I came back to Nairobi from Maragoli for my Christmas holidays with my spirit fully recharged! I enjoyed every single second of my stay in shagz and I spoke about it in my last YouTube video. Besides the very obvious refreshing and magical stay in upcountry, I also really enjoy travelling to the west. Most people, especially those with rural homes close to the city do not fair well with long trips, But I love it. I love the transition of landscapes from the dusty acacia fields of Naivasha, to the rolling tea farms of Kericho, humidity of bustling Kisumu and then finally to the strickingly sunny, green hills of Maragoli. Travelling back was a breeze too- and of course we had to get some plums on our way back among other groceries. We bought plenty, and besides incorporating some as part of my pork marinate or eating them on their own, I decided to make a mocktail which is simply perfect for this weather we  are currently experincing.

Super simple and super tasty in typical #KK fashion!

Check out the YouTube video:

PREP TIME: 10min    COOK TIME: 5min       SERVES:2


1 cup of plums

1 cup of blueberries

4 leaves of sage

1/2 a cup of tree tomato

4 tablespoons of honey

500ml of Stoney


In a Blender, add all your fruits, together with the honey and one sage leaf. Blueberries were on sale both in Carrefour and Zucchini at 145bob per punnet so I decided on a whil to grab those and include them in my mocktail. Besides their health benefits, they also added plenty of color- together with tree tomatoes. You can use any other fruit combo you fancy.

A bunch of sage cost 30 bob, however mint- which retails at about the same price- would be beyond perfect for this too.

Blitz until smooth. How gorgeous is this color??!

Once combined,taste to see if it is as sweet as you prefer. I would advice you to start with very little honey and adjust upwards if need be. That is better than adding too much and getting stuck with a disastrously sweet plum mocktail. Once everything is ok,  proceed to the next step.

In a glass, add your ice cubes, some fresh sage leaves, fresh tree tomato. If you have mint instead, same method. Mint will be so perfect for this.

Pour your fruit mixture halfway, then top it off with some stoney. Stoney is a ginger soda common throughout East Africa, however a ginger beer would work well too. Speaking of, you can transform this mocktail into a cocktail by adding a splash of rum/gin/whiskey.

Once done, serve immediately.

How perfect does this look? And how amazing would it be to sip this not that it is supper hot and supper sunny in Nairobi? The fruitiness of the plum, berries and tree tomatoes really comes through and it is all ties together with the ginger flavor of the stoney. The sage adds much needed complexity and this simple sage plum mocktail will def be one you enjoy!!

Come over to YouTube and watch the video too <3

Cheers love!


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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