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My 3 Favorite Mango Juices

Is it waaaaaay too late into the year to tell you guys Happy new Year? LOL! I hope your year has started off well and you are still so pumped about the year ahead!! I can say I am, and I have been on a break since October, and I am kinda nervous and energized to be back! I am glad you loved the recipes of the year past, and not we do the same greatness for 2020! And no better way to get into it than with the best fruit in the whole world taking center stage: Mango!

I love mango juice and I love switching things up and experimenting with different flavors. I showed you three of my favorite mango juices in early 2019 and now I want to add 3 more and I know without doubt you are going to love these beauties!

I made a dope vid to accompany the blog post. Do watch below, and subscribe!

PREP TIME: 10min    MAKE TIME: 5min      SERVES: 2 each

1.My Spinach Ginger Breakfast Mango Juice


2 leaves of spinach

1 tablespoon of finely cubed ginger

2 mango cheeks

1 cup of dark grapes


Place everything in the blender and let it run until completely smooth. Remember because we are making juices, water will the the liquid facilitator for this. You can also make this as light or as thick as you personally prefer and you achieve that by varying the amount of water you add.

I love this juice so much because not only is it so rich and delicious, it is also abundant in vitamin K, lots of iron, antioxidants and vitamin C. I love having it as part of my breakfast and as the first thing to go into my tummy for the day. It is my favorite breakfast juice, but you can have it truly any time of day too.

You are more than free to vary the amount of ginger/mango/spinach to suit your preferences.

2. Chia Raspberry Mango Juice


3/4 of frozen raspberries

2 cheeks of a mango

1 tablespoon of chia seeds


Like the other juice, pop everything into a blender and proceed to blend!

I bought my raspberries form Carrefour at 150 bob a punnet. I got chia seeds form carrefour too but you can get them in any other well stocked supermarket. Mine cost 500bob for a kilo and besides juice, you can use chia in your smoothies and oatmeal. They are rich in iron, calcium and intoduce an amazing texture to this juice.

I loved how refreshing this is. It is a simple juice, but one that allows you to taste each flavor! Perfect for you brunches or when you come home form walking in the hot sun and you want something light, fresh and delicious to quench that thirst.

Remember you can vary the fruit quantities to suit your taste, and make this as light/as thick as you prefer. You can check out the consistency I went for from the video. You can also change this into a milkshake by swapping water for vanilla icecream, and swapping water for plain yoghurt to transform this into a smoothie.

3. My Pineapple Turmeric Mango Juice


1 cup of diced, super sweet pineapple

2 cheeks of mango

1 tablespoon of fresh turmeric

1 tablespoon of raw honey


Blend everything lol!

This juice is super rich in beta-carotene because of the mango, pineapple and the fresh turmeric. It is so delicious too, and it pumps your body with lots of vitamin C, anti-oxidants, B vitamins, anti-cancer properties and we love that!!

For the pineapple, make sure it is super duper SWEET so that it does not throw off the flavors of the other ingredients. I bought my fresh turmeric from Carrefour and it is super cheap too. Turmeric powder will work well too though but I encourage you to get your hands on fresh turmeric!

Because of the turmeric, this juice gets a very intense, vibrant yellow!


Doesn’t this look so refreshing!

Each one looks super delicious because they are literally as delicious as they look!! I love how rich and filling the spinach ginger mango juice is! I love how light yet textured the raspberry chia mango juice is! I love how perfectly sweet and mellow the pineapple turmeric mango juice is! Truly each one is perfect for each moment! And besides them being so delicious to have, and beautiful to look at too, they are also super duper nutritious which is a huge plus we will always welcome!

Try all three and let me know which one you like best. I told you which I one I love most from my vid, but I would like to know yours! Also comment down below on the juices you love most and the various combos you love having!

Cheers to another year of bomb ass food!


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