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Amarula Crepes with Macerated Strawberries

I love the freshness of new years. Of new days. Of  newly born babies. Of new everything! The smell of new is drenched in hope, possibility and optimism. There is an abundance of positive energy at the wake of this infant year. Can you feel it? I sure am channeling it and making the most of it now. So far, this year is my best yet! I read this article yesterday at 7 a.m, and the author stated something that is actually true. Each year, people start with so much enthusiasm but end up being predictable and playing small; just as they have in all past years. I have sought to make this year BIG. No special resolutions, just deliberate action towards my dreams. You should too! Will you join me in conquering the world ? :))

Today’s recipe was what I was meant to make on the day I made these pancakes. I had the concept for amarula crepes, but I did not have creme liqueur or strawberries and felt too lazy to go get some. After the holidays and with all the guests gone, plenty of alcohol is usually still sitting around. I then remembered this recipe and decided to bring it to life. My amarula pancakes and macerated strawberries are the very definition of perfect. Read on to know what a proper grown up brunch should look and taste like #NOM

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coffee crepes with nutty yogurt cream

What better way to be woken up than to the sweet aroma of something delicious cooking!? And nothing won’t ever get me out of bed faster than the aroma of something good cooking. I like giving myself a break from always being the one cooking. Luckily in our home everyone likes cooking. So in the morning, I like treating myself to the delicious things my mummy and sisters make for us.

My elder sister Sieva likes making crepes for breakfast. My eldest sister, Cheredi, once added freshly grated coconut to hers sometime back and they were great. I decided to add my own twist to the same and in the process made what the gods would eat for breakfast. This was that good! I was abit anxious about how it would turn out but was pleased when it came out great. Want to start your day on the right foot? This is how :))

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