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Thyme & Tandoori Masala Matoke

I really enjoy all the food we eat when we go upcountry. While all the food we eat as a country in general is very fresh, organic and delicious, the food grown in the green rolling hills of Maragoli is simply on a special level of different. The farm produce ,too, is better! I love the eggs, the milk tastes better, the fleshy chicken is so much richer. Each time we go visit my guku (grandmother), we almost always leave with some chicken and a full mgomba wa matoke! And the matoke does taste a lot better! When the craving strikes, only matoke from the western part of the country really delivers in terms of flavor. Speaking of cravings, today is one of those days! Today we add another recipe to the many we already we have; and that is my thyme and tandoori masala matoke!

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Coconut Milk Peanut Sauce Matoke

My aunt came home from Maragoli with the largest ever mgomba wa matoke I have ever seen. I was so happy since I love how matoke from the western parts of the county taste like, and I embarked on making matoke every other day of that week. I made them just as my mom does, then razed through the recipes I has earlier made for the blog and once I was done, I decided to get my creative juices flowing and create something totally new. As I was brainstorming, I realized I have never made peanut sauce matoke. Memories of a not so pleasant one I tried at an acquaintances home came flooding back into my head. That was the reason I was so wary of than combination. Since I always say everything in this world can be made delicious, I decided to get over my silly fear, do some testing of my own and develop flavors that would work for me , and those that you too, would enjoy!That being said, today I have for you my glorious coconut milk peanut sauce which you will fall head over heels inlove with!!

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Coconut Cream and spicy sausage matoke

I really love Kenyan food. That puts Matoke as one of my favorite foods. Like many other cuisines around the globe, there are millions of ways to have the same meal. Unfortunately for majority of Kenyans, there is not that much experimenting with new ways of cooking the same meal. But worry not, that’s where I come in 🙂

The first time I added my twist to a matoke dish was in this post where I used coconut milk and fresh herbs to bring my dish to life. In today’s matoke dish, I used coconut cream, which makes the matoke luxuriantly creamy,thick and fragrant. To add to that, I added some spicy sausage, which brought this otherwise one-note dish to a whole new level.

Ready for something different? This is for you:


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