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Spaghetti Marinara

One of my favorite December holidays of all time was when my very generous uncle and aunty took us to stay in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania,  with them for 2 weeks. It was our first time there and they made sure we had the time of our life. One day during our stay there, my aunty took us to the neighboring island paradise of Zanzibar for the afternoon. That is one of the prettiest places I have ever been to. After touring the island and getting some memorabilia for ourselves, we headed out for lunch. My aunt ordered for my cousins for us pasta marinara, which is light but still filling and very tasty. I did not know the name of the dish then, I found out may years later after getting into my love for cooking.

This spaghetti marinara is a very easy dish to prepare, for beginners who want to try something tasty and exciting and also for those who have more experience in the kitchen but appreciate a good short cut to a great meal.

spaghetti marinara

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Chicken Biryani

One of my closest friends while I was growing up was a beautiful girl called Sakina. We were very close and played at each other’s homes all the time. Our parents too were very close because ours was a relatively close knit neighborhood. Like nearly every African country, one home’s celebration is the entire neighborhood’s celebration. So whenever there was a party or celebration at Sakina’s place, it was the entire neighborhood’s celebration. I absolutely loved to go to their place because Sakina’s mum always whipped up the most decadent and exotic meals I would have in a long time. Served in generous portions, she made sure that all guests had their tummies full. The parties at Sakina’s home were not to be missed. Period! The very first time I had biryani was at their home, and it really blew my breath away. Today, I relived those fantastic memories and made this unforgettable chicken biryani. This recipe is so fantastic, it will make people want to move in with you.


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Sweet Corn Fried Rice

One of the most comforting smells to date is the same one that filled mum’s kitchen- starchy steam rising out of a sufuria of pishori rice. As we grew older and started helping out in the preparation of our meals, my mum always insisted on two things: Rice should never be sticky and it should always have some oil and salt. Second to ugali, rice is almost always present in the Adagala household. Besides pilau, we use rice that is already cooked to make sweet corn fried rice. It is not only delicious, but it makes a statement and it can be made in less than an hour. So anytime you have impromptu guests visiting your home, surprise them with this delectable rice dish!

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