January sunshine is in full swing. The heat is blistering but days are bright. These are the kind of days that makes me feel like having friends over, cooking up a storm and sit under a shade chatting away. Or going for a picnic. Whether you like this heat or not, one thing I am sure we can agree on is that this weather makes everyone ever so deserving of an amazing quenching drink.

My sangria was inspired by this post I viewed on food gawker. Upon doing my research, I noticed that making a sangria depended on ones taste and anything goes as long as it tastes good. That’s a good thing since it leaves so much creative power on our hands and gives us ability to make yummy stuff. It also adds a beautiful fruity spin to the usual glass of wine. For today: my perfect rosemary and orange sangria.

rosemary orange sangria by the best food blogger in Kenya kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_kenyan food blogs_african food blogs

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