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Coconut Milk Peanut Sauce Matoke

My aunt came home from Maragoli with the largest ever mgomba wa matoke I have ever seen. I was so happy since I love how matoke from the western parts of the county taste like, and I embarked on making matoke every other day of that week. I made them just as my mom does, then razed through the recipes I has earlier made for the blog and once I was done, I decided to get my creative juices flowing and create something totally new. As I was brainstorming, I realized I have never made peanut sauce matoke. Memories of a not so pleasant one I tried at an acquaintances home came flooding back into my head. That was the reason I was so wary of than combination. Since I always say everything in this world can be made delicious, I decided to get over my silly fear, do some testing of my own and develop flavors that would work for me , and those that you too, would enjoy!That being said, today I have for you my glorious coconut milk peanut sauce which you will fall head over heels inlove with!!

Do check out the video here:

PREP TIME:  15min   COOK TIME:  30 min       SERVES: 2


8 medium sized matoke

1 tomato

1 red onion, finely chopped

1 teaspoon cumin

½ dried thyme

1 teaspoon of garlic spice

½ a teaspoon of ginger spice

1 teaspoon of turmeric

1 cup of coconut milk

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil for frying


In your sufuria, add the red onions, dania stems and thyme. I have mentioned a couple of times on Twitter that dania stems make an excellent ingredient for the base ingredient while  the leaves are good as a garnish. So do not be discarding the stems. They pack a punch of flavor! Try this out and you will see I ain’t joking when I say that love!

Sautee this for a few minutes then add the tomatoes, salt, followed by the garlic and ginger powder, cumin and turmeric. You can use fresh ginger/garlic/turmeric; I only reached out for the spices because I felt kinda lazy to prepare the fresh ones :D. Let this simmer for few minutes then add the star ingredient for this dish: peanut butter.

Ideally peanut sauce matoke is made with peanut sauce that has been made form scratch as our neighbors in Uganda do, but using peanut butter is a much welcome shortcut. For this recipe, I decided to use two tablespoons, but you can always adjust it upwards to suit your personal preference. I would advice you to start with a small quantity, taste with each addition then adjust upwards if necessary.

Thereafter, add some hot water/stock, bit by bit until your sauce is nice, thick and viscous. Aki please do not create a river Nile at this stage since you will ruin everything!! In case you need guidance on this, today’s video shows you exactly how to go about this and the exact consistency you should have after you mix it in. Once done, It should look like this:

Simmer this for about 5 minutes until thickened then add your peeled and chopped matoke. I like cutting mine really small so that they do not overwhelm while eating and also to expose plenty of surface area for the gorgeous flavors to seep in to.

Is matoke the same thing as plantain? No. They are in the same family, but are different both in flavor, texture and shape. I have explained that in the video, together with how to prevent oxidation of your matoke right after you peel them. Here is the link.

Mix it in and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Instead of allowing the matoke to cook through in water, we go a step further and let it stew in some coconut milk. These flavors get absorbed into the matoke making the end result much richer, much fuller.

Pour in your coconut milk, then allow this to cook for about 20 minutes or until the matoke is completely soft and cooked through. You can verify this by poking them with a fork and if it passes through with ease, your food is done!

Once done, garnish with finely chopped dania and dig right in!!!

If there is one matoke recipe you have to try out,it has to be my coconut milk peanut sauce matoke!!! It is really rich, but not in an overwhelming way. The coconut milk and the peanut really enhance d both the flavor profile and thickness of the dish. The warmth of the ginger and garlic  and the herbiness of the thyme cut through the sauciness of the stew and brings a much welcome balance to the full flavor of this dish. Indeed, must try for everyone!!!

To great food!


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Kadesa Adagala

    This was super delicious sissy!!!! I loved the peanuty taste combined with the coconut milk 😍

    • kaluhiskitchen


  2. Jessica

    This is by far my most favourite krecipe and you should know I try almost everything you post… It was so delicious that my family had seconds and I got a treat from my dad!!

    I don’t peel the Matoke. I wash them and boil them whilst they still have the skin on and when the skin turns partially black then I take them out and peel them then cook in whichever paste. This saves on time and more so that messy stuff that comes from the bananas!!

    Keep blessing us with this your gift sis!!
    PS. I’m the one that did the Matoke and the very day you posted them… Ever since, safe to say I’ve acquired celebrity status in my family and I’ll be addressing the nation soon!!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Glad you loved this recipe! It is indeed a winning recipe and one that is goof for the whole family ! Cheer to many many many more! <3 <3

  3. Wamuyu

    I tried this and really enjoyed it. Thanks!!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Glad you did!

  4. Karey

    This meal is life! Perfection in taste and is so rich in flavour! I must say this is my favourite recipe from your blog. Thank God you use locally available and easy-to-get ingredients. Keep up the great work!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Glad you enjoyed this one! 3

  5. Maureen Ochieng

    Making this as well speak…I ate some meat in peanut sauce at a Senegalese restaurant and I know for sure this will be a win, I love anything made in coconut milk.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Coconut milk upgrades literally everything!!!! Such a magical ingredient!

  6. Chloe Okwiri

    This was supper awesome I’m actually here again hunting for my next recipe, you should just know that the realization of this recipe made me like matoke again 😋😋😋😋

    • kaluhiskitchen

      And I hope you fall inlove with this one recipe just as hard <3

  7. Adrian

    What is the peanut butter quantity?

    The dania is also missing from the list of ingredients.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      A tablespoon as indicated on the ingredient list. Dania is a garnish, you can have as little of as much of it as you like.

      • Adrian

        Thanks! I see the peanut butter now. The pdf doesn’t have it on the ingredient list and that’s what I was looking at.

  8. leon

    I made this today but i used chickpeas instead of the matoke it it turned out very nice

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Glad you enjoyed! <3

  9. Olivia

    This recipe was great. Had it with some dry fry beef on the side. Loved it. Thank you.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Glad you enjoyed!!!!

  10. Fiona

    Can you use coconut cream instead of coconut milk

    • kaluhiskitchen


  11. Mourine

    This was very delicious, even my son who is a picky eater complimented me, thank you.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Awesome!!! Glad both you and your little boy enjoyed!!

  12. Pauline Ireri

    Where have you been all my life…your recipes are amazing….Tried this and it came out perfect …Thank you Chef keep the good work…Live Love Food

    • Kaluhi

      Better late than never! Welcome to the family!

  13. Shirley

    Tried this for dinner yesterday and it was a win…will definitely be making this when I have matoke in my kitchen.

    • Kaluhi

      Fantastic!! Cheers to many more!

  14. Pfister Peter

    A very delicious meal – extremely tasty and soooo good. Mmmmmhhh

    • Kaluhi

      It really is!! Happy you oved it too!

  15. Pfister Peter

    A very smart recipe. Easy to make and powerful taste. Compliments to “Madame Chief”

    • Kaluhi


  16. Esther

    Hey, want to try this soon.. can I add potatoes with the bananas? (I know there’s a katogo from UG that has both..) think it’d work /the flavors?

    • Kaluhi

      You can if you fancy that (I mentioned that in the video, watch the video too). Many people like that, I prefer never to

  17. Silvia

    Hi, looks yummy…but I’m allergic to peanut butter, can I still work through it without it???

    • Kaluhi

      Check out my other recipes that do not use peanut butter

  18. Silvia

    This looks amazing! But I’m allergic to peanut butter, can I still work without it?? What can I use as a substitute??

    • Kaluhi

      Check out my other matoke recipes that do not include peanut butter

  19. Sieva

    Another bomb recipe. Made this today using the exact recipe and I’m wowed!

    • Kaluhi

      Soooo happy you enjoyed it sissy!!

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