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I have always been fascinated with South African cuisine ever since I started watching Siba’s Table on Food Network. I have since embarked to become a great cook just as Siba is. In the process, I have researched more into what South African cuisine has to offer. And majority of the time, I always get something new to try out.

I love sampling recipes from African countries because I am almost guaranteed that I can get the ingredients here in Kenya too. Today, I made some Geelrys, which directly translates to ‘yellow rice’. It is a rice dish popular in South Africa and because the ingredients were available locally, I was more than eager to try this. It is a gorgeous dish, beautiful as it is delicious. The only ingredients I added were my two favorite  spices: ground cumin and coriander.

If you cannot go to South Africa, Bring South Africa to you :).

Geelrys_Kaluhis Kitchen_SouthAfrican Yellow Rice

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Pineapple, Carrot and Raisin Salad

I am lucky to live around people who love to host parties to facilitate  neighborhood get-togethers, and prepare the best food during the times they host. There is always something new to taste and new food combinations to experience. And for foodies such as myself, this is the ultimate experience. Today’s recipe is actually one of my favorite salads, which I first ate at my neighbors place. I have been hooked on it since! It is so easy to make, but the flavor profile is so sophisticated. I always love having my fruit especially when it is really hot in December, and this salad always makes my indulgence a delight.

This will be a really short post because the process is not too long or complicated. And I must add, this is a must-try for you and your family this festive season 🙂

pineapple carrot and raisin salad

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Raisin Pancakes with Orange Syrup

I usually love having  french-style pancakes, crepes, for breakfast because they are light and my sisters and I finally landed on the perfect ingredient combination. The most common pancakes however, are the thicker, American-style pancakes. I can count the number of times I have had these style of pancakes. In the past, I have never really been a fan of them because I personally found them a little bit heavy. To fix what I did not like, I experimented with some ingredients and I have finally landed on the perfect pancake recipe.

One of my friends has been asking for a pancake recipe on Instagram literally since the day I opened my account   😀 and this is one recipe I am proud to share because I know just how good it is. My sisters loved it, and I know you will too 🙂

raisin pancakes with orange syrup_kaluhiskitchen

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