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Minced Beef and Tomato Macaroni

There are those people who love being in the kitchen, and those who being in the kitchen gives them so much anxiety. Whichever group you belong, one thing you have in common is the sheer appreciation for meals that take a short time to cook. They are always the life-savers and the turn-to meals when you need to fix something fast.

I personally like my minced beef and macaroni because it perfectly fits this need. In addition to that, it has a rich yet delicate taste. It is also very light to have, and ironically enough, very filling. It is very easy to make and I highly recommend that you try this out 🙂

minced beef  AND TOMATO macaroni_KALUHIS KITCHEN


minced beef and tomato macaroni ingredients

1 ½ cups of elbow macaroni
3 grated tomatoes
Roughly chopped onion
1 cup of minced beef
4 tablespoons of tomato paste
½ a teaspoon of dried basil
1 tablespoon of ground cumin
½ a tablespoon of black pepper
3 cloves of garlic

Put your elbow macaroni to boil according to the instructions on the package. Once they are done, run them through cold water and set them aside.

Elbow macaroni look like this ( below pic) Like little c shaped pipes. Or like little duodenums (blame our education system for that comparison :D). I bought mine form Tuskys at about Ksh.95 per pack.

elbow macaroni_kaluhis kitchen
In a separate sufuria, add your onions, garlic, cumin and black pepper together with some vegetable oil. Let these sauté until they are soft. Add your minced beef and mix until it is cooked. This may take about 4-6 minutes or longer depending on your quantities.

sauteed onions with cumin and black pepper and garlic

adding minced beef to sauteed onions
After that, add your cooked macaroni and mix in. After it is all mixed, add your grated tomatoes, basil and your tomato paste and mix until they are all evenly coated.

Basil is one herb that goes really well with tomatoes. I use the one by Tropical Heat. Read about its health benefits here.

adding elbow macaroni to minced beef sautee

adding grated tomatoes to macaroni
Let this stay on the heat for about 3 minutes, then serve.

Wasn’t that to easy?? Easy enough even for a weekday night,no?

macaroni in tomatoes and basil

This is a really beautiful dish and the taste of the basil really comes through beautifully. The minced beef balances out the starch of the macaroni really well. A perfect dance of herb and spice ensues in your mouth…That you have to experience!

minced beef macaroni

macaroni in fresh tomato sauce with basil

Try this and tell me what you think of it.



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  1. liz

    will give this a try on sunday…its my birthday

  2. Rae

    I love pasta and this one is a must try

    • kaluhiskitchen

      My sisters went absolutely crazy about this dish, It was over just seconds after putting it on the table :D. You will love it too.

  3. Alfonce Choi

    Got an absolutely new trick to this dish – have to try it in person today!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      I know you will totally enjoy!!!

  4. Lorraine

    Hey dear… I’m even short of words your blog is soooo amazing n really inspiring.I just love everything your doing as a food blogger you are my best ; keep up the good work. We appreciate<3 <3

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Oh Lorraine! You have put one huge smile on my face and my heart <3 <3 <3. Your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you so much and stay blessed!

  5. Anna Banana

    I’m trying this out next week.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Let me know how it all goes :))

  6. Fowee Lucianne

    Made this for dinner last night. So deliiiiish!!!

    Can’t wait for my next Kaluhi recipe 🙂

    • kaluhiskitchen

      One of my sister’s favorites!!! So thrilled you enjoyed it.Very simple n=but so delicious!!

  7. Mumbi

    About to try this out right now!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Fantastic!!! Let me know how it goes :)))

  8. Njeri Thuo

    Tried it and I somehow loved it

    Thanks Kaluhi😊

    • kaluhiskitchen


  9. Eve O

    Just seeing this recipe now. I’m trying it tonight hope my picky kids will love it🤞

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Let me know how it goes!!

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