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Strawberries & Cream Popsicles

For some weird reason, luquat season always passes me by. My head hangs over my shoulders as I type that this year has been the same :(((((((. I had such GRAND planed for this years loquat season, which falls on August and September in Kenya. I has plans for sauces, for cakes, for dips and yes, for pospicles as well. I couldn’t get some, but will, I was determined to get my popsicle game up and running. Now that it is super bubbling hot in Kenya, no better snack to have as we cool down than a popsicle. My sad loquat tale aside, I picked myself up and set off to prepare some sunny popsicles that would be so complimentary to a beautiful day such as today!

I loved how my strawberries and cream popsicles turned out! So flavorful! So fruity! So creamy! And so so sooooo delicious! You will love these beauties and thank the heavens that they are so easy to make!

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Goat Meat Garlic Penne Pasta

One of the things I love about Christmas period besides precious family time is the food (duh!!). In my family, we all love to cook, and when we come together, it is one hell of a feast! During the past Christmas, my uncle Odemu brought over some goat meat to roast specifically for dinner. Since we were the hosts, we prepared the lunch banquet, but for the goat meat choma dinner, Uncle Odemu wanted to handle it himself. And we  were not complaining, because we knew he could throw down one hell of a choma! As the sun set, the charcoal grill was lit and soon the delicious sizzle of tender meat filled the air. As my sisters and I prepared the kachumbari, my aunt made some ugali and my cousin and namesake basted the done nyama choma as it came hot off the grill in a sweet chili garlic jerk sauce. After everything was ready, we all sat outside, enjoying the warm December night and hearty conversations. I ate like a pig LOL! The meat that was left over was frozen to be eaten at later dates and those who could carried some home with them. For the final piece of meat that we had, I decided to revamp it and incorporate it into my delicious pasta dish: my goat meat garlic penne pasta. Leftovers are never boring afterall!

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#KaluhisKravings – Lemon Bhajia Masala

The worst emotion that you could ever be at the mercy of is Hangry! Being hungry makes me super irritable. And the absolute worst is being Hangry, being in the hot sun and at the same time thinking about your adulting problems. Hunger just amplifies all those feelings. Suddenly you start thinking about those deadlines that are coming at you like a massive tsunami and bills you need to pay. Suddenly you remember that text that bae selectively chose not to respond to. Hunger can really stir up emotions! But thank God, when we are in need of a quick meal, street food is always there to rescue us!

I was Kraving some bhajia the entire day yesterday, and when the kraving kalls, you have to heed.  I kept you in on my bhajia hunt yesterday afternoon on my Instagram story under the series #KaluhisKravings. Thanks to Safaricom 4G, I was able to document it all without any hitches and with the little airtime I had. After a quick bhajia lunch from Diamond Plaza and my soul literally calmed down. I loved it so much, I decided to give this a #K twist and that led to my spectacular Lemon bhajia Masala.


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Garlic and Rosemary Unskinned Potato Wedges

Do you have one of those days when you feel so lazy to cook, yet you still want to eat something tasty?? This garlic and rosemary unskinned potato wedges  recipe was developed while I was in that very state.  After a few minutes of brain storming, I came up with this recipe that is both very easy, and very outstanding. At times I enjoy having my potatoes unskinned since they add this deep, earthy flavor which is missing when potatoes are peeled. And because I did not want to spend too much time standing, not peeling the potatoes worked in my favor 🙂

To make this even more fantastic, I added some rosemary, garlic and various other flavors which marvelously complimented these potato wedges. This is a must try!!

garlic and rosemary unskinned potato wedges_ unskinned potato wedges recipes _ Kaluhi_s Kitchen

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Minced Beef and Tomato Macaroni

There are those people who love being in the kitchen, and those who being in the kitchen gives them so much anxiety. Whichever group you belong, one thing you have in common is the sheer appreciation for meals that take a short time to cook. They are always the life-savers and the turn-to meals when you need to fix something fast.

I personally like my minced beef and macaroni because it perfectly fits this need. In addition to that, it has a rich yet delicate taste. It is also very light to have, and ironically enough, very filling. It is very easy to make and I highly recommend that you try this out 🙂

minced beef  AND TOMATO macaroni_KALUHIS KITCHEN

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