I love sunny weather. Weather that makes me feel like having a good time, make tasty things and down delicious drinks. That said, January is one of my favorite months. For some reason, my fellow country men have taken it upon themselves to dislike that month. For me it is a delightful month, and just as pleasant as the rest. It is believed that January is a month of brokeness. But, is it the month that makes people broke, or they themselves that made themselves broke? Njaanuary does not exist, possible overspending in December is what does, hun. LOL Topic for another day….

I made this in the first week of January just as the holiday season was coming to an end and one of my favorite months was dawning. I decided to post it at the beginning of February to pass on the beautiful vibes January has to the equally beautiful month that succeeds it. It is a sunny drink. It looks sunny and tastes like sunshine. This is an easy one which you will love too 🙂

orange andpineapple smoothie_how to make a smoothie_kaluhiskitchen.com

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