is one of those dishes with long name but so simple to make. I promise! This is simply a stir fry made using a type of pasta called farfalle, which in my opinion are the prettiest pasta on the face of the earth. They resemble little bows and the girly girl in me almost automatically gravitated to them.

This stir fry was suggested to me by my friend, Vidhi, who loves cooking just as much as I do. Her recipe used cardamom seeds and white sauce. I put my own twist to it and used the ingredients I have available. Because this type of pasta is already inherently beautiful, this shaves off a lot of time trying to make the dish look pretty. Do read through and discover how easy this farfalle strir fry is to make:

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