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Taking Stock 4

Time to take a little breather. Allow myself to reevaluate myself and let you in on my life as we continue on this culinary journey together :). Today: Taking Stock 4

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Making: Many more bolder decisions this year. As I have realized the absolute worst that could happen is simply rejection. But with that too, comes a world of experience and  know how.

Cooking: A lot of matumbo these days. And loving every bit of it.

Reading: Sense and Sensibility… And looking for ‘All American Girl”

Drinking: or rather, wanting to drink a thick, chilled, delicious vanilla milkshake from Kaldis. The best I have had in the CBD so far.

Smelling: My luxurious body butter: Passion fruit and shea butter by Fruttini range of products. It is one of those lotions that make you feel absolutely gorgeous and edible :), and the smell lasts for sooo long. Nothing feels better than smelling yummy. I hope to give their chocolate and cranberry body butter a try soon too.

Wearing: The cutest black dress that belonged to my mum, but I had it reduced to fit me. I am so lucky that my mom has great taste in clothes that my sisters and I can take and wear. I have marked some clothes that I shall be taking soon :p

Following: R.M Drake on Instagram (@rmdrake). I have fallen in love with his writing..

Thinking: and realizing that the size of my dreams, or anyone else’s for that matter, cannot be limited to the opinion of others. I have realized that some people will hate your work no matter what, want to see you fail or give up, flood you with constant negative criticism, but continue anyway and turn all that into a motivating factor :). It is the dreamers, the doers and the risk takers who bring change and are remembered.

Wanting: To treat my friends who I am missing so much to a major food fest… (yes, Diane and Eddah that day is coming 🙂 )

Admiring: Sharon Adongo. To me, she just has an aura light and intelligence. As an African woman techie, who traded the things that would otherwise be perceived as success by the society at large, went against the grain and established her very successful IT company here in Nairobi. And as an aspiring entrepreneur, she is one to watch. I am proud that I was in highschool with her.

Learning: To accept that my timing is adversely different from the timing that God has for things in my life. And in the end, He knows what works best.

Wishing: I could teleport to the charming  Alba Hotel in Meru. I do not know why, but I have a thing for Meru. Perfect Get Away

Wondering: What goes on in the minds of all the people we meet but never talk to moreso after reading Humans of New York. This made me notice once more that everyone has a story, and humanity still has so much goodness.

Enjoying:The mango season while it lasts and hoping it last a little bit longer… But still excited that the pear season is just around the corner.

Excited: About all the opportunities that are open this year for this food blog. And I just cannot wait to share them with you.

Giggling: At this article. It captures the things that visitors to our city find peculiar, which to us are very normal. Or some other things that have always been happening but thought not to be happening.  And I am happy that this was not written in an offensive manner, it is actually very funny when you think about it…

Liking: that I am feeling more comfortable in my skin as days go by

Loving: My new millebaci lipstick shades: vibrant and enchanting scarlet shade no.46 & deep and rich plum shade no.6

Hoping: To go for more hikes this year. Longonot, Menengai and Hell’s Gate were to much fun!!

Bookmarking: This article, which I read over and over, and love it each time. Spare a minute or two and read through this. 🙂 <3 <3   We all want this…

Reminiscing: About how much laughter we would have in a single day while in high school- Precious Blood Riruta. And feeling appreciative of the friends who made boarding life so much fun.

Marveling: At the glorious sunrises  and the marvelous sunsets that this sunny season has to offer. It makes me think if the creation is this spectacular, how more spectacular  is the creator?? <3

Knowing: That I shall be driving this beauty sooner than I expect. I am just totally like all things Mercedes. #validdreams

Feeling: A lot more content in my own abilities, my own potential and my own self. With that, I leave you with this quote:

Dare to take yourself as Beloved. Dare to be brilliant and  seek the light in everything. Dare to believe joy is revolutionary: it goes straight against the way this dark world spins.  Dare to Give Big because this is how you Live Big. “

Sending  love your way:



  1. irene

    where did you buy your fruttini body butter?

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Irene,
      From Nakumatt Galleria… I have not seen them anywhere else yet, but I am certain they must be in the CBD

  2. Rachael@Safari254

    I am a huge fan of Nouba too especially 46, can a lipstick shade make you feel sexy?That is what it does to me. I am currently on a lipstick buying ban lest I buy all the shades.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Rachael I can totally relate. That lipstick can give you some serious dose of Kanye-West Confidence LOL… Funny thing is that I did not want to buy NO.46 initially. But after testing, we had a winner! I have also given myself a (temporary) ban on those lipsticks till further notice or else I will clear those lippy shelves in a jiffy.

  3. qiqipurpletooth

    Okay…allow me,this is going to be a little lengthy

  4. qiqipurpletooth

    Just seen my comment was half way sent….So here it goes….Okay…allow me,this is going to be a little lengthy

    • qiqipurpletooth

      First,Yaaaaaaaaasss with a side plate of yaaaaaaaaasss!!!…This blog as amazing!…Nowadays before I make dinner, I have to get on here to find ways of making our Kenyan dishes a little bit more interesting with homegrown Kenyan ingredients! My mum and I thank you

      • qiqipurpletooth

        Secondly, Coincidentally,I was also talking to some PB alumni the other day and we were all in agreement that in retrospect, those were some good days probably the best days of our lives,yet!….Then, Alba is perfection…You have to go!!! It’s now a family tradition to book into the hotel every new years eve cz it’s conveniently close to my shaggz!!You have to visit Meru.It’s breathtaking!!!…..Since you are a foodie it might interest you to know that, their food is as amazing as their ambience if not better!…..Then,is the Vanilla milkshake at kaldies better than the one at the Javas?especially the Valley Arcade one? if it is I might need to reconsider a few things in my life.

        • qiqipurpletooth

          ….Do you bake btw?Would love some more posts and ideas on some yummy baked goods. Also,I really like your pictures…If you may, one of these days do a food photography post..That would be very helpful….Anyway, I’ll show my self out before I actually write a book over here, but I have to say I am super proud of what you have got going on here Adagala!Thank you for making meals in my house better through your recipes!So much success awaits you ma!Bless…

          Love & Love.. Dredz

          • kaluhiskitchen

            I love every single one of your comments Qiqi:D 😀 😀 :D. And reading through has filled me with so much light and optimism, especially knowing that you like and believe in what I do… Balancing tears nazo?!! LOL! We need aa girlie weekend in Alba hotel then…. or maybe a simple lunch wih my new fave milkshake :). On the issue of baking, imagine my oven (read my mum’s oven) has not been working for a long time now. But believe me, I ache to bake. But before June this year, I have to succumb to this urge.
            Cheers to forever <3

  5. qiqipurpletooth

    Aaaaaaw!#Girlpower!!!!….Been sharing your blog with everyone I know!!!I love to cook too so your blog is literally a God sent!…You now love the Java milkshakes don’t you?…I’d be glad to have lunch!I would like to really know what really goes on behind the scenes in blog-world cz I’ve always wanted to start one myself but I am too scared to :-P… On baking, don’t sweat it… As long as you’ll do it eventually, it’s cool cz I’ll be reading regularly. Remember also to do a food photography post cz your pics are amazing!Your readers’ Instagram accounts will be very happy if you do so!I particularly know mine will :-)… Cheers.xx

  6. Bree

    Oh wow, you are a gal after my own heart.
    – I really do miss mango season, all that fresh natural juicy goodness:( but yay to pears
    – Yes to the lessons and friendships from PB. I was there long before you:P
    – The dawns and dusks have been out of this world spectacular. Isn’t God amazing!

    All the best to you!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Bree,
      So happy you enjoy the content of my blog :). I am also loving pear right now while they last, and have you noticed how expensive they are this season? So thrilled to see you are a P.B. alumni too (yeeiii) I was from the class of 2009? How about you? There is so much beauty around us, so so much, if this was made in just 7 days, I think I will just faint at the splendor of heaven.
      Cheers doll

  7. Sharon Adongo

    Hey Adagala, I’m just coming across this a million years later *facepalm* Thanks for the shoutout. It means a lot to me that you are inspired by my journey. I’m inspired by your work, too!! Keep up the great blog and yummy recipes.


    • Kaluhi's_Kitchen

      LOL! Hey Sharon! I am filled with so much joy when fellow women achieve big things, and I feel even better when I know them. Cheers to greater times ahead :))

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