My 3 year old cousin, Michelle, is the most adorable fussy eater you will ever meet. She takes ages to chew and swallow her food let alone finish her meals. When she was staying with us during last year’s December holidays & we wanted her to eat faster, we would ‘bribe’ her with her favourite yoghurt which she would have only after she finished her food. This worked flawlessly and she ate so fast just so that she can have her yummy treat! We always gave her yoghurt because not only is it tasty but its healthy and very nutritious.
Today’s dish was inspired by the same concept- tasty and healthy. Sometimes we want to indulge in something delicious but one that is not too laden with sugar and preservatives. Therefore,when I want a healthy dessert, I always make my Ikimuri Parfait. ‘Ikimuri’ is a word from my mother tongue, Luhya language, which means a flower that is just starting to bloom. Because these parfaits I made were so pretty, I named them so since they do resemble young blossoms.

My sisters always enjoy this dessert and I am sure you will love this too.

The best part about this dessert is that you will require only four ingredients that are all healthy and very delicious:


**Makes 7

Time:30 minutes

1. Three ripe bananas
2. 500g of fresh strawberries
3. 1 liter of thick vanilla yoghurt
4. One cup of roasted ground nuts

Slice the bananas width wise. For the strawberries, cut 3/4 of them lengthwise and the rest into small cubes.

Begin by layering the bananas at the bottom of your glass bowl. The layers however can be in whichever order you wish, I just prefer having my bananas at the bottom most layer.

This is followed by a generous layer of your thick vanilla yoghurt.

For the third layer, take some groundnuts and spread them on top of the yoghurt together with the cubed strawberries both for the third layer. I like the contrast between the vibrant red of the strawberries, the earthy brown of the groundnuts and the soft white of the yoghurt.

Then, cover this third layer with another generous yoghurt serving.

Lastly, arrange the strawberries that were cut lengthwise at the topmost layer,Make them as beautiful as you can because we always eat with our eyes first!

Wasn’t that too easy????

This is a great alternative to icecream, that is just as delicious but so much healthier. The bananas go so well with the warmth of the vanilla and the tartness of the strawberries and the nuts provide really nice texture to the whole dessert. You can use berries of your choice and yoghurt flavour of your choice, but I can guarantee that this will always taste phenomenal!
When you feel like you want to indulge, but still take care of your body, you now know what to make.

I do hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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