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Mango Melon Mocktail

Nairobi heat can make you question your entire existence. I love sunny weather that Jan-Feb-Mar brings, but once it turns torturous, I start questioning my own likes LOL. On the day I made this drink, I was having one of those unlucky-stuck-in-the-sun days. I had forgotten my hat at home, neither did I have an umbrella since I left it after I had switched bags that same morning. So that meant I had to do my errands in the sun. The matatu I boarded to get me home only had empty seats on the sun facing side. So after roasting in the CBD, I further baked away in the matatu. The stretch between my bus stage and home is 20 minutes apart, and much of the walk has no shade, so yes, I arrived home severely roasted and 60 shades darker. All I wanted was to shower and gulp down something refreshing and energizing. Because we had plenty of fruits home that day, I decided a mocktail was due. And boy didn’t I enjoy every eager gulp of this!!! As we enter the final weeks of mango season, please make and enjoy my mango melon mocktail. You deserve it!! <3





1 cheek of an apple mango

2 ups of cubed watermelon

1 apple, thinly sliced

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of lime juice

Lime slithers for garnish



Cube all your fruits and place them in a blender. With the apple, dice it up very thinly so that it blends easily.

For this mocktail, I used stoney soda to provide the element of sweetness and because it has tangawizi properties, this would automatically go really well with the mango flavor. Alternatively, you could use fresh ginger (a tiny bit of it), and add soda water for the fizz a and to top it up.

Blitz until smooth and add your honey and lime before removing from the  blender. Sieve if necessary, for me, my mocktail was smooth enough so I did not sieve. Mix in your stoney soda. Add ice cubes into your glass, add your lime slithers then pour your mocktail over them.

The limes will slowly infuse into the drink balancing out the sweetness by providing a mild tartness to the drink providing perfect balance. And also, mango goes well with limes, so having a combination of mango lime, ginger flavors in a drink is the perfect trifecta. You can add an alcoholic drink,preferably a whiskey/vodka/rum of choice and turn this into a cocktail.

Once done, serve.

I have no words to describe how happy I felt when this mango melon cocktail trickled down my dry throat! Perfect euphoric feeling!! And what I loved most about this mocktail is that despite literally taking 10 minutes to whip up, the flavors were so full, mellow and complex. And yes, with ingredients we can all find! #WIN

The meal I would love to wash down with my mango melon mocktail would definitely be my triple D drumsticks (yes, I am obsessed! But can you blame me?!) + earth and fire potato wedges and some creamed spinach. Yum!! That is what you need to be having!

To sunny days and mellow drinks!


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  1. Nyawira

    Hi Kaluhi, am impressed by your awesome recipes, I love cooking and learning new tricks, accessing this website is the first step………..and getting to try them out is more exciting.
    Do you sell recipe books ?

    • kaluhiskitchen


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