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Orange and Pineapple Smoothie

I love sunny weather. Weather that makes me feel like having a good time, make tasty things and down delicious drinks. That said, January is one of my favorite months. For some reason, my fellow country men have taken it upon themselves to dislike that month. For me it is a delightful month, and just as pleasant as the rest. It is believed that January is a month of brokeness. But, is it the month that makes people broke, or they themselves that made themselves broke? Njaanuary does not exist, possible overspending in December is what does, hun. LOL Topic for another day….

I made this in the first week of January just as the holiday season was coming to an end and one of my favorite months was dawning. I decided to post it at the beginning of February to pass on the beautiful vibes January has to the equally beautiful month that succeeds it. It is a sunny drink. It looks sunny and tastes like sunshine. This is an easy one which you will love too 🙂

orange andpineapple smoothie_how to make a

MAKE TIME: 5 MINUTES                                                         SERVES:2


tropical smoothies_how to make a smoothie_orange and pineapple smoothie ingredients

1 green apple

1 orange

100 ml of plain yoghurt

2 palm size pawpaw slices

2 palm size pineapple slices

1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger



Slice all your fruit. Place them in a blender together with the plain yoghurt and ginger. Blend everything until smooth.

blend all the smoothie ingredients until smooth, if you prefer, you can sieve them before serving

You can stop and taste and see whether it has your prefered level of sweetness. If not, add some honey until it is as sweet as you like. I found my smoothie sweet enough without any honey since my fruits were already really sweet. I also never sieved my orange and pineapple smoothie since I like mine with a bit of texture from the fruit’s fibers. My colon was pleased by that choice :)).

serve the orange and pineapple smoothie chilled_kenyan food bloggers_nairobi food

After that, serve immediately!

Making great drinks does not have to be complicated. This orange and pineapple smoothie is a fantastic example. We are so blessed with plenty of fresh produce in Kenya at relatively cheap prices! Why not take full advantage of this! If you have children, you have to make this for them. It is delicious and healthy so that is a win-win for any parent. Throw in a cute straw and you will have them seeping this orange and pineapple smoothie with such enthusiasm. This is also perfect as a post work out drink, a breakfast drink or simply as something tasty to quench your thirst.

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Ensure your fruits, especially your pineapple and orange are super sweet. This will make your smoothie not too acidic and bitter. You can swap any fruit I have used in this smoothie with those that you have at hand e.g swap pawpaw for mango, or swap oranges for tangerine.

kaluhi's kitchen instagram_pineapple smoothie

Happy new month!

Kaluhi :))

Get the recipe here:

Kenyan food blog_downloadable recipes

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  1. Saisi

    Just made a glass and am loving it. Keep up them cooking. I am an avid reader and follower.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      This was indeed fab! I am glad you enjoyed this as much as I did. :)))

  2. ivy

    This was so Nyummy!Simply can’t wait for your Valentine treats:))

    • kaluhiskitchen

      valentines week is already! Without doubt, you will enjoy :))

  3. beauty

    am loving your recipes and this one I will definitely try.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Beauty!

      Thank you so much, I am so happy that you like my recipes. You will like this smoothie as well without doubt.

  4. CN

    Your smoothie looks super smooth. Which type of blender do you use?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Ramtons blender

  5. Maryanne

    Delicious recipe

    • kaluhiskitchen


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