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Earth and Fire Potato Wedges

I have declared my love for potatoes several times in previous posts such as this one. I love them because they give you endless recipe choices. For me, they are like the perfect blank canvas which is handed to you, and you have infinite choices as to what you can create.

Today I made potato wedges. They have a beautiful golden color which contrasts so well with the coriander garnish. This beautiful vivacious amber of the potatoes and vibrant emerald splendor of the coriander inspired the name of today’s masterpiece: Earth and Fire Potato wedges. They taste as good as they look :). Do give them a try!

earth and fire potato wedges

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Curry and Coconut Cream Githeri

Githeri is a bean and maize casserole of sorts and it is served throughout Kenya. It is a very popular meal because it is healthy and also because it makes it easy to include all food groups in one meal. In my country, this is one meal that all boarding schools have in common. Before I joined boarding school, I would hear tales from my elder sisters, Cheredi and Sieva, about how hard the maize in their school githeri was. I quietly thought to myself that it really couldn’t be THAT hard! That was until my first Wednesday evening when our supper was githeri. The maize was indeed hard, and for the first time, that hot January evening, I really missed home food. But I put on my big girl pants and had my meal, appreciating the fact that at least I had something to put in my tummy that day.
The githeri I made today has the softest maize though. Traditionally, it is made with only onions and tomatoes, however my twist on this Kenyan delicacy is adding the richness of coconut cream & curry powder, and using cumin and mustard seeds, whose oils play up the githeri flavor. This is the best githeri you will ever have without doubt!

CURRY AND COCONUT cream githeri

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