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Garlic and Rosemary Unskinned Potato Wedges

Do you have one of those days when you feel so lazy to cook, yet you still want to eat something tasty?? This garlic and rosemary unskinned potato wedges  recipe was developed while I was in that very state.  After a few minutes of brain storming, I came up with this recipe that is both very easy, and very outstanding. At times I enjoy having my potatoes unskinned since they add this deep, earthy flavor which is missing when potatoes are peeled. And because I did not want to spend too much time standing, not peeling the potatoes worked in my favor 🙂

To make this even more fantastic, I added some rosemary, garlic and various other flavors which marvelously complimented these potato wedges. This is a must try!!

garlic and rosemary unskinned potato wedges_ unskinned potato wedges recipes _ Kaluhi_s Kitchen

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Earth and Fire Potato Wedges

I have declared my love for potatoes several times in previous posts such as this one. I love them because they give you endless recipe choices. For me, they are like the perfect blank canvas which is handed to you, and you have infinite choices as to what you can create.

Today I made potato wedges. They have a beautiful golden color which contrasts so well with the coriander garnish. This beautiful vivacious amber of the potatoes and vibrant emerald splendor of the coriander inspired the name of today’s masterpiece: Earth and Fire Potato wedges. They taste as good as they look :). Do give them a try!

earth and fire potato wedges

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