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Rosemary Mint Marinated Lamb Stew

One of my highlights of 2016 that I told you of in this post was my visit to Johannesburg with Google Africa. I had always wanted to visit South Africa, and having this chance to experience Johannesburg was one week I will live to remember. Besides their absolutely rich culture, vibrant people and amazing weather (just like Nairobi’s <3), I totally loved their food! From the familiar like moqhoudu, which is known as matumbo to Kenyans, I absolutely loved bobotie, sosaties, milk tarts and everything else. I loved eating salmon and litchi every morning. We also had lots of lamb and oxtail while down south. My favorite dish was a lamb stew we had at Vuyo’s; it was stewed with rosemary and I loved it!!! I ate the most that day (as usual LOL!) but I couldn’t help myself.  With inspiration from that unforgettable week in the Rainbow Nation,I decided to recreate this dish based on the flavor notes my palate could remember, the ingredients I had and of course with a twist of my own. I was more than satisfied by the outcome and I hope you enjoy my rosemary mint marinated lamb stew as well :))


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3 Spice Golden Fried Chicken

In our home, we love having our chicken. And we prepare it real good.  There are no two ways about having chicken in our home, it always has both perfectly marinated and perfectly seasoned.And I must admit, it is always really good. There are many chicken recipes out there, and this one has been in our family for years. It was formulated by my mom and slightly modified by us through the years and passed down the family. It is crazy good!!

From my heart  to yours, I hope this family recipe brings much delight and joy to your dinner table as it did to my family through out the years 🙂


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