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Creamy Lime Chilli Omena

Happy 2021 my honey drops!!

I hope this year has kicked off well for all of you. For me, it started of calmly and I have a sense of nervousness and anxiety which I am slowly shaking off, and most likely, as a hang-up from the rough year that 2020 was for me and for most. I am slowly easing into it and acclimating into the feel of everything and I am hoping for a beautiful one ahead. There are so many exciting things happening on the work front which I am excited to share with you all when the time comes. I am also so excited to be back to regular posting and creating both for my blog and channel! The recipes scheduled for this year are out-of-this-world-good and you will fall inlove with each one!

For today, we are making some delicious creamy lime chili omena. Let’s get into it!

I made a dope vid to accompany the blog post. Do watch below, and subscribe!

PREP TIME: 15 min    COOK TIME: 20 min        SERVES: 3


2 cups of omena

1/2 red onion, diced

1/2 a cup of chopped celery

5 cloves of garlic, minced

1/4 cup chopped dania stems

2 tablespoons of tomato paste

1/2 teaspoon of paprika

1/4 teaspoon of turmeric

1 teaspoon of coriander spice

1/4 teaspoon of chili paste

1 teaspoon of lime zest

200 ml of double cream

Finely chopped dania for garnish


Begin by soaking the omena in some hot water along with a splash of apple cider vinegar, just to soften and have the oils released. This is completely optional, and if you prefer not to soak, it is ok to go ahead and cook then straight though I recommend that you soak. The soak is also recommended solely for sun-dried omena. If your omena is fresh, the soaking need not happen.

Soak for about 2-3 minutes, then drain the waiter and set aside.

In your sufuria, sautee the red onion, celery, garlic and dania stems until softened and fragrant. A solid herby base makes for a great foundation to build flavor upon. The celery is optional, however in enjoy having it in savory dishes and for the flowery notes it brings to the table.

Next add the tomato paste, the spices and abit of hot water (or stock) and let the spices cook down.

Thereafter, add the heavy (double) cream along with your lime zest, and let this simmer for another 5 min on low heat. The mchuzi will change from a deep ruby color to a vibrant amber. You can find your cream in any well stocked supermarket in the dairy section. This is a real game-changer for omena and makes it super rich and delectable when you want a delicious, effortless omena wet-fry.

Just as I mentioned in the video, when I say lime zest, I am referring to the grated rind of a lime. That means if you have 5bob in your pocket, then you already have your lime zest too.

Once simmered down, add the omena we had earlier on soaked, mix them in and then let this simmer for 10-15 min on low heat.

Once done, garnish with some finely chopped dania, along with your favorite mboga and some steaming hot ugali.

This is perfect!! I love how the zestiness of the lime really came through and cut through the richness of the cream. I enjoyed the mild, soft heat of the chili and how the creaminess of the dish overall made this a perfect experience. Bite after bite of perfect yumminess!

The veggies I had this with are a mix of [kanzira + managu + terere + tsisagaa].

Perfection on a plate! This is a fish dish that most people do not fancy, but in my opinion, anything and everything can be super delicious when cooked with love and deliberate effort to want to eat delicious! This is my second omena recipe, but you can check out this first one as well and let me know which one you love most but I know you will enjoy both!

Thank you once again for your patience as I took time out to heal & recover from the car accident I was involved in over August of last year. I am well now and back with amazing content and I am excited to create and share for you (I have content scheduled aaaaall the way to March lol). Keep it locked and do subscribe to my channel if you are yet to.



– Kaluhi

Get your downloadable recipe here :))

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  1. Janto

    Soft life from twitter brought me here.
    The greatness in this. Thank you Kaluhi for bringing dynamics in our tables. Here is to a great year

    • Kaluhi

      Cheers to a fantastic 2021 ahead!

      • Emma

        Hello, can’t wait to try this recipe. I have never made Omena but I would like to now. Where can I get omena from?

        • Kaluhi

          Soko or ANY supermarket

  2. Kate

    The best omena I have ever had! Love the simplicity and combination of the ingredients !

    • Kaluhi

      *happy dance* thrilled you enjoyed! It really is the best ever!

  3. Dennis

    This is awesome tried it today minus the cream though and I loved it. Thanks.

    • Kaluhi


  4. Renia

    One of my dear friends from HS was from Tanzania. Her mother would make something similar to this dish. I recall her talking about how hard it was to find omens, so she’d use sardines sometimes. Such an interesting dish.

  5. Robin

    I would love to be able to make this dish – it looks amazing!

    • Kaluhi

      You will totally love it once you do!

  6. Britney

    I adore this recipe! The ground coriander and turmeric with the heavy cream and tomato paste made this recipe so good! I’m literally daydreaming about it now!

  7. Crystal DaCruz

    I’ve always wanted to try omena, so happy I found this recipe! The flavors of the tomato, cream and lime were delicious! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kaluhi

      Thrilled to know you loved my recipe!

  8. kim

    I had never heard of Omena until I came across you post! It was so easy to follow your recipe, thank you so much for sharing.

    • Kaluhi

      Most welcome!

  9. Eric & Shanna Jones

    What a beautiful dish! It was our first time enjoying omena, but it will not be our last!

  10. Capri

    Thank you for such a detailed video! It helped to make this dish easy to make! I will definitely be making omena again!

  11. Taneisha

    It was our first time having omena and I must say this recipe was amazing! The step by step pictures also made the process so very easy! Thanks so much

    • Kaluhi

      Happy to have made your first try magical!

  12. Chenée Lewis

    Loved this! The spices blended together so well and made this omena dish absolutely delicious!

    • Kaluhi

      Happy you enjoyed it

  13. Jazz

    Made this for my dad and the video was so helpful as it was my first time. Thank you!

  14. Elisa

    Hello! I am in the States and it is challenging to get Omena here. Could you try this recipe with a similar fish? What do you suggest?

    Looks delicious!

    • Kaluhi

      Maybe Sardines? They are in the same family though different genus

  15. Wanza

    Kaluhi Kaluhi Kaluhi!!!! U have made me a very happy girl today. God bless you yaani.

    • Kaluhi


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