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Rosemary & Karafuu Potato Soup

I have always been a home body! I will choose a night in over a night out without batting an eyelid, without hesitation, without thinking twice. I mean why would I go freeze at some noisy, smoke-filled, crammed room when you have your cosy, warm, peaceful house at your disposal :D?  It being very cold in Nairobi at the moment, I am naturally gravitating towards all comforting things, be it food or activities. I have been recreating my past favorite soups alot, this one and this one specifically. A perfect night to me is a delicious soup, warm socks on and binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale . I  decided to throw in a new one and here we are with my rosemary and karafuu potato soup. Potatoes are delicious in any form right? And you bet they are just as yummy as a soup. The video to today’s recipe is on my YouTube channel as well so pass by and watch and do not forget to hit that subscription button :)).

This one has just now entered my list of my top three soups and I hope you enjoy this one as well.

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Garlic and Paprika Potato Sautee

Will all potato lovers please get into formation!!!!!! This one potato recipe I absolutely love and I am so excited to share with you. Nothing beats an easy recipe that is so so delicious it would make any grown human being cry. Before all ye fellow potato lovers get into formation, have you guys seen this absolutely silly formation cheerleading video? It cracks me up each time :DDD. Life its indeed about the small pleasures.

This recipe was inspired by my elder sister Cheredi. She was home for a couple of weeks and we cooked up a storm. Remember the raisin and coconut pancakes I once showed you on my snapchat? She made those! This potato recipe has my own little modifications to her original one but nevertheless, my garlic and paprika potato sautee will not disappoint you.

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