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Flame Tree Restaurant at Sarova Panafric

I had the privilege to attend  the unveiling of the new menu for Flame Tree Restaurant at the Sarova Panafric. The Sarova Panafric is the only Pan-African hotel and home to authentic African tastes. To retain their reputation as the preferred hospitality hotel in the region, they constantly seek improvement and exceeding of expectations. This was evident and reflected in their menu. Their “Best of Kenya” concept seeks to offer the best locally produced and sourced foods in three culinary areas which are: traditional Kenyan cuisine; Western cuisine with an African influence and Swahili/Coastal Kenyan cuisine. Their meals have an African touch but with the highest level of eclectic global appeal and prepared with such great skill and execution. It was nothing short of excellence and opulence.

If you are like me, you have a mental list places you wish to visit or dine one day. Not to prove anything, but to simply enjoy the experience that good quality and service brings with it. If you have your list of places you want to dine in the near future, you had better add Flame Tree Restaurant to it.

Flame Tree Restaurant of Sarova Panafric is a perfect blend of global opulence and elegance together with African

Flame Tree Restaurant

“Flame Tree” refers to a bright vibrant tree. The restaurant was named after it as it embodies the same flare as reflected in its ambiance and great appeal as seen in their culinary selection. These two aspects, combined with superb service, results in the perfect service trio.
Flame Tree’s location and garden atmosphere captures the true essence of Nairobi, which simply enriches your time spent there.

launch of the menu of flame tree restaurant at the sarova panafric as blogged by Kaluhi Adagala author of

The new menu had a lot of interesting meals. Plenty of contrasts in textures and flavors which made the eating experience  quite the adventure. Here are some of the meals we had:


It was a chilly evening and having this really warming roasted tomato and sweet basil soup drew all of us in. It was so soothing and really balanced in flavor. The use of basil and tomato is always a match made in heaven and this soup was no different. It looks similar to the butternut soup I made here, and inspired me to possibly recreate the same soon 🙂

Roasted-Tomato-and-Sweet-Basil-Soup- Flame Tree Restaurant

Roasted Tomato and Sweet Basil Soup

I like having a taste of everything in a single bite, and these vietnamese spring rolls did it for me. They were had the fresh flavors of lettuce stuffed in rice paper drizzled with a sweet-chilly sauce. Perfection!

vietnamese spring rolls with asian style vegetables and sweet chilli dressing served at world reknowned Flame Tree Restaurant of Sarova Panafric

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

One of chef Avraj’s favorites was this dish: avocado tiger prawn cocktail. It is simply some prawn served with avocado mousse, ice berg lettuce with marie rose dressing together with fresh tomato and red pepper salsa i.e kachumbari.

The Avocado Tiger prawn Cocktail at flame tree restaurant of Sarova panafric

Avocado Tiger Prawn Cocktail

Main Dishes

If you like biryani, you will enjoy their sea food biryani which combines all the flavors from the Kenyan Coast in one spectacular dish. There is always more than one way of preparing something, and this biryani just  takes it up another notch.

Seafood-Biryani-kenyan food with international appeal as served at the flame tree restaurant Nairobi

Sea Food Biryani

For all the fish lovers such as myself, I am sure you will love their pan seared snapper. The skin is left on the flesh and turns amazingly golden and crispy after searing while the flesh remains juicy and tender. This is served with a lemon vinaigrette which beautifully compliments the flavors of the fish.

Pan-Seared-Red-Snapper-Flame Tree Restaurant of the Sarova Panafric

Pan Seared Red Snapper

They also have these beautiful pork chops, cooked to perfection with the flavors of pepper and roasted cumin, my favorite spice.

Limuru-Pork-chops-with roasted cumin and pepper_Flame tree restaurant Panafric

Limuru Pork Chops

Now, lets talk about the king of all burgers: their bacon and cheese steak burger. It is massive, with gooey aged gouda cheese dripping over their minced beef pattie layered together with crispy bacon. It does not get more indulgent than that! Writing that made my mouth water! #slurp

bacon and cheese steak burger with aged gouda cheese as served at the flame tree restaurant at the sarova

Beef steak and bacon cheese burger

My favorite dish of the day were these chicken wings. Have you ever eaten something so good that you want to name yourself after it?? If you have not, these chicken wings will. According to what I was told, they are a favorite hence they were not removed or modified. Now I see why everyone liked them so much.

char grilled chicken wings with honey glaze served with sweet and sour chilli sauce at the flame tree restaurant of sarova panafric kenya

Char grilled chicken wings with honey glaze

They were tender, perfectly seasoned and served with a sweet and sour sauce which tied everything together. Simply spectacular!




Will the real tiramisu lovers please stand up?? I think this is he ultimate dessert: tiramusu + oreo. It was so creamy yet light at the same time. It was not overwhelmingly sweet yet still gave you that kick of sweetness. It was good!

oreo tiramisu is an indulgent dessert served at the exquisite Falme Tree Restaurant in Nairobis Sarova Panafric

They also have their white chocolate cheese cake served with a berry coulie. It was really rich and decadent. It could use a bit more texture in my opinion, but other than that we enjoyed it.

White-Chocolate-Cheesecake-with-Berry-Coulie-Flame tree restaurant

white chocolate cheese cake with a berry coulie at the unveiling of the new menu for FLAME TREE RESTAURANT OF SAROVA PANAFRIC

And of course we had to get our hands on their macaroons 🙂

chocolate macaroons served at the unveiling of the flame tree restaurant of sarova

Flame Tree menu reflects the different moods over the course of the day from breakfast to after dinner drinks or just desserts. It has an extensive breakfast buffet; is an ideal venue for meetings over coffee or healthy fresh juices. It’s great selection of teas and coffees, and now this eclectic menu, make it ideal for lunch and dinner and in-between small eats. Flame Tree is also a good place to meet over a drink or cocktails in the evening. Or for brunch mid Sunday morning.

gazpacho at the flame tree restaurant


roasted tomato and sweet basil soup_kaluhiskitchen.com_flame tree restaurant nairobi

flame tree restaurant nairobi at the sarova panafric

If you are ready to rediscover good food, the Flame Tree Restaurant is the place to be!

sarova panafric


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  1. Kimani

    Now I know where I will take my girl friend for her birthday 🙂

    • kaluhiskitchen

      You couldn’t have picked a better restaurant… She will enjoy it there Kimani:)

  2. Debbie

    Maybe i can visit their spa at the main hotel after over eating for brunch *starts saving* LOL. Fantastic pictures!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Brunch then Spa sounds like a plan…. I might as well just join you LOL


    mehn… i am just sipping tea , i now want cake 🙁
    beautiful blog post

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Now you have made me start thinking about cake LOL..Specifically from Flame Tree Restaurant. Glad you enjoyed the post Wanjiru, and hope you dine there soon too 🙂

  4. Lora by Lora

    This post just made me hungry. First time reader and I already love your blog.
    Great post

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Oh thank you so much Lora. I am more than happy to have you as a reader! Karibu to the #KK family. Hope you pass by Flame Tree sometime soon 🙂

  5. wavinya kimeu

    I always wondered how macaroons taste…

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Its kinda difficult to describe…but it is utterly heavenly! Make sure you pass by Flame tree for a taste of the best. They are my fave alternative to cake at the moment

  6. Cheptoo Cece

    What would I do without Sarova??
    The starters would be heaven to me right about now!
    The biriyani without the sea dish looks yumm.
    The Dessert is just everything!! {Foodie}

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Everything was good and when I say everything I actually mean everything. You feel like you constantly want to be eating when you are at Flame Tree.

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