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Best Beef Pilau In The Universe!!!

Happy New Month guys!!!

Heh! Si this year imekimbia!! Just one moment ago we were celebrating the new year and here we are wrapping it up. 2019 for me has been a year of immense mental self-improvement. It has been the year of the shadows of my inner child being dredged up and demanding to be dealt with and healed. 2019 has been the year I finally started savoring and deeply enjoying being single. 2019 has had me make some big girl purchases and making big girl investments *aggresively flexes muscles*. Overall, it has been a dope ass year and I am looking forward to the remaining 7 weeks!

As we take in this month, take stock and reflect, let us do that while enjoying something super delicious!! On my table today is the beeeeeeest ever beef pilau! I know you will love this!

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Pea & Mushroom Veg Pilau

Veg pilau is highkey just as bomb as any meaty pilau dish? Don’t you agree? I know you do! While there is completely nothing wrong with enjoying meat and meat in your pilau, sometimes a little break from what you have all the time is so refreshing! I have postponed making veg pilau for my blog for such a long time, even though I make it at home so often. But here we are with a new delicious blog post and a dope video to go with it as well.

This recipe is crazy easy! I love how it takes a really short amount of time to cook but the flavors are so explosively good!!! I decided to go with peas, not only for color but I just love how they taste and with mushrooms as well because their earthy flavor and their ‘meaty’ taste adds a great feel to the entire dish. And if you have been following me for a long time, you know I am crazy about my mushrooms! Let’s go!

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