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Thorn Melon & Apple Smoothie

Over the past month, my body has been feeling very lethargic. I stopped exercising and that is not something I am proud to admit. Despite being relatively tiny, exercise and clean eating is still very important. And when my body started slowing down, I knew exactly what it needed and what was missing: More fruits more vegetables, and daily exercise even just a little bit. Someone once told me I do not need to exercise or eat clean because my very high metabolism keeps me slim. But exercise and clean eating is not about loosing weight only (one of the many peculiar beliefs of Kenyans), but more about feeling good and having your body perform in its best possible state. Yes, it is ok to indulge once in a while coz YOLO, and it is also ok to cut back and show your body some love. To do that, I made a really refreshing green smoothie: my thorn melon and apple green smoothie that has become one of my favorites! I just had to share the recipe with you and hope your body will enjoy it as well. Cheers!!





1 thorn melon

1/2 a tablespoon of grated ginger

1/2 a tablespoon of orange zest

3 tablespoons of honey

1 green apple

1 cucumber

50g of plain yoghurt



Add your plain yoghurt into the blender. If you prefer not to have any dairy as any people opt to these days, you can use coconut milk. Slice your thorn melon and core it into the blender too.


Thorn melon looks exactly as the name insinuates. It has a thorny rind dark green at maturity and bright orange when ripe. To me, it has almost no taste, but some people describe it as bitter. These little thorny fruit also have a ton of nutritional benefit such as being an anti oxidant, iron and vitamin C powerhouse, boosts metabolism , managing diabetes and promoting better eye sight.


Slice your apple and cucumber add these into the blender. I used green apples since I wanted my smoothie to have a really fresh feel and green apples are perfect for this. Cucumber also has that same quality, together with multiple B vitamins, vitamin K (see what I did there ;))  and a ton of other minerals. Add your grated ginger and orange zest and blitz it for about a minute. The ginger and orange zest are key ingredients for adding deeper more layered flavors but also very nutritious. The ginger has anti inflammatory qualities while orange zest has plenty of vitamin C. Go easy with the ginger though, a little goes a long way.


Stop and taste the smoothie and decide how much honey, if at all, you would like to add to the smoothie. I added three table spoons. Honey, besides being a sweetening agent and a substitute for sugar, has plenty of nutritional benefits. From honey, you get plenty of anti oxidants and anti bacterial fueled into your body.


After another minute of blitzing, pour this into your glass and drink up!


Easy to prepare and so refreshing to have. You body deserves a little break sometimes. I will definitely make it a habit of having my thorn melon and apple smoothie every now and then. It is so refreshing and very filling. It is excellent as breakfast too, or as part of your breakfast if you cannot get full on a smoothie alone. I know I can’t LOL.


The taste of the ginger and subtle orange went so well together and make the flavors of the apple and cucumber come alive. The thorn melon is very fresh and its seeds add some texture to the smoothie. If there is a smoothie you have to try out, this is it.

What are your favorite green smoothie ingredients? How do you like your smoothies? Let me know in the comments below :))


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Mscici

    I’m soo whipping this tonight! Can’t stand the almost “no taste” of thorn melons ,hoping to like it better in the smoothie.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe ☺
    http://www.mscici co

    • kaluhiskitchen

      I love it in smoothies. It adds some kind of freshness I enjoyed, so you can have all nutritional benefits without having to put up with that ‘no taste’ feel. Hope you like it <3

  2. Eve

    I have been on my fitness journey and the thing I love taking after a good work out is a protein rich smoothie. My fav at the moment is a banana peanut-oat smoothie. I’m thinking this recipe will change my mind though!!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Awesome!! I am trying to include more smoothies in my diet. I hope to keep up and try more variations, beginning with yours :))

      • Joy

        Do you peel the thorn melon?

        • kaluhiskitchen

          I cored it. I have indicated that in the post.

  3. Hellen wanyonyi

    wonderful recipe kalukitchen i just ran to my office to find how to present a thorn melon since most people hate the outside and have fount the solution! NEXT week it shall be at the table. BUT WEEKDAY I WILL PREPARE FOR MY FAMILY!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hope you enjoy it boo!!! <3

  4. Hellen wanyonyi


    • kaluhiskitchen

      TWO. AS the blog post very very very very clearly indicated (at the section just above the ingredients)

  5. Nelson

    I have a variation of this which I drink twice a day every day:- Thorn melon, cucumber, ginger, fresh chopped cabbage and the juice of one lemon with a pinch of salt. I sometimes substitute cabbage with carrots. Try it ! You’ll love it !

    • Kaluhi

      That sounds super nutritious!

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