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Mango and Dark Chocolate Parfait

If you have been following me for quite sometime now on Instagram, You know how much I love mangoes. This love dates back to  my primary school days. As we go through the final weeks of mango season, I am taking full advantage of this and eating as many of my favorite fruit as I can and incorporating them in my food and snacks too.

I love parfaits because they are the easiest things on earth to make. They make the perfect post-meal indulgence and can also make the perfect snack. There are infinite variations to a parfait but here is mine. It is sweet, fulfilling and pretty healthy too :)) This mango and dark chocolate parfait just shows you you can make the perfect snack or dessert without spending too much and with ingredients you can easily obtain.

mango and dark chocolate parfait_how to make a healthy yet delicious snack_kaluhiskitchen.com_healthy desserts bu top kenyan food blogger kaluhi adagala

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Taking Stock 3

The year is coming to a close, and I have to admit this was a year to remember. Plenty of pits and just as many  peaks, which come together in the beautiful symphony of life. Today, I want to take time and look back on what was and hope for what is to come. My first taking stock and my second were a while back where you got to know alittle more about me. And today, here is my third: Taking Stock 3 🙂

diana kaluhi_Kaluhis Kitchen_Taking Stock 3
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