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Iliki & Coconut White Chocolate Trufles

White. A color that represents innocence and purity. Or at least that is what we have been conditioned to believe LOL. Perception. It has a strong influence on our entire outlook and even decisions. Why cant blue represent innocence and green represent purity? I have realized this past weekend how much we have been conditioned to think. And I am bit by bit breaking away from it and deciding whatever it is I want to represent for me.

When it comes to white food, it can easily be thought as bland. White may invoke feelings of single note flavors. Think Ugali kavu or plain rice.  But white food or snacks can just as easily delicious. As I always say, it is all about making the right combinations. This month, the Onja food bloggers challenge was ‘white’. Let me not lie, it was a challenge indeed. I decided to break the mold and make something delicious, full of flavor and easy to make. Today I give you my nutty coconut white chocolate trufles.

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PREP TIME: 4 MINUTES           MAKE TIME:  15 MINUTES         MAKES: 10


White chocolate

3/4 cup of desiccated coconut

3/4 cup of pumpkin seeds

4 iliki (cardamom) seeds

4 tablespoons of honey

Milk chocolate for drizzling

desiccated coconut for garnish



In a kinu, add your pumpkin seeds and slightly crush them. Add them to your bowl together with the desiccated coconut. If you cannot access pumpkin seeds, you can use sunflower seeds, groundnuts, pistachio nuts or even a combination of two or more for extra richness. Nuts add a very pleasant crunch to the trufles.

mix the dry ingredients together until evenly distrubuted_they will make the interior of your white

Crush your cardamom seeds and empty them inside your kinu until completely pulverized. I love the warmth of cardamom and I had to use them in this recipe to give the white chocolate truffles some warmth. You can also use cinnamon or nutmeg instead.

iliki are very aromatic spice which add flavor to everything from baked goods to

Mix all the dry ingredients together until evenly mixed. Make a hollow in the mixture and add 4 tablespoons of honey. Fold the dry ingredients in until they are mixed in completely with he honey. Roll them into cylinders (or spheres and if you are ambitious enough, into hearts 😉 ) and let them set for a few minutes in the freezer.

roll the truffles in to a cylindrical shape of a sphereand allow to rest for about 10 minutes in a

Melt your white chocolate in a hot water bath. This will make the chocolate have a more even , more fluid consistency. You can use a microwave, bit it is so easy to mess up using this shortcut since it dries the chocolate up quite significantly. I advice using hot water to melt your chocolate.

melt you chocolate in a hot water bath as opposed to a microwave for a more even consistency_kaluhiskitchen.com_white chocolate trufles

Once completely molten and consistent, dip your cylinder and fully coat them. Allow to set and garnish as you please, either with milk chocolate, crushed nuts or desiccated coconut.

dip the coconut iliki interior into the white chocolate and coat it entirely. Allow it to set in a freezer for a few

Because the coconut cylinders were allowed to set in the fridge, the molten chocolate sets almost immediately they coat them since they are cold. Greatly saves time! Garnish with some of the remaining chocolate then dig in!!

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Delicious as they are easy to make, my white chocolate truffles, with the warm coastal flavors of coconut and iliki (cardamom) are a must try!

I must point out, some people found them very balanced, while others said they were abit more on the sweet side. To deal with the problem, you can mix the dry ingredients in some cream cheese as opposed to honey. That is bound to be delicious and I will try that out next time. You should too :))

kenyan food_how to make trufles_white truffles_how to make truffles with

You can have a look at what other Onja bloggers are making under the key word white from their blogs. Their links are on my sidebar. Also, check out our other challenges here and here.

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Keep it sweet <3


Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Mercy

    Great Kaluhi….Thankyou,this is quite the treat for loved ones.

    • kaluhiskitchen

      You are most welcome. I hope you all enjoy it :))

  2. Barrack

    So we are not baking anything? And is the iliki being ground with the pod ?!

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Mr Barrack, it seems you literally did not read the full post :DD. No , nothing is being baked, the post clearly indicates that. No mention of oven or any preheating are in the post. Also, as I have mentioned in the post, you crack the pods open and it is the black seeds that are inside we want and grins for the recipe. When you are free, please re read the post slowly. I think it is all clear.

  3. Faith

    Hi Kaluhi,
    When it comes to the dessicated coconut..can i use the fresh one or will the supermarket on suffice…

    • kaluhiskitchen

      Hey Faith, I used the supermarket one. It will work just as well. Specifically the Kara brand

  4. Confidence Mac

    Really? Now am hungry…

    • kaluhiskitchen

      That means you have to make them :))) LOL

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