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Salted Caramel Banana Milkshake

In most African homes, bananas are almost always present. They serve so many purposes, the main one being dessert. As an African child, whenever you craved something sweet while at home, you would be handed a banana to calm those cravings down. Going to school and had nothing to carry for break? Worry not, bananas were always there to save the day. Too hungry while you waited for supper/lunch that’s taking too long? Grab that banana. Going for a long trip and you’re reaching for something mom packed? Guess what you find first? Bananas. While I disliked that growing up, nowadays I snack on fruits since it was how we were raised. The best way! And despite bananas being among my least favorite fruits, I still find myself reaching for some when my rumbling tummy needs some soothing.

With only bananas at home and me craving something a bit indulgent, I decided to make a banana milkshake. But you know with me, something has to give. It is no ordinary one since I added a homemade salted caramel that’s so easy to make ant takes your banana milkshake from basic to fantastic!




4 small bananas

400 ml of vanilla ice cream

½ a teaspoon of salt

1 cup of granulated sugar

1 cup of heavy cream

1 tablespoon of butter


In a sufuria, place granulated sugar (or regular sugar) and heat it until it melts while continuously stirring. As the sugar melts, it will clump together, but it will all evenly melt as time goes by so don’t panic. It will go from white to off-white to a thick light brown syrupy liquid. Be very alert and be careful not to burn it.


Bit by bit, add your heavy cream stirring it in. Since the molten sugar is very hot and the heavy cream is at room temperature, anything added to the former will vigorously sizzle and splatter. Do not use heavy cream  that is just from your fridge since your caramel will solidify and we want it to remain liquid.  I bought my heavy cream from our everyday supermarket, the dairy section at about 200 shillings. I never use ingredients you can’t easily find. DO NOT USE MILK. Then once mixed in, add your butter and salt. After it has just mixed in, remove from the heat and set aside.



It will thicken as it cools down, but that id totally ok. It will not crystalize though. The beauty about salted caramel is that you can use it in almost anything. Maybe as a drizzle for your pancakes, or with freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or over fresh cake, cookies, cupcakes, name it! Today, it is a milkshake.

For the milkshake: In a blender, add your banana and ice cream. Blitz it until smooth. You can use any other fruit, but I personally like how bananas in particular taste with caramel. You can use any kind of banana but I find the sweet bananas best for milkshakes since they are naturally sweeter. Side note: What is the actual name for sweet bananas? :DD



In a mug, pour come of your salted caramel to the bottom. Fill the rest of the mug with the milkshake. Garnish with some fresh banana (or any other fruit or chocolate shavings if you have some) and some of the remaining salted caramel.




Gulp all this goodness down!


So easy to make yet so delicious! In usual K fashion!! No need to spend money searching for the good milkshakes in town when you can make the BEST right at home. And that is my salted caramel banana milkshake.


Layer after layer of unbelievable deliciousness! Perfect for sunny September when you are hosting friends during these hot afternoons. Or when you just want to treat yourself to something super tasty. Self love is very much encouraged ;)).


All that should be in your tummy right now :)). Treat yourself and your persons to my salted caramel banana milkshake.

Keep it sunny!


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Olivia

    This is eye catching Kaluhi 🙂

    Can’t wait to try.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Let me know how it all goes :))

  2. renee

    woi yumminess

    • kaluhiskitchen

      You bet !!!! Hope you try this out :))))

  3. Cheptoo Cece

    Interesting post.


    • kaluhiskitchen


  4. Cacy

    Hey girl…Al for sure try this out but quick question is this the same way you make the caramel for caramel popcorn? cuz I have been looking for the recipe off late….

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